Friday, September 28, 2007

We Love You Barry!!

So yesterday was my birthday!! the big 2 8. I'm getting sucks. But i'm having fun doing it, and that's all that matters i guess.

So for my birthday, Wednesday night mike and I went up to a San Francisco Giants game. We had no idea it was such a big game, Barry Bonds last game. It was a great takes abotu 1.5 - 2 hours to get to San Francisco from our house. No big deal, the games starts at 7.15 so we might be a little late. But...after we arrive in SF and are driving down the street near the park we realize we need to park our car. The lots around the Ball Park all had signs saying $30 - $50!!! and some of them were even sold out! I couldn't believe it. It cost more to park then it did to actually go to the game. So mike and I decided that was not gonna work (and we didn't have that much cash anyway and most lots only take cash) so then we drove around for about 30 minutes until we found a meter spot about 7 blocks away.

Once we got into the park it was so much fun....everyone had signs that said "Thanks Barry", everyone was wearing their Orange and Black and it was packed! The stadium holds 43,000 people, and they sold 42,994 tickets. Crazy!! but so much fun. We were at the game for about 30 minutes when Mr Bonds came out to hit the ball....his last time at bat. He smacked it, and everyone was standing to see yet another home run. Much to the worlds disappointment, it wasn't quite far enough and the outfielder caught it to give the Giants their 3rd out of the inning....
The AT&T Park stadium is so nice too. It looks right out into the's beautiful. And we had such perfect weather too. That day I swear it was 80+ degrees..which is not common around was so nice. I told mike we'll have to go back next year when it's more in the summer so we can see the sunset during the game....

Here are a few more random pics from the game
This is apparently supposed to be Barry Bonds...but i can't confirm that. I'm not really sure.
Sorry we look so horrible in this photo. We had some young kids take it that were sitting behind us...i was really embarrassed to ask so I made mike ask.

Saturday, September 08, 2007

Big Sur

So last night (Friday) Mike and I started to go a little crazy. We felt like we were trapped in this little town with nothing to do. So this morning we woke up and decided to explore, and what better to explore then Big Sur. After I googled it, I found out it was only 30 miles away...seriously.

We actually ended up driving almost all the way to San Luis Obispo. I think we got in the car with the intention of driving for most of the after we saw and passed Big Sur within the hour we decided to keep going. We went all the way down to this little place called Ragged Point. We stopped and had lunch, it was cute a small and not completely overpriced as I was expecting. We pondered getting gas there as we only had about an 1/8 of a tank left, but after we saw the gas prices of $4.15 we decided against it.

Much to our chagrin, about 20 miles later the gas light came on. I thought mikey was going to die of a heart attack. He couldn't stop saying things like "i've never run out of gas before", "i can't believe that the first time i run out of gas is the one place we have no cell reception", and "what are we going to do when we run out of gas". Talk about negative thoughts...I'm all about positive thinking... Then I noticed that he's driving as fast as possible, like driving faster will help us get to the gas station sooner....even if you're using more gas? But in the end, we made it. The little 4-cylinder Mazda really can run on fumes...
When we pulled up to the gas station I found it odd that there were no gas prices posted...then when you actually looked at the pump there were still no gas prices displayed. That's when I got nervous. It's not until after you put in your credit card and are actually pumping the gas that it displays $4.79 per gallon!!! I really couldn't believe it. So I turned the key so we could watch the gas gauge and stop when we reached a 1/4 tank. No way I'm spending $400 on gas when I'm 20 minutes from home...
After mikey was done pumping he pressed Yes for a reciept. I said "we don't need a receipt" and he said "yeah we do. I'm taking a picture of it." So we did.
But overall we had a great time. We would've camped except every single camp site was booked...even the non-online ones. Every camp site we passed had signs out "Campground FULL". But it was a beautiful maybe next time we'll plan ahead and book a campsite in advance.

So here are some photos for your viewing pleasure. They really don't do it justice, so if you come visit us, we'll bring you to see for yourself. With a full tank of gas of course....

Oh yeah, one of the most beautiful sections of beach we thought was fully surrounded by this barbed-wire fence and No Tresspassing sign....bummer.

Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Seal vs Sea Lion vs Sea Otter

I'm just wondering how many of you really know the difference between these 3 things. Yeah, i know, they're 3 different animals. But how do you tell them apart.

The other morning we took our dog for a walk down by the ocean. As he was running back and forth along the beach chasing the birds we noticed a creature head in the water following him. This made me nervous at first, maybe it was an ocean alligator or a lock ness monster. but then our dog spotted it out in the water and it instantly disappeared under the water. Then a few moments later it was back a few feet to the left...watching. then it did a little backdive into the water and we could see it was a cute little guy. I was thinking "oh, what a cute little sea otter" at the same time mikey said out loud "hey, did you see that seal".

Thus bringing us back to the original question, do you know the difference?

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