Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Salt Lake City....

So this past weekend I went back to Salt Lake to visit my loved ones. Mike and Griffin. (and friends) It was very fun...I had forgotton how much I missed my little doggy...isn't he so cute!! And of course my cute little husband as well.

But now i'm back in the land of fog....patiently awaiting the arrival of my boys next weekend.

Sunday, July 15, 2007

A San Francisco Treat

So living here all alone with only an air mattress and a tv, well it gets a bit lonely. So this weekend I decided to drive up to San Fran to visit a friend.
I left Friday night around 7pm (this was a very last minute trip) and arrived in San Francisco about 9pm. Getting there was easy, parking was another story. I really can't believe i didn't take a picture of my parking job, but I was impressed with myself, and that doesn't happen often.

anyway, I went and met my friend Melissa at a restaurant called Umami. She was there with a few of her friends...it was a blast. We had some drinks, had some dinner, then decided to head out to the next place.

While we were waiting for a taxi out front, this very very scantily clad women walked by. Seriously, you could see the bottom of the cheeks. Then, next thing you know she walks behind this car. We all watched in disbelief as she squatted down to relieve herself of some urine. Seriously!!??!?!?? and this is not some random back alley, we were out on a busy street. I was shocked...it was hilarious. (so of course i took a picture)

But then we headed to another spot in the city...and at the end of the night Melissa and I stopped for pizza on our way home. It was delicious and fantastic. Nothing tastes better then greasy pizza at 4am.

The next morning melissa took me to brunch at little french-ish restaurant. After a bit of a wait, we got to sit out on this cute patio in the back. Not only great atmosphere, great food too. I loved it.

Needless to say, I called mikey on the way home and told him maybe we should just drive the moving truck to San Francisco :) I'm ready.

Monday, July 09, 2007

Just another day at the office....

So today I went to work...and this is what I saw

Pretty amazing...it's a little surreal that I work here, but it definitely is nice to go to work. Today was just orientation, so I spent the day learning about the history of the Monterey Peninsula and Pebble Beach company and all afternoon I spent visiting each and every outlet, lodge, spa, beach and tennis club and restaurant. It was definitley nice. But it worked too, I could sell this place in a second now....

So anyone that wants to come visit, my discount in the restaurants starts today....and they have a molten lava cake at Roy's that's to die for.

Sunday, July 08, 2007

The iPhone

This morning Mike and I woke up to overcast raining skies. Mike's favorite weather....we went and grabbed some coffee and headed to the beach for a walk. It was cold cold cold. Again, 9 in the morning and kids are running in the water. I'm beginning to get concerned about the parenting in this area...these kids are always in the freezing water. it's nuts.

But, it was beautiful and we had a great time.....Also, Mike was really excited he was second in line at the apple store in SLC last week when the apple iPhone first went on sale. Ever since he has acquired this lovely device, you cannot peal him away from it.....so today when we're enjoying the lovely beach, relaxing, walking, just being together. He's on his iPhone.

And again, we go to get breakfast, he's on the iPhone. Seriously??

I'm not sure exactly what he looks at so much, i know he check his email, but every 5 minutes? I'm not gonna lie though, I drove him to the airport in San Jose today, and the iPhone came in very very handy. We were able to find 2 malls and get directions to both, then directions to ikea and to the airport. He also asked me 3 times if i needed to map out directions home so i wouldn't get lost. I kept telling him no, no, it's easy. A direct route. But then on the road i found myself second guessing my directions....again and again. It's like the cell phone deal. You're fine for your whole life without a cell phone, but then once you get one and use it, when you're without you feel naked.
Well, it looks like i'm going to have to get an iPhone too then. I'm just afraid mikey and I won't talk anymore, we'd just 'chat'. :)

Saturday, July 07, 2007

We're Here

So after much trial and tribulation, we have finally made it to our new home in Pacific Grove. We left Thursday morning, well 12:30 in the afternoon. I went into work in the morning for a few hours to say goodbye and turn in my cell phone and laptop. i'm not gonna lie, i feel completely naked without that stuff. but i'm learning to go without.

In order for us not to feel lonely during the long drive we had our little friend Sumo ride along on the dash with us. He used to sit on my desk at work, but now he's currently being transferred. I also have a travelocity gnome that i wanted to put up there, but being that he's not squishy it wasn't quite safe.

We had a lot of fun on the drive. It took me about 12 self-timered camera shots for us to get one with both me and mike in it. for some reason when i'm holding the camera for self taken shots, it always veers toward me....hmmm

And after we were into Nevada about 4 hours, we noticed the temperature gauge in the car said 110. i couldn't believe the car was still moving forward. i was even mentioning to mike that if Nevada wasn't here, our drive to california would be so much faster and easier :) but of course then we wouldn't have vegas....
We stayed with John Parry in Tahoe again. It was such a nice break to be in the cool and refreshing mountains. (the lake is behind us in the picture, i promise) Mike took the first turn off the highway, which led us down a long and narrow road by tons of huge multi-million dollar homes. There were quite a few for sale....but i think we'll have to wait for someday instead of today. But it has been added to our list of places we'd like to live.

and this is our CUTE HOUSE!! i know it's small and cottage like, and it might even remind you a bit of a hansel and gretal hut, but seriously it seems like a smokin' deal to us. it has a little patio in the back and a small yard, a garage, etc. we are very very excited. Right now, I'm sitting on an air mattress watching a TV that is using the Air Mattress box as a Tv Stand. We are minimalists. Not by choice though of course. We're waiting to move all the furniture out with Mike the beginning of August.

Our Favorite room in the house is the kitchen. not because it's large, but it has these huge open windows around the sink. it's so light and nice. in fact, the whole house has tons of windows everywhere. it's so nice. i think we're going to have to test all the lights at night, because during the day you would never even turn the lights on. it's amazing.

We also had our first new town outing today. We went to lunch at Tostie's Cafe down the road. Here's a picture of mike at the table. i would be in the photo too, except my skins adjusting to the new climate and it has decided to breakout a bit. I like to say my face looks like it was hit with a semi-automatic BB gun. I'm glad mike can see past the surface to my true inner beauty :)

And we went out to Lovers' Point just down the road. It was a bit overcast and cool out. Mike's favorite weather. And despite the cool temperature, there were plenty of kids swimming in the ocean below. I watched them from a distance shivering with my coat on...but kids will be kids i suppose.

And a special prize!! The first person(s) to come visit us we will treat to a free rental of this fantastic pedal-mobile. (i'm not sure what it's really called) But doesn't it look fun? they have this paved path that goes all along the coast...so mike and I really want you to come out so we can pedal you around the town. and, we'll even pedal. so book your tickets now.... (it might be a good idea to wait until august so you can have a bed to sleep in and a couch to sit on)

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