Thursday, September 28, 2006

jour de le costume

So I thought I'd start out the blog with a fantastic photo of our very up to date hair dryer in the bathroom.  I was amazed it actually turned on.  Not the most efficient device though...after about 20 minutes and only 1/3 of my hair dry, I gave up and went for the air dryed look.  Pretty funny though....

We started our day with a Petit Dejeuner Francais, which is seen here in the photo.  Quite a substantial amount of food...we didn't even finish it all.  But sitting on the street watching the cars and people go by, it's quite a relaxing and enjoyable way to start your day.  

The first major tourist attraction of our day today was the Louvre.  This is a photo of the ever famous glass pyramid in front.  Also the entrance.... very amazing.  Mike was in awe of the size, it is gigantically large.  and beauiful.

Inside the magic pyramid, this is the new 'buy your own ticket center'.  It seems as though a lot of things every are going to this system of the least amount of human interaction as possible.  I admit, i do like it better.....

So, they have changed the rules since last year.  You are no longer allowed photography in a lot of places in the Louvre, more specifically, the Mona Lisa.  So, this was the only rogue photo mike was able to get before being scolded by the staff....still ever crowded though.  it's amazing they still let you even see it.

ahhh....the ever amazing Aphrodite - or Venus de Milo.   Magnificent....

Mike and I standing outside of the Louvre museam...on our way out.  We started trying to use the self timer on the camera more.  This photo took us about 3 rounds of setting up with different jacket combos holding the camera at the perfect angle....

We went to the Notre Dame cathedral....also known as the Cathedral of Our Lady of Paris.  Is the very center of Paris...on the Ille de la cite.  It was very lovely, and there was actually a service going on as we went through....very beautiful intricate detail.  it's amazing....

A beautiful photo of some of the stained glass inside the Notre Dame cathedral.

After the Louvre we took a riverside stroll down the seine...very romantic.
This is a photo of the Centre Pompidou.  It opened around 1977, and the architects really wanted to maximize exhibition space, so they put the insides on the outsides.... moi interessant.

A photo of cute mike outside the front of the centre pompidou.
On our way back we stopped and had a crepe from a street vendor and just strolled through the city.  It was very relaxing, and a bit tiring.  So on our way back to the hotel for a nap, we stopped by a mini-shopping area just off our metro stop.  We happend upon a new costume (suit) for mike.  he looks very handsome in it, we are very excited about it....we'll premiere it at Niki's wedding for all to see  :)

hope you all have a wonderful day.  stay tuned for more.  we head back to london tomorrow via train.  then we are hoping to see another west end musical before flying all day saturday to the great state of Alaska.  we'll post more photos later.....

mike and lizzie.

Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Bon Anniversaire pour Moi

Bonjour mes amies!!  Comment ca va?  We are well here in Paris....

We started the day off by sleeping in....a bit too long. We finally got up around 12 noon, so we had dejeuner for our petit dejeuner.  It was an interesting experience.  Quite different ordering in a busy boulangerie with all the locals eating.  but we made it through, not without some embarrassment though.  

Here is Mike eating his 'special' or suggestion as they say...roast chicken.  i had my favorite, the croque monsiuer avec salad.  we were too afraid to pronounce water or l'eau, so we just had cafe au lait with our lunch.  once we had our food and were eating, we were much more comfortable.  Dad, it's a lot different with out you here.

We decided to swing by the tower of love again for a daytime look.  So we took the typical Paris tourist photo, well we had to ask a passerby, but everyone on this plaza seems to and speak english anyhow.

so after the eiffel tower we went shopping.  i needed some new chaussures, both my pairs were not doing good things to my feet.  so we stopped at a street vendor and picked some up for 10 euros...smokin deal i thought.

aren't they cute? i thought so.

After the shopping adventure (mike bought a chapeau and we tried on some pantalon) we stopped at a cafe for a drink to watch the locals scurry about in chaos on their way home.  then we headed home on the bus.  number 80 seems to work the best for us.  

here's the other view of the bus ride

after a quick rest we headed back out to the arc de the center of a driving circus.  mike and i chose to cross the 9 streets using crosswalks instead of the handy underground passages available.  don't ask me why.

here's a better view for you....and the zooming cars.  after wards we strolled down the champs elysees looking at the all the louis v and cartier stores...dreaming....  :)

we made a quick stop to the moulin rouge, but decided against seeing a show.  they have a strict dresscode that we were not in line with.

finally, we ended the day by having drinks and dessert at the brasserie to celebrate my golden anniversaire.  it was fantastically perfect, or 'brilliant' as the londoner's might say.

tomorrow we are tenatively planning on going to the louvre and Notre Dame...then seeing if we can find mike some chaussers as well.... he's a bit more picky then i am.  so it my be more of a mission.

thanks for stopping by.
Bonsoir.... we'll post more demain  :)

Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Tour de Eiffel

So after we arrived in Paris, we decided to venture to McDonalds (or McSonalds in france) as our first dinner. I know it's not very exciting, but we were really nervous to try and test our lack of french on a real restaurant the first go around. McDonalds proved quite difficult when I ordered a kids meal and all the questions i want frites, yada, or yada. then femme or garcon, then something else I couldn't understand whatsoever, so she actually went and got the two choices to show me at the register. Mike was able to order his big mac meal with much more ease, but still a bit of frustration....

then we headed off to the eiffel tower....we weren't sure whether it would be open or not being that it was already 9pm, but we saw the beautiful sparkly lights that go off every hour on the hour (i learned that today)...and the last lift (elevator) goes up at 23:00 (11pm) so we had plenty of time.

this is the arc de triumphe all lit up at night. it was much more spectacular from up there, it's just so hard to get the camera to show the whole story.

Here i am trying to figure out what happened to all the missing monuments in paris, but then i realized that not everything is lit up at night, so we will just have to go see them tomorrow in the daylight

Here's a photo of Mike and I on top of the tower.....not much to see. it was dark out...sorry.

this is the best we could do to depict the magnitude of this gigantic structure. you know it's big, but you never realize just how big until you're standing underneath it.

Here's mike as we were standing in line to buy our billets (tickets)

And finally, the view as we left. This is actually, I guess, the back of the tower. We are staying just down the we were able to stroll back.

well. good night. it's my birthday now, so i'm going to celebrate with sleep while my feet prepare for yet another day of walking.

lizzie and mike.

London Calling

So.... It all started from the plane.
Here is a view from the plane right before we landed into sunny London
(the sunny part is a joke)

and we are off.  Guide book in hand, we set out to learn about the lovely city...

We went on the Princess Diana memorial walk through the beautiful parks.  We stopped at the National Museum, we went on a tour of Westminster abbey and learned about the 3,500 people buried inside...slightly disturbing.

We also saw big ben, and the Tower Bridge (tower of london) and we got to see the drawbridge open to let a cruise ship was pretty amazing.

We also went on a tour of the State Rooms at Buckingham palace, but we had some technical difficulties and lost the last 15 pictures or so.  I'm pretty sad, we had a really great one from the inside gardens of the palace.....

but we took the Eurostar through the Chunnel (tunnel under the english channel) today, and we are now in Paris with internet access.  We are on our way out to dinner, but will hopefully have more to post tomorrow....

Sunday, September 17, 2006

We got Married!!!

(7 months ago)

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