Saturday, February 23, 2008


So ignore this post if you don't want to listen to my political opinion...sorry.

But I saw this on YouTube...and it was one of those, by the end I was almost teary eyed.

Friday, February 15, 2008

My Brother - Craig

So my ever adventurous brother Craig is on another adventure. If you're in the mood for some comical stories, check out his blog here.

Seriously...I was laughing even at the first story. I can only imagine what the next few months will bring.


Thursday, February 14, 2008

Happy Valentines Day!

Happy Valentines Day to all...and to all I wish Love!!

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Happy 2nd Love-iversary

Yesterday was the 2 year anniversary of our marriage. Yipee! We like to refer to it as a Love-iversary...not sure why. We just think it sounds better.
But I must say, 2 years has gone extremeley fast. I can't even believe it....but I can't imagine not being married. It is a strange phenominan....But I am very happy and look forward to our next 100 love-iversary's. <3

Usually in our household I tend to be the Mike get's off the hook quite a bit, because I like to plan fun things for us to do. So this year when he asked "What are we doing for our love-iversary?" I said, "I'm not sure, my husbands planning it". I was pretty excited...I knew it wasn't going to be anything insane because he had a huge math test this morning he needed to study for. But I got dressed and said 'Okay, where are we going?' and he said 'I need to blindfold you'. Really, I don't think i've ever been blindfolded in my life....not that i can remember anyway, and especially not while being driven around in a car. It was so fun. I was so giggly it was crazy. I was a little nervous I was going to get carsick...but Mike ended up taking some round about way to get to a little Chinese restaurant only a few blocks from our house (my favorite restaurant) so I was totally confused. I kept thinking we were downtown, and at one point I thought we were pulling into a parking garage....low and behold I was way off. But it was so fantastically lovely.

Also, we try to keep to the tradition of the random products your supposed to give each year. So year 1 was paper and Mike got me beautiful paper roses. This year was cotton, which was great because one - we love cotton. and two - we were on a budget with gift giving so it was pretty easy.

But my ever creative husband cut up a T-shirt, designed a card and printed it on iron-on paper. Then sewed the cut-up T-shirt around pieces of cardboard (yes, with the sewing machine) then ironed on the printed card. It was the absolute cutest thing I've ever gotten in my life. Thank you loves :)

And me, being the uncreative consumer that I am, went to American Apparel and got him a sweatshirt and some T-shirts....but at least he like them :)

Happy Love-iversary my Loves <3

Wednesday, February 06, 2008

my commute.

So this post is in follow-up to my one below regarding the Jeep purchase, and how it is a life saver. Now seriously, I've been working in Park City for almost 8 years and 7 of those I have commuted from Salt Lake. Never in all those years have I experienced such an intense winter. (I don't want to say bad, because I work at a ski resort so this is considered one of the best)

But...I just wanted everyone to have a little taste of what I have had the pleasure of driving through more days then not for the past month.

This is a little photo I snapped out the windshield of the Jeep while driving to work this morning.
Here's keep in mind that this is a freeway. Specifically I-80 through Parley's Canyon. Three lanes, both ways. Speed limit 65 mph. And this specific picture is while climbing the Summit of Parleys Canyon.
This picture is by far my favorite. At this point it had reached stop and go (which I rarely encounter in Parley's) but this Incident Management truck would cruise up the road, well the right shoulder, and anything that was stuck he would pull up behind and begin pushing. Yep, pushing. He would slowly pull up right behind until his front bumper was touching their back bumper, then he'd begin peeling out until the car/truck got it's traction and was out on the road again. It was nuts. I watched him do this to about 5 or 6 cars and trucks. It was pretty amazing I must say. Watching this action was worth the hour long commute this morning.

Tuesday, February 05, 2008

the big day.

Just a's the day for almost everyone I know to vote. If you're in Utah, you can find your polling location by visiting

I'm leaving now to head to the polls. They're open until 8pm!!

Friday, February 01, 2008

We're back

As everyone already knows, we're now back in Salt Lake City. The story goes:

We never sold our house in Salt Lake by Liberty Park, but when we moved to California we rented it out to some graduate student's at the U. When we decided we were moving back, we decided to be nice landlords and not kick out our nice tenants. So we are currently renting a 1-bedroom apartment a few blocks away from our house until their lease is up in August. We are, of course, giving them the option of breaking their lease early, if they so desire, without a penalty.

I must say, I like these little detours on the road of life. It really makes me appreciate what I have, and all the oppurtunities available to us. I feel very fortunate that Mike and I are able to move on whim, and I appreciate knowing that no matter what decision we make, we can always make another. And all this moving has given me a new found appreciation for Utah and Salt Lake City, having close friends close by, having a house that one day we can live in, and a greater appreciation for my relationship with my husband. and his patience :)

Life Saver

So, I have worked in Park City for about 10 years now. And for most of those years I've had a 2-wheel drive car. It never really was an issue. There were maybe 2 days a year I would stay home because the roads were so bad, but for the most part I haven't had issues.

Cut to this year. Seriously. It has snowed every single day this week so far. And not just a little snow, it's been 'close the canyon' snow. Every day this week, either during the morning commute, afternoon commute, or both, there have been restrictions on I-80 Parley's Canyon. It's crazy. (and the resort has gotten over 4-feet in 4 days, making for some great powder days)

So the reason for this post is...When we moved back from California we had only one car. (Every time we move we find it more lucrative to sell the beater car and buy another beater when we get to the new location as opposed to paying more then the value of the car to move it) So a guy I work with at the Canyons had this old Jeep Cherokee he was trying to sell. So we bought it thinking 'Oh, this will be a great car in case Mike needs to run an errand in the city.'

Well, I've been driving this beauty to work every day this week, in 4-wheel drive no less. And this morning I definitely wouldn't have made it to work without it. Every mile there was another car that had spun-out, or run into the snowbank on the side of the free-way, or possibly hit another car. There was a semi that was stuck in the Brake Check area at the summit. But I just plowed along in my cheap old 4-wheel drive feeling more safe then I probably ever have on that road.

So, I'm really glad that we went with the Jeep purchase this time.

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