Thursday, June 28, 2007

Finding our new home

So mike and I drove out to California last weekend to find a place to live. We decided to break up the drive and stay with my cousin John in Tahoe on Thursday night then depart early friday morning for the remaining 4.5 hours to Monterey. On the Friday morning drive I realized we didn't have our camera. I couldn't believe we forgot a camera....I was so upset that I couldn't blog about the drive. This turned into Mike and I debating about whether people read our blog for the stories or the pictures. I told him the pictures, he thinks the stories. So i guess we'll see.

Our plan of attack for Monterey was to hit up the 3 biggest property management companies in the area because most available rentals seemed to be managed by Property Managers. We arrived at the first one around 12noon, but there was a sign on the door
"We will return at 1pm".

So we walked around, had some lunch, and saw a Key-tar player performing at the wharf. No, you didn't read that incorrectly, it was seriously a Key-tar. If you're not familiar, think the 80's. It's the guitar with a keyboard on it instead of strings. And believe me, he was really working it. for the first 15 minutes of our lunch mike wouldn't even talk to me because he was so enthralled by the keytar performance. (seriously? no camera)

Then we headed back to the Prop Mgt office and talked to the front desk lady. We said we're looking for a two bedroom that accepts a small dog. She looked through her list and said she only had one vacant we could look at and it was $1500. (we went there with $1500/month as our max price). So we arrive at the vacant house, and it's a box. Literally. It was similar to an oversized tuff shed with some wood siding....but I was trying to stay optimistic. We unlocked the door and walked in. It was small and stuffy, but liveable. It was not a top option, but I was thinking 'If this is the best we get, I could live here'. We decided to continue looking and returned the key.

The next place we went was the biggest Prop Mgt company in the area. We walked in and it was a serious leasing office. 2 girls on phones at the front desk, people in front of them, the conference room next door was full of people signing leases, etc. We were hopeful. I picked up the vacant unit list and started perusing. We were waiting for on the of the girls to become free so we could ask about pets, then a man came over and asked if we'd been helped. We asked about pets and he looked through the list....he was a good talker. He was building us up, we were excited that we would definitely find something. He even told us to fill out the application now and pay the application fee so even after we left town they could continue to help us. So, he sent us off to look at this one 'Great Apartment'. He said "We going to take out the carpet and paint the walls, keep that in mind, but this place is great. You guys will really like it, and it's only $1475/month" So we left totally excited.

We find the apartment, and it's in a converted home, you know, where they take the house and chop it up into apartments so there's random stair cases everywhere....we find the apartment and walk in. DISASTER!!! It was so awful I couldn't even believe it. there were wires hanging from the ceiling, a water heater in the kitchen, duct work through holes in the floor. It was so bad. I was looking around thinking "this place is $1475/month...oh my goodness....we are never going to find anything" i was on the verge of tears and depressed. so we left.

trying to pick myself back up, we decided to drive by a house that was $1800 but they took dogs. just to see. We drove by and it just so happened the lady was showing it to someone. We walked up and asked if we could see it. From the street it was really cute. She said sure, we walked around and fell in love. It has a little fenced in back yard, a cute kitchen and living area, 2 bedrooms upstairs. it was great. When we walked out we said we wanted it. She looked concerned and said there were 2 other people on the list...we were bummed. She told us to fill out an application and email it to her just in case, but we should continue looking.

So we kept looking and found something called our #2. It wasn't bad, but wasn't great and it was $1500/month. We drove back to SLC and I came to work on Monday. I called the guy for the #2 and told him we were interested and wanted an application. Just to make sure we couldn't get #1 I emailed the lady again and asked what the status was. She said they were running the credit check on the other couple and it probably wasn't going to work out. We were bummed, but we were okay with #2.

Then. at 4pm, i get an email "lizzie, the other couple backed out so if you're still interested i need to know in the next hour" I replied "YES YES YES, please. just tell me what you need!!!"

she probably thought i was crazy, but she ran our credit. everything came through okay, we mailed off the deposit and signed the lease. So we're very excited! we got the place we wanted, and it's in Pacific Grove, CA, about 1 mile from where i'll be working.....

so now you'll have to come visit so you can see it, because we don't have any pictures.

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

We're MOVING!!!

It's official. Mike and I are moving to California. Monterey California to be exact. And no, it's not down by San's in Northern California, about 2 hours south of San Francisco.

I start my new position as IS Project Manager on July 9th.

Please come visit us....we'll need friends.

Monday, June 11, 2007

The Cutest in the World

I seriously think I have the cutest niece and nephew in the world. This is Olivia (1.5) and Gunnar (3) respectively.

Thursday, June 07, 2007

Potty Training

I've been staying with my sister for the past week spending time with my neice and nephew. One morning after I had just put a clean diaper and clean clothes on Olivia she wanted to pull them all off....I was confused and had no idea why. She'd never done this before.

So, I gave in and took off her clothes. Then she wanted her diaper off, so I took her diaper off. Then she ran into her room and came out with this potty. She put it down in the hallway and sat on it. It was pretty funny.....she's only 18 mos and already she wants to use the potty :)

Sunday, June 03, 2007

Pea in a Pod

Beki's newest addition is such a cutie pie!!
Isabel Kathleen Bird

She is so teeny teeny I can't even believe it. I thought this picture was super cute, as she's all swaddled up and looks like a cute tiny pea in a pod...

And here's beki showing her other two munchkins, Olivia and Gunnar, they're newest little sister. They are so cute....all of them.


So everyone knows I'm a huge hypchondriac...and one day I read this magazine article on skin cancer, and I knew I had it just like the girl in the article so I immediatley called my dermatoligist and made an appointment for a full body mole scan. When I went into the doctors office, I was a little nervous because some doctors don't have patience for patients like me, the hypochondriac type. So I told my doctor right off the bat.
"I know this seems a bit extreme, but I'm a bit of a hypochondriac. But I read this magazine article that said bascially anyone who used a tanning bed in the teens or twenties is almost guaranteed to develop some type of melanoma in their lifetime."

And she replied "Well, good thing you haven't used a tanning bed......have you?"
I knodded.
"How many times?"

Needless to say, she was not at all upset about my hypchondrianism, just my foolish ideals of beauty that caused me to fry my skin endlessly because I thought I'd look better....and she said that she was happy to have a hypochondriac with this stuff, because not enough people are scared enough.

So she checked my whole body, and all the moles I was scared of she said looked okay to her because they were all similar. All my moles have the same look, and she was looking for things that stood out. Then she got to my ankle, and she said "ooh, now this one worries me because it's jet black, and all your other moles are brown" I looked at the mole and realized I had never seen it. Ever. and i look often, i thought. So, it scared her enough she cut it off, right then and there. and stiched up the hole.
She's going to test it to see if it is cancerous....I'm not sure yet. But that was enough to scare me.

So now I'm down in arizona, and when i do get in the pool to play with the kids I'm wearing 50spf water babies suncreen and when i get out of the pool i'm sitting in the shade.

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