Tuesday, May 27, 2008


today is my husbands 31st birthday...so in true blogger fashion, here are 31 things i love about him.  definitely in no particular order  :)

i love his smile.  even though he doesn't really smile in public often
i love the cute face he makes when trying on clothes...
i love his patience.  he's married to a crazy person, and he handles it amazingly well.
i love how much he loves his dog griffin
i love his enthusiasm for everything
i love his love for style
i love that he loves to learn, and he loves to tell me all the cool stuff he learns
i love that he includes me in all aspects of his life, even if he thinks i don't care...
i love that he is pretty much the most handsome man i've ever seen...
i love to wake up and see his face still asleep
i love his geekiness
i love his extensive use of <3>
i love that he plays devils advocate to me all the time...it's nice to come against resistance
i love that he will sing at the top of his lungs with me in the car, and we most likely don't know the words
i love his endless ideas
i love that he will stand in the rain to get a wireless signal and sit online if there's even a chance i might be there
i love that he goes along with my random whims, and supports me in my craziness
i love the amount of sacrifice he's willing to give for his little family
i love how much he wants a family
i love that he's so much more of a handyman then i ever thought he was
i love that before i went on my first mountain bike ride alone, he made me learn how to change a flat bike tire
i love that he always notices when i get my hair done or get new clothes
i love that he lets me be a complete goofball, and almost always joins in the fun
i love that we can continually talk about how our kids will think we're the most annoying people ever
i love that he trusts me. with everything. especially vacation planning...my other love
i really love going on road trips with him.  there's not many people i can say that about, but he really is an awesome car companion
i love that he's my big strong man, and lets me be his completely non-muscular wife
i love how he has taught me to communicate feelings and be honest...that's a biggie
i love the amount of effort he will put into setting up electronics to enhance our communication...whether it's a camera, or a chat device, or some new internet thing...he really likes to talk to me and i love it
i love how much he loves me. never in my life did i imagine someone could love me as much as he does...even when i make dinosaur noises while getting out of the shower....
and i love how much i love him.  he's the best ever in the whole world and i couldn't imagine life without him.

[can you tell i miss him] 

Saturday, May 17, 2008

Eating in the Jungle...by mike

Its rough. Not quite like Rambo eating bugs, but really close as you can see

Thursday, May 15, 2008

my dog...my very bad dog...

This story is not for the weak of heart of faint of stomach....sorry, but i have to tell this story...

Today was a day i really wish my husband was not out of town...some things are just better dealt with by big strong men.

so. i came home from work early today because i only had 1 day off this week. I'm standing in the back bedroom with my sister amy while she folds her clothes and i let my dog griffin out the back door. after about 10 minutes i called for him to come in, then through the window i saw him running towards the front door (normal occurrence). so i walk up to the front of the apartment and open our front door, and see griffin in the front yard. as i'm opening the other glass door i see him darting for something in road. I get out onto the porch and see that there is a chicken walking in the middle of the road.  yeah, seriously. a chicken. a dark brown one to be exact. I'm not sure where the chicken came from or how it got there...but it was there. clucking along leisurely down the road. 
okay, back to the story. griffin darts out into the middle of the road and grabs the chicken in his mouth. i stood there thinking 'really? is this happening?  it's a thursday afternoon? this is cannot really be happening...'  i have no idea what to do so i stand there silently as he starts shaking the chicken in his mouth like it was a some homemade tube sock toy. after 1.2 seconds i freaked out and ran inside screaming "AMY COME NOW!! MY DOGS EATING A CHICKEN IN THE MIDDLE OF THE ROAD AND I HAVE NO IDEA WHAT TO DO".  she i and both ran back outside. i was so nervous because i really had no idea what to do... or how to react to the whole situation.  when we got onto the front porch i didn't see griffin anywhere. i was too nervous to look around for him because i didn't think i could handle seeing the poor chicken. then some random construction worker (again a random sighting on the street) was walking down the road saying "man, did you see that dog get that chicken". I fessed up that it was my dog and asked if he knew where he went. He pointed to the house next door and said he had run behind the car in the driveway. We slowly walked over to the neighbors while i called for griffin. before we got to the other side of the car griffin came galloping out happy as can be. seriously, he looked like he just graduated from college.
I was too afraid to ever look behind the car for the poor lost soul....is that bad of me? I just don't think my stomach could handle seeing the annihilation.... 

what do i do?

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

More from Mike

Mike randomly will send me photos throughout the day with little one liners attached.  I'm not sure if he wants me to post these, or if he's just rubbing salt in the wound of jealousy....either way, here they are.

"It's rough learning in Costa Rica"

"Class was long. Time to chill"

So in order to avoid a complete collapse over having continual conversations with someone in a paradise type situation while I spend my days in a windowless office pushing paper (or emails these days)....I spend hours researching where I want to go in Costa Rica when I head down there the beginning of June.

So if anyone has any ideas of things they've done, or places they've visited, I'm open to suggestions....I think mostly I'm excited to reunite with the ocean, so my recent google searches have been beginner surf spots.  Though the hammock relaxation above looks pretty good as well... 

Saturday, May 10, 2008

Update from Mike

Here's the update I received from Mike this morning.

"This is the ant maze we made for the ants in our bathroom at the first hotel."


I'm glad it is turning out to be an educational experience. :)

Wednesday, May 07, 2008

he made it...

In case anyone was wondering...Mike has made it to Costa Rica.  He seems to be enjoying it.  A lot.  I talked to him today and he was talking about how awesome it was, and how cool all the people are that he's traveling with.  Then he said they went to the ocean and played in the surf for a while, then came back to the hotel and played around in the pool.

Then they were heading out to dinner at a restaurant in an abandoned airplane?  not really sure.

The conversation went something like this:
Mike "yada yada...awesome..yada...ocean....swimming...awesome....love it....etc"
Lizzie "wow, i'm glad you're having such a great time"
Mike "yeah, i love it.  yada yada....body surfing....yada yada...pool...."
Lizzie "so...are you guys every going to do educational stuff? or is it just hang out?"
Mike "not sure, i think we're going to a national park tomorrow or something, but after we're going surfing.  it's going to be so fun"

Lizzie thinking to herself....why didn't i go on this study abroad?

But I am very happy he's having fun.  I am just jealous that it's raining here, and he's talking about surfing.  Soon enough though,  I will be joining him.  Hopefully the time goes quickly for both of us, though I have a feeling it will go quickly for just him.  :)

Saturday, May 03, 2008

Still Snowing Here...

So the other morning I went to get in my car to go to work, and there was snow on it.  Yep, snowing in May.  It was terribly exciting  :/   Not so much, really.  I then got to drive through the mountains, which felt pretty much like it was the middle of January again. 
The rumor is it will actually warm up this week...but it was warm last week, then the next day we wake up to snow.  So I guess I won't believe it until it hits the 90's consistently here.

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