Saturday, March 24, 2007


So yesterday was a good day..... We went surfing for the first time ever!! and it was fun (and extremely tiring) But after we were done and enjoying a few libations on the beach, 3 whales swam by and put on quite a show. They were slapping their peck fins repeatedly....and there were still surfers in the water!! the whale's were only about 50 feet away from the farthest was quite amazing. I posted a picture of all three fins in the air for you....I think they were practicing a synchronized swimming routine.

And Kim got a new car this she is posing with it, with the surf boards attached on top.

Here's a few pics of Mike and I took me about 37 tries to get up, it took mike about 5..... needless to say, my arms are quite dead today.

And...Mike was a bit nervous to go out because we've been hearing things about reefs and urchins and sharks all week. He was the only on that was really worried about it....and because of the negative energy he was the only one that ended up with an urchin in his here's a few pictures of the post needle cheek, and me with tweezers trying helplessly to get them out....i think they're just stuck in there forever :)

I also downloaded some of craig's pictures from his camera, so here's a few more from days ago that I came across.

Mike, Craig and I at the Waimoku Waterfall...

Us camping...

The sign on the pathway to the water by our campsite....craig's pondering it's true meaning...

A cute picture of Kim and Craig by the seven sacred pools...

and on our drive to hana we counted 1,348,209,837 Mustang convertables...and just to prove there were that many we found four in a row in a secluded parking lot....

Craig and Mike also found some more vines to swing on, this time over water....

Hope you enjoyed!! We sure did :)

Thursday, March 22, 2007

Hawaii - two

It is so wonderful here, mike and I almost thought about buying the $600k condo for sale next door....but our savings isn't quite large enough yet.

but some fun facts for case you're bored. The hawaiian alphabet consists of only 12 letters and every vowel is
pronounced... so it's a fun game to try and pronounce the names of the streets.

We drove out to Hana for a camping trip, that was great. We went and saw the seven sacred pools, we couldn't swin in them
due to all the rain they've been getting, so we just got to look. (which is definitely not as fun as swimming). We went on a hike to a big waterfall that has a name I can't remember. Oh...and we stopped at a little taco stand on the way, and this crazy old lady was talking about all her chickens, and she showed us this drawer where one of the chickens always lays it's eggs, and in the midst of the conversation the chicken laid an egg. it was really pretty cool until the lady removed the fresh egg and was rubbing it on her face. Again I remind you, she was a bit nuts. But it was interesting.

And we've been snorkeling, and we've jumped off cliffs, and we've practiced paddling on a surf board in the waveless bay so when we go surfing tomorrow we can actually paddle to the break.

That's a pretty good synopsis so far. We have 3 days left, so I'll post more pics if we remember to take them. :)


So, we're in hawaii!! This is so fantastic!! We love it....

But here's a few pics from our trip. This first pic is of mike with his lei....Craig picked us up in the perfect hawaiian styles, with fresh lei's. :) He then took us the long way home so we got a nice tour of the island. it is amazingly beautiful....

Here we are standing somewhere...i don't remember where. Craig was giving us the full tour with all the hawaiian it was hard for me to remember what they were....

The second night we were here was St Patty's Day!! So we went out and celebrated in Green fashion, with green beer :)

We then went camping in Hana. On the way there, Craig and Mike thought they'd try to be a little more like george of the jungle and swing on vines....well, the vines held them up. They were then on a kick and had to find vines to swing on at each stop on the way. Boys will be boys.

We'll post more soon. We've been on a photo taking hiatus for some reason. Alot of underwater snorkling...and we don't have an underwater camera :)

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