Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Seal vs Sea Lion vs Sea Otter

I'm just wondering how many of you really know the difference between these 3 things. Yeah, i know, they're 3 different animals. But how do you tell them apart.

The other morning we took our dog for a walk down by the ocean. As he was running back and forth along the beach chasing the birds we noticed a creature head in the water following him. This made me nervous at first, maybe it was an ocean alligator or a lock ness monster. but then our dog spotted it out in the water and it instantly disappeared under the water. Then a few moments later it was back a few feet to the left...watching. then it did a little backdive into the water and we could see it was a cute little guy. I was thinking "oh, what a cute little sea otter" at the same time mikey said out loud "hey, did you see that seal".

Thus bringing us back to the original question, do you know the difference?


Holly said...

I don't know the difference between sea otters and seals, but I do between sea lions and seals. When I was in Hawaii my brother and I got to swim with two really sweet female sea lions. The trainers told us that the differences are this; seals don't have ear flaps protruding out of their head, sea lions do. Also, sea lions hind flippers can rotate forwards underneath them so they can kind of walk when on dry land. Seals also steer with their fore flippers and propel themselves with their hind flippers, while sea lions do the opposite. Also, seals are slightly more hairy than sea lions, their flippers all have hair on them and their whiskers are long and crimped, while sea lions are straight. Seals also have claws at the ends of the fore flippers.

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