Monday, May 28, 2007

the big 3 - 0 !!!

This weekend was mike's birthday, and you guessed it. He turned the big three oh. 30. He is sooo old :)
So we celebrated with a BBQ at our house on Saturday night, then he spent Sunday with friends Skateboarding. He came home and said "honey, I slid a rail today and I'm 30!" He is definitely still at kid at heart, that's for sure.
Today we spent lounging around the house, cleaning, etc. So tonight we had a cute dinner outside together. I gave in and made him a dirt cake for his birthday, his absolute favorite. (I made him my favorite cake for his party on Saturday, FunFetti.) Growing up in our house we always had a "You are Special Today" red plate. We got it for our birthday and any other special we're carrying on the tradition in our house. Mike got to eat on the You Are Special Today red plate. I need to get better about remembering it sooner, like for breakfast too. But we have many more birthdays to look forward too, so hopefully I'll be better for his 80th :)

Friday, May 25, 2007

Pebble Beach

So as most are aware, I headed out to Pebble Beach this week for some interviewing. I was very very nervous, and unfortunately I think it showed. Some meetings were better then others, but I definitely don't think I showed my best. But we live and learn. Anyway, here's some pics from the short trip.

I don't think I've flown on a Prop plane since I was 7 or 8 heading to Yakima, WA, and I was so nervous I read and re-read the emergency card over and over again. So you can imagine the great excitement flowing through me when I walked out of the gate in Los Angeles to see a beautiful old silver prop plane as my aircraft....we made it, but not without some nerves.

The IT Director, Edgar, picked me up from the airport and gave me a tour of the area. I was a little nervous so I didn't take any pictures the first day. But here's the basics of what I learned, Pebble Beach Company owns 4 golf courses and 3 hotels. Their courses are the ever famous Pebble Beach Golf Links, The Links at Spanish Bay, Spyglass Hill Golf Course and Del Monte Golf Course (The oldest Golf Course west of the Mississippi). Their Hotels are the Lodge at Pebble Beach, the Inn at Spanish Bay, and the Casa Palmero small 24-room Boutique hotel. I was orignially going to stay at the Inn at Spanish Bay, but there was a group in-house taking up all the rooms. So then at the last minute they found a room for me at the deluxe Casa was soooo nice.

This is a pick of my room. They had concierge service walk me to the room, show me the free mini bar snacks, the pre-kindled ready to light wood burning stove, then took my breakfast was so amazing. I'm just glad they didn't make me pay the $600 to stay there.....

The next day I had a few more interviews in the morning, then after that Edgar drove me around some more. We went back and forth on the famous 17-mile drive. And we stopped at "The Lone Cypress" which is the tree pictured here. The description of the tree is:
As one of California's most enduring landmarks, The Lone Cypress has prevailed on its rocky perch for over 250 years. This icon of fortitude has inspired many and is revered as the eternal symbol of Pebble Beach Company.
You'll notice it is the tree in the Pebble Beach Logo.....

Here is a really lame picture of me in front of the beautiful coast line along the 17-mile drive. I love the rocky coast with the waves crashing and you can see the fog laying around. The fog is a morning tradition at Pebble Beach. The way the peninsula jets out the fog rolls in and just sits on Pebble Beach most mornings of the summer.
There is also a famous rock called Bird Rock the houses shorebirds and seals and sea otters. We stepped out of the car to take some photos, and all along the edge of the path they had these "Don't Feed the Animals" signs. I thought it was quite comical the little squirrel that sat perched under the sign waiting for food.

We also went and walked a bit on the Pebble Beach course. Here is a few from the 5th hole looking down at the Lodge. The fog is still hanging out, it didn't want to burn off this day.
And some inspiring golfers....I was trying to remember my golf etiquette in not talking while they were putting.

Overall, I had a fantastic time at Pebble Beach and around Monterey. I'll keep my fingers crossed they like me enough to hire me, but even if not I had a fantastic time visiting....

Sunday, May 13, 2007


So, for those of you who don't know. Mike and I apparently have quite popular wedding footage. Our wedding was previously featured on the Discover Channel's "Wild Weddings" (click here to view) And now, TLC wanted to use it for "My Amazing Wedding". So when they offered us an all expense paid trip to Philadelphia in exchange for a one hour interview, how could we say no :)

Our Flight left Salt lake at 6am, which is extremely early for us. So by the time we landed and got to our hotel we were we found this cute little restaurant around the corner in Old City and enjoyed some Tapas. It was actually a really fantastic burger....amazing to say the least.

We were also staying right next door to the Constitution Center. We're not 100% positive on

exactly what this center does, or is for...but when we went to visit there were over 400 kids there on a field trip. So we made it into the lobby, but that was about all we could take.

We were also staying across the street from the US Mint. I was so so so excited to go on a tour, but reading the website it said that they don't allow tours when the Homeland Security threat level is Orange or above. So i checked out the Homeland security site, and low and behold the threat level was orange. And thinking about it, i'm not sure it's ever been below an i thought my life long dream was ruined....

So instead we headed one more block over to the Liberty Bell. (They really make it quite easy

to visit everything. It's all within 4 block of eachother).
But the liberty bell was closed, but the friendly guard told us we can get just as close by going around and looking through the alcove window. Which is what we did. So here we are posing with the bell, and in case you're wondering. L stands for Liberty. They also had this great talking wall that you press the button and it tells you all about it. Unfortunately we were too busy taking photos that we didn't really pick up on much of the dialogue. I'm sure it's that same stuff we learned in 5th grade though....

One thing i do remember from 5th grade though, is that Philadelphia loves Benjamin Franklin. And that was very apparent everywhere we went. Well, at least in Old City.

This is Ben Franklin's grave....He and is wife buried together. it was quite touching.

We also found a great statue of Barry. Please, feel free to let us know who exactly he is if you know.

And there's always something interesting to read around here.....there is no lack of knowledge in this town. That's for sure.

We took a nice leisurely stroll on South Street, and came upon this building. Completely covered in was pretty incredible.

And after all that walking....this is what happens. You think that Mike and I are pretty wild, but really we're in bed by 6pm :)

So first thing in the morning, we went to our little interview. We should've taken a photo of that...i thought it was funny. They put loads of makeup on our faces, had us sit in folding chairs in front of a bright green wall surrounded by 8 sets of bright lights. There was a camera right in front of us, and a guy sitting next to it. Not to mention the 3 other sound and camera guys wondering around the room. And then they tell us to relax, "just pretend like you're in your living room". That was a little difficult to do....but we made it through. We'll have to see how that turns out :)

But right afterwards, we headed up to Love Park...being that we were in the city of brotherly love. They were setting up a stage in front of the statue, so we couldn't get any closer then this.

But across the street they have a plaza that's full of odd game piece sculptures. They had the Sorry game pieces, Monopoly pieces, Dominoes, etc. It was pretty crazy. One of the Dominoes started to tip over so I ran over to try and hold it up.

And then we took a break on the Monopoly was very comfortable.

Then we headed over to the Reading Terminal Market. It's this huge building full of random vendors of food items. Everything from raw meats, cooked meats, coffee vendors, organic produce, everything.

You could come here for Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner, or you could come here for groceries. The seriously have everything you could imagine. We even picked up some delicious beef sticks for the flight home. I new Mikey would appreciate it later....

We sat down at the counter of the Dutch Eating was very packed. Mike wasn't very hungry, I was starving. So I ordered the Blueberry Pancakes Special with Turkey bacon. It was gigantic, and delicious....they definitely loaded the butter on though...but normally blueberry pancakes have those small fake dehydrated blueberry's in them. These were authentic, huge fresh blueberry's. So good. And we had to take a stealth picture so you'd believe that they are really a Quaker/Amish people.... The men all had the long beards, and the women all dressed exactly the same, hairdo's and all.

We decided later to stop by the Mint, just to see if they were doing any tours, and low and behold THEY WERE!!!

See how excited I am!!!

But, you can't take cameras inside, so no pictures of the actual money making. But it was pretty cool. About the same as what you would see on Modern Marvels, where they cute the metal out of the sheet, then it goes through these long conveier belts, and then into the pressing machines. Where it stamps the front and back onto the coin. Interesting stuff I thought...

For lunch we headed down to the Italian Market where lies the famous Pat's and Geno's. They are across the intersection from each other, and both claim to have the best authentic Philly Cheese Steak's in the world. So our plan was to split one from each and compare.

So at Geno's we ordered our "One Whiz With" which means one cheese steak, with cheese whiz and with onions. It was pretty good..... but it was also so huge that half of it was enough for us.

So we said next time we were in Philly we'd try Pat's.

Philly is great though, it's been added to our list of places to live.

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