Tuesday, December 23, 2008

99 Days to Go!!

Not exciting to everyone, but we only have 99 days to go before lil' Mike joins the world!!   In internet land, dropping to double digits is kind of a big deal.  So I thought I'd share it with everyone.

In celebration we ordered our crib today....oooh...it's becoming more real.  Are we ready?  I don't really know but I guess we'll figure it out, right?

Christmas Fun

When we were young kids, our grandma used to come up and visit us.  And during the holidays she would make gingerbread houses for us to decorate.  So at Costco the other day, they have the fancy shmancy kits that make it much easier to make gingerbread houses.  None of this baking and cutting, just frosting and candy...it's amazing.  So I bought one thinking it would be a great tradition to start with Mike.  
When I walked in the door from Costco I was so excited about the Gingerbread house kit, but to my dismay my husband didn't share the same excitement.  So, I let it sit out on the counter hoping the idea would grow on him.  So the other day he finally gave in to his deeply hidden childish desires and said 'Should we make the gingerbread house?'.  I was so excited I dropped everything and ran over to clear the table off and get going.

So building away we went.  And it was quite fun...we decorated all the pieces carefully, at first.  But the time we got to the trees it was a little less decorative and more just a mass of frosting and candy.

Mike and I started eating the candy while we were making it...so some of the good candy didn't make it onto the house.  But I still think the house turned out pretty well.

Monday, December 22, 2008

More weekly pics

Week 24
Week 25
So, the belly is really starting to round out now.  I'm feeling a little more like a beluga every day...and the other day at work I had my first 'belly in the way' experience.  I was trying to bend down to fix a printer, and I could quite get down there to fix it.  My stomach was in the way.  So I was trying to twist and bend in this weird configuration to get my arms behind the printer.  The guy that was there watching must have thought I was completely losing it... 
And the baby is kicking more and more...  This morning Mike turned some music on on his iPhone and put it on my stomach.  Then lil' mike started doing a little jig...Big Mike is getting a little less creeped out now when he feels the baby move, which is good.  

Friday, December 05, 2008

Oh Christmas Tree....

Mike and I have been having a little debate over the last few weeks about whether we should get a real tree or a fake tree.  I really like the real trees for some reason...I'm not sure exactly why, maybe the sap, or the needles falling everywhere, or trying to center it in the tree stand, or trying to remember to water it.  Not sure, so many things to love.  But Mike's a big fan of fake tree's, that's what he had all growing up.
So after a few weeks of this debate I started thinking about it as an investment.  How we could spend a little more now, but not spend it in the future, etc. etc.  I know, I'm a little too analytical.  But the other day a lowe's add came in the mail, and skimming through I noticed a nice fake tree on sale from $250 to $150.  It was prelit (taking lights off in an orderly manner is not a strong suit of mine) and it looked pretty realistic.  
So today Mike and I went down to lowe's to check it out.  I couldn't find the one on sale, but there were some others that were nice, but they were more around $300 to $400.  So we asked the 'guy' where the tree in the add was and he kindly walked us over to that tree.  Then he non-chalantly mentioned that all Christmas stuff was 1/2 off, so even our $100 off tree was half off...then I got really excited.  Wow, for the price of only 1.5 or 2 real trees, we get a somewhat realistic pre-lit fake tree.   (it really pays to begin decorating after the masses)
So here it is, all lit up and decorated in our front room....we even splurged for some ornaments, that were also 1/2 off.  So all in all our under $80 trip was a winner, I think at least.

My Cute Husband...

So I got home from work yesterday, and my husband seemed a bit giddy.  He said 'Close your eyes and stick out your hands'.  So I did.  When I opened them, I saw these.

He ordered cute Etnies crib skate shoes for our little baby.  Apparantley he was looking for the Nike SB Dunks online, but the cheapest pair was $100, so he settled for the Etnies.  Thank heavens.  I couldn't believe how adorable they were...and he was so excited, it was very cute.  Then I started to get a little nervous about how much money we could spend making sure our child was stylish....I just hope it doesn't get too out of hand :)

Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Our little computer nerd...

So in an effort to not make our blog all about babies...here's a little somethin' somethin' about our dog.

So those of you that know us, know that my husband loves computers.  Seriously, his heart beats with the internet.  I don't think he can go for more then 6 hours without some sort of technology.  He sleeps with his wife on one side, and his laptop on the other.  (At least I know where I stand)  
So the other day our friend Cari dropped off her computer for some updates before she headed off to Cali.  While the computer was updating, little griffin, the purebred mutt, went over and tried to be a little more like is dad.  He started dot comming :)

See, it's not impossible to teach old dogs new tricks.

More Belly Pics

21 weeks

23 weeks

So you can definitely tell the boy is poking out.  And he's a mover, mostly at the wee hours of the night too.  Which is quite convenient I must say.  I try to grab mike's hand while we're sleeping and put it on my stomach so he can enjoy the show at 3am, but it doesn't quite work out.
Also notice in the 23 week picture, I'm wearing my home-made maternity jeans.  Yes, that's right, I made my own maternity jeans.  As I was measuring, pinning, ironing and sewing, I was thinking of my aunt Judy.   During my fabulous time living with Judy, I was grounded for quite a few spells.  But Judy isn't a fan of lazy people, so she told me I had to work on something while I was grounded, and so she taught me to sew.  So, thanks again Judy!  You're life lessons saved me some money :)

Sunday, November 16, 2008

I don't know if lizzie wanted me to post this, but I guess that's what happens when she gives me access and tells me I should start posting things to the blog. You'll have to ignore the initial talking, I was getting geeky w/ the guy, talking about the new ultrasound technology and asking why they don't capture to DVD or hard drive instead of VHS (yes, they still record to VHS).

Saturday, November 15, 2008

It's a....?

Friday, November 07, 2008

19 Weeks

So it seems the baby has decided to 'pop'.  This past week marked the first unsolicited belly rub.  I actually didn't mind, I thought I would.  I think it makes me feel better that people can tell I'm pregnant and don't just think I ate too much lunch.

And next week marks the half way point for the pregnancy.  And the ultrasound.  So next Thursday we will make sure all is going well with the baby, and we'll get to see what it is.  As in boy vs. girl, just in case you were confused by that.

Mike and I went to Body Worlds today, the museum exhibit of plasticized bodies in various positions.  They have a whole section on babies...so we got to see what our baby looks like now, and I was amazed at how big it was.  It's like a real little baby, just small.  That sounds contradictory, but really, as I was looking at the display I would look down at my stomach and think "that fits in there?".  It just didn't seem like there was enough room....But if you're in Salt Lake, I highly recommend the Body Worlds exhibit.  It was amazing.  I think it goes until December.

And on another note, I will be attempting to make my own maternity jeans today....so I'll have to let you know how that turns out.  

Thursday, November 06, 2008

Domestic Assistance

So, I'm not sure if it's because I'm pregnant or if I'm just trying to be a better wife in general. But I've been trying to make dinner (or at least have dinner planned) more regularly now. Hmm. Maybe it's a winter thing, who knows.

Well, one day while perusing blogs as I normally do I happened upon a website that plans these meals for you, on a weekly basis. I was a bit skeptical at first (because I think I'm generally a skeptic about everything) but after spending a few days looking at their site, and reading some reviews around the web I decided to go for it.

So this website is called Relish! and it basically emails you once a week. You log in, look through the list of 15 or so options for the week, then pick the 5 you want to make. After they're picked you press 'print' and it prints out your grocery list, and the recipes for each entree and side item. Each on it's own page. It's amazing. Seriously.
So the first week I was blown away thinking...okay but it's going to be a million dollars and it's going to take forever to make and you're going to need a bunch of random stuff, etc. And the first week was a little more then we usually spend on groceries, then I learned you can have the recipes created for only 2 people, and then we were right on track. (you can also pick 4, 6, or 8 if you prefer) And all the meals can be made in about 30 minutes for the most part. Some requiring a little morning prep like marinating or throwing things in a crock pot, but never more then about 10 minutes or so.
To be honest, the recipes aren't anything you couldn't find on your own, but i'm a bit lazy and don't have the creative energy to look through 5 cookbooks to pick out 5 meals to make that week. If I'm expected to do that we usually just have cereal...or a frozen burrito if it's a good night.

So, I just thought I'd share this bit of lovliness I found and use daily. My grocery store trips are shorter, and my husband makes dinner now. He's of the mindset 'if you tell me what to make i'll make it'. So now I'm ultimately spoiled with shorter grocery trips and dinner when I get home. It's heaven. Definitely worth the $35 for a 6-month subscription.

And to be fair, the only downside is we tend to have random leftover ingrediants that we usually throw away. Like a 1/2 can of beef broth.

Saturday, November 01, 2008

Happy Halloween

Halloween this year was quite mellow for us Saltsman's.  I had a quazy intention of doing something, but instead just hung out at home with a friend and handed out candy.  I must say, I am impressed with the amount of trick o' treaters we had this year.  Usually it's maybe 4 kids total, but this year we had over 10 groups of kids.  Meaning, about 40 or 50 kids :)  We finally got rid of all that candy...

My husband loves the holiday.  It's his time to pull out the favorite mullet wig.  So, as in previous years, he was a rocker.  In this pic he's filling the tires on his bike to go hit the town with some friends.

On another note, we did carve pumpkins a few days ago... the pictures aren't great, but i noticed the vast change in our house between them.

You'll notice the picture on top the trim isn't done and the door is hideous.  But, the lovely picture on the bottom has painted trim and a lovely new door.  We're pretty excited.  I know it won't look like much to the untrained eye, but Mike and I are quite pleased with the progress so far.  But the conversation always ends with something like 'so now all we have to do is.....'
No matter what, I think we will forever be doing things to this house...

oh, and that's griffin in the front yard with the beady eyes.  And notice the wrinkling of the pumpkins.  It's amazing the sun damage that can occur in only a few days.

Friday, October 31, 2008

I looked out the window and what did i see?

No, it wasn't popcorn popping on the apricot tree.  Instead?  It was a huge dodge pickup missing a front tire sitting on it's front rotor in the middle of the road.  Curiously close to our little Mazda.

So Mike ran outside too see if the little mazda had a little damage.

And low and behold it did.  How random that out of all the lovely little cars parked on our street it decided to fall off and ram our car.  Bummer.  Big Bummer.    So now we'll be driving around our ghetto jeep while the mazda gets some plastic surgery.

Oh, and the lesson learned today.  No, not that you shouldn't park your cars on the street.  But that you should always be home looking out the window randomly on Friday afternoons.

Friday, October 24, 2008

Just because you've asked...

I'm only doing this because people have asked to see....i personally am a bit embarrassed.  But here you go.  My belly pics as of yet.

7 Weeks

9 Weeks

15 Weeks

17 Weeks

And I'm not sure if you can tell, but I honestly feel like the biggest growth has been in the chest area.  It's a bit shocking, and I'm not really sure how to handle it.  I almost started crying when I was measured the other day....I know, most girls would love this.  I should love this.

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Round 1 - Complete

So we woke up this morning to some great progress.  Which was both inspiring, and tiring to look at knowing we were going to be working hard and fast for the whole morning, well Mike would be.  So my poor husband was outside by 8am this morning, back up the ladder taping the rest of the roof off.  Then he was up on the ladder finishing the first coat and applying the second.  
We had to get everything done before 2pm, that's when the paint machine had to be back.  Around 10 am we were standing back looking at the house...and thinking that this isn't really the color we were imagining.  We were definitely thinking the color would be more olive-y then sage-y.  So I hoped the second coat would add a bit more deepness to the color.  Mostly because when Mike said 'Well, if we don't like it we can just paint it a different color next year' I seriously almost collapsed.  And I'm not even doing any work...and I'm still that exhausted.

So Mike continued on throughout the morning, while I walked around trying to keep him entertained, and picking up trash throughout the yard.  Making it seem like I was busy.  But really, there was nothing for me to do.
So we are done with round 1 of painting, meaning the main color has been applied and the windows have been uncovered.  Now we're on to the trim... and since we have more then one paint brush I guess I'll have to be a bit more involved in this next part.  We're hoping by painting some dark brown accents it will tone down the green a bit.  But if it doesn't work, I guess we'll have to move.  Because I don't think we go through this again.  Although thinking back now, that we're done, it didn't seem that bad. :)  

So hopefully by next weekend we'll have some more complete pictures of the house, it will serve as motivation to keep painting.

Oh yeah, and I planted some bulbs.  I'm trying to be proactive in beautifying our home.  And I ordered some cute house numbers too.  Anything's gotta help, right?

Friday, October 17, 2008

The Project

So the weather was finally good to us this weekend, so Mike and I decided it would be our last opportunity to do our final outdoor project of the year.  Painting the house, yes, the outside of the house.  

After reading a few websites I figured it wouldn't be too bad.  Our house is small, it's pretty ghetto, so it can't be that hard, right?  
We woke up this morning and headed to home depot.  We bought some paint, some tape and some drop cloths and headed home.  We borrowed our Cousin Dax's paint sprayer but needed an air compressor, so Mikey called in a favor to a friend to borrow one.  We started taping the house around 10am, figuring we'd get the taping all done then worry about the air compressor.  About the 4th friend he tried started giving him some advice.  He said 'don't use an air compressor, you need to rent an airless paint sprayer.  it'll be so much better...but, be careful of the over spray'.  (Our friend made it sound like we were going to be painting the neighbors house as well) this was around 1pm, and mike and i had a little regroup.  
I started thinking 'seriously? we're going to spend even more money now.  why don't we just go buy some rollers and paint the good ol' fashioned way. let's just get it done'.  Mike thought i was demented.  So after some frustrated facial expressions and lovely conversation...we decided to call the rental place, ask how much it was, and ask how much over spray there really was.  
So the rental place was pretty reasonable, and about the over spray he said 'unless it's windy it shouldn't be too bad, but you will need to cover all your windows, doors, etc'.  So we decided to go with the rental.
We picked up the rental and some more plastic to cover windows and doors and were home by 2pm.  The other issue we didn't really take into account was that we only have one tall ladder.  So Mike was the designated taper.  Which didn't really work out for him...and it made me feel worse.  So as I sat and watched him work for the next 4 hours...I tried to think of anything I could do to make him not hate me as much....and nothing really worked.  So I hid inside.
Finally around 6.30 or so, the taping of all the windows and doors was complete.  And two sides of the house had the upper trim taped.  
Since it was getting dark I suggested we paint at least one side of the house so we could get a feel for how the sprayer works, how well we really need to tape up, etc.  Then tomorrow morning we'll be that much more prepared to get it done before returning the painter at 2pm.
Well, it's now 8pm and my husband is outside with a spotlight finishing up the 4th side of the house.  I know, he's a champion.  
But mostly I'm really excited that he seems to at least enjoy this powerful super spray gun, and hopefully it will help him forget the whole taping piece.

The photos of the taped, unpainted house are a bit hard to see, but we didn't finish taping until the sun was down...

Monday, October 13, 2008

another project on hold

Mike and I were going to paint our house this past weekend, but unfortunately the weather decided not to be friendly....too bad.
It's supposed to warm up drastically this week, so we're crossing our fingers we can get it done this upcoming weekend....

Thursday, October 02, 2008

The Rumors Are True....

Just in case you hadn't heard, Mike and I are expecting Baby #1. Officially. Set to arrive in early April...mark your calendars!

Tuesday, September 30, 2008

California Birthday

I know this post is a bit belated...but for my birthday weekend this past weekend Mike and I and his mom Pat headed out to California to visit Mike's Brother Doug, and his girlfriend Carolyn. It was a fantastic trip...so here are some highlights.

The morning of my birthday, Saturday, everyone decided I should open my gift before we did anything. So open the gifts I did. I really had no idea what they were going to get me, because I was having a hard time thinking of anything I wanted. So when I opened the gift my first thought was "do you think i'm fat?", but I was only kidding. They all pitched in a got me a Wii and a Wii Fit! I was so excited!

For those of you that are gaming console challenged, the Wii is the one with the handles that allow you to play tennis, boxing, etc. And the Wii fit is like a balance board you put on the ground that allows you to do strength training, yoga, aerobics, skiing, ski jumping, hula huping, etc. It also tells you how much you weigh and how good your balance and posture is. I felt pretty bad about myself when it told me my Wii Fit age was 32...but then when it told Mike he was almost overweight...I knew the Wii was a bit challenged. So i felt better about myself.

After opening gifts, we went down to Newport and rented some beach cruisers to ride up to Huntington Beach. It was so fun...of course bikey mikey was doing weelies and bunny hops right off the get go. I was watching him thinking 'that bike weighs 200 lbs, and your jumping up and off everything'. But I think he was made to be on two wheels.

When we got to Huntington Beach we ate a restaurant on the beach named Savannah's, i think. The only picture of us there I look horrible in, so i didn't post it.

But on the ride back to newport, we had a little photo shoot action.

Then we stopped at the beach and had more of a formal, prom style photo shoot.

Oh, and we missed a picture for this...but we rented a basket for Carolyns bike so we could put our purses in there. As we were crossing the final intersection to return the bikes Carolyn thought it would be fun to go off the curb. In doing that, the basket flew of the bike spilling both purses upside down all over the side of the road. It was so funny I stopped mid-crossing because I thought I had pulled a muscle in my stomach. We were laughing so hard it took way to long to actually pick up all the pens, phones and candy that had flown all over the road.

Cali cont.

So after our biking adventure, we went back home, took a little nap, cleaned up a bit, then went out for dinner.

After dinner, the waiter came out with the best cake ever that said 'Happy Birthday Lizzie'. I was so impressed. I said to everyone 'I can't believe the restaurant had a small cake and wrote my name on it! That's so nice'. Everyone looked at me for a second and then continued to tell me that they brought the cake in. They were asking questions like 'didn't you think it was weird when we left you at starbucks for 20 minutes when you weren't even getting coffe?' and 'yeah, that's why i just now went back out to the car'. I won the dunce award for that one...but it was a better surprise for me in the end, right?

So thanks to all of Mike's family for being so sneaking and making my birthday so fantastic!

And after dinner we went bowling...don't worry, they didn't let me win. In fact, I lost. I started out with a strike, then quickly went downhill fast, which is usually how games work out for me.

All in all I had a fantastic birthday and love my gifts!

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

I'm back

I'm back and officially depressed. France was awesome, and I wish I would've stayed.

I am glad to be home with my husband...but wouldn't it be some much better if he would've just come to france with me? and then we could've never left.... well a girl can dream can't she.

And I almost forgot to mention...but I have the best husband in the world. For the 2 weeks I was gone, he accomplished many house projects that I've been too unmotivated to begin. So it was a nice surprise to come home to a much cleaner house then I left.

Saturday, September 13, 2008


So for our last few days we headed out to the Porquerolles Islands. They're just a cute little island bunch with a small tourist town and a few nice beaches. The beaches didn't have docks, so we had to bring the small tender down from the top deck to drive us up to the beach.
The sand was nice and the water was extremely shallow for quite a while out, so it was great for the kids. They could go feel like they were really far out, and only be waist deep.
We also rented some paddle boats and had some races around the little bay. We ran them into a few rocks as well, trying to get high centered but never quite accomplishing that. There was also a slide on the paddle boat which the kids quite enjoyed. I found myself to be just a bit too wide to really get the satisfaction I was hoping for...

We had lunch at the little restaurant on the island. I, of course, ordered horribly. Everyone at the table almost ordered the pizza, and it sounded delicious. But for some reason I thought I'd take a chance with the sausages. They came out, and really...just hot dogs. Two hot dogs on the plate. That's it. I thought 'maybe they just look like hotdogs but they're really delicious sausages'. So I cute one open, and it looked just like a hot dog. Pressed meat. Normally, this wouldn't bother me too much, because I do enjoy a good dog. But everyone around me was eating delicious pizza....and I was trying to choke down pressed meat drowning in mustard.
I do think I've learned my lesson, always order with your gut, stop trying to be creative. Especially when you're on an island and you don't get a lot of oppurtunities to eat.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Club Cinquante Cinq

One of the ultra hot spots of St Tropez is Club 55, or Cinquante Cinq as the french say. You have to be extremely cool to get into the restaurant, and I'm pretty sure you have to have a reservation at the restaurant in order to enjoy the beach. But enjoy the beach we did (don't worry, we had a reservation)
The beach we had been going to previously was a regular old public french beach. You know, topless ladies....topless 'older' ladies, rough sand and cloudy water. It's fun, don't get me wrong. But the water wasn't screaming 'jump in me'.
When we arrived at Club 55 and our little bungalow, the water was screaming so loudly I almost couldn't hear the kids screaming. But I thought I better wait until after lunch to immerse myself, I didn't want to go into the exclusive restaurant looking haggard. Well more haggard then I already did.

I thought this picture helped depict the large number of yachts anchored in the bay of Club 55. Apparently there are normally a lot more than this, it was a slow day. But seriously, you could almost not see the horizon because it was speckled with massively oversized boats.
Inside the restaurant, we were seated right in the middle. Apparantely that's the favorite table of our hosts. In the center of every table is a garden, literally. You just grab a tomato, some basil, splash on some balsamic and enjoy. Or if you feel like some celery and a radish, that's there too. It was pretty delicious.
We all made Amy translate the menu for us...because our French is not up to par. She did a great job. I ended up having the special, Sea Bass. They cook the whole huge fish, bring it out whole on a platter to show the table, then go back and plate it. It was delicious though, probably some of the best Sea Bass I've ever had.
Oh yeah, and while sitting there enjoying our luxorious lunch, our host yells "hey guys, look, Bono's here" and low and behold, there goes Bono walking by to his hidden table in the corner. Then as my sister purused the reservation card table, she noticed the Oprah was coming in at 4pm, it's too bad we just missed her.

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