Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Babies Babies Everywhere...

This past weekend i had the pleasure of helping out at a Trade Show with my Cousin/Friend Lisa and Friend Kortney. It was so fun to have a weekend that was just girls. We got to spend nights talking girl talk, and didn't have to worry that our significant others were properly entertained. :)

My cousin, Lisa, and her sister Allison, have a baby sling company that they started about a year ago I think. They have the cutest slings, if anyone needs an idea for a baby gift check out their website, They are the best ever. And by the end of the weekend, I was a pro on how they work.
But seriously, there were babies babies everywhere. Well, of course there were, it was a baby expo. But babies, pregnant was a never ending sea of women and babies.

I must say, it was quite enjoyable. To be able to hold peoples babies and comment on how cute they are, without everyone around you asking when you're going to have one. :)

But thanks Lisa!! I had a great time!

Any time you need another helper, let me know :)

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Our Silly Dog...

Here is a cute photo mike sent me today of our dog. He loves to go outside and roll in the grass, literally. (Don't mind that gigantic dead spot made by, of course, our dog) The oddest part is, he's allergic to grass, so i can't imagine it's comfortable for him. But he loves it, does it all the time....weirdo.

We're excited we finally got a date to move back into our house, August 1st! We're very excited!! It will be bittersweet, I did kinda like the apartment...but I am excited for Griffin to have his dog door back again. We didn't realize what a blessing it was until it was taken away.

There are plenty of other reasons we're excited too...our own washer and dryer, making little improvements, actually unpacking all our stuff instead of knowing we're in temporary housing and only taking out the minimum, having a dishwasher, having air conditioning, having a driveway to park in, having a yard that is ours to plant as we wish.... oh, i could go on and on.

Saturday, June 07, 2008

Heading Home....

The depressing day has come to leave the little paradise we found....sad.

We hopped on the bus back to San Jose....I became addicted to the book Twilight while here, that I couldn't not read it on the bus.  This caused a little motion sickness to form inside my stomach.  So I would stop reading for 10 minutes and stick my head out the window, the right back to the book.  I thought it was going to be fine....but then it started to downpour at the same time we were on a stop and go, windy road.  Then it got bad, so I closed my eyes and just tried to breathe the fresh rain air to help soothe the symptoms.  It would've worked out better if the fresh rain air wasn't riddled with diesel the end I managed to push through and make it to the bus station.

Oh yeah...and the bus station...we were almost had.   Everything you read says "don't trust the pushy cabbies"....but Mike and I got off the bus, it was pouring rain, our rain coats were in the bags, we had to wait to get our bags from under the bus, people are going everywhere, did i mention it was pouring?  So this one guy keeps asking us where we're going and I finally say "the marriott" and he says "okay, you come with me. i take you" and I say "well how much is it going to cost" and he says "thirty dollars" and I say "i only have $20" and he says "$25" and I say "seriously, I only have $20" and he says "okay, i take you for $20" and I say "okay". 

Now mind you, during this whole conversation mike and i are trying to pull raincoats out of backpacks without drenching everything we own and helping each other while everyone's running around and this guy is like a kid selling chiclets, relentless.  

So, we say "okay" and i go to get in the cab we're standing right next to, and he says no, this way and starts leading us across the parking lot...we get halfway and i realize he is wanting us to leave the whole bus terminal and cross the street with him and maybe walk a few blocks, have some dinner, i'm not sure.  All the while, there are about 45 taxis lined up in this bus terminal.  

So I tell mike i need to go to the bathroom so we can discard of the leech....and he says 'okay, i pull the car up for you'.  We get into the terminal by the bathrooms and i confess that i just pretended so we could get away.  Once i took a breath i realized this was what everyone talks about.  Don't trust the pushy cabbie. 

Mike at this point just wants to get to our completely comfortable and americanized hotel to take a normal shower and sleep in a normal king size bed with 500-thread count sheets.  who can blame him.  We go back outside to the line of cabs to just get in a taxi and try and avoid the chiclet seller....low and behold, he is like a leech and spots us trying to get away.  Mike starts talking to him and he again starts leading us out of the parking lot....finally I stopped.  I just stopped walking, told mike "no way, I don't care, I'm not going with him" and i turned around and saw a smiling cab driver in his nice dry car and i asked with hands if he was available and he implied he was so i got in.  i had him drive over to where mike was and pick him up and then we were was so wonderful to be out of that situation.

but the point of the story is....don't trust the pushy cabbie.  Because we thought we talked him down to $20, when really it only cost us $8. 

But this is our beautiful standard american comfortable room for our last night.  I think Mike thought he had died and gone to heaven.  Who knew a little Marriott could have that affect :)  but after 5 weeks of traveling through rain and humidity and insects and rain....I think he really enjoyed the high pressure, super hot shower and 500-thread count, insect free sheets.

Then he enjoyed the whole next day of airports and airplanes with his iPhone.

Friday, June 06, 2008

the last of the photos....

We found a little place called Bread and Chocolate.  It was divine.  Totally american (I assume the owner is a surf bum turned baker) but totally fantastic.  

We had delicious breakfasts everyday...and all they're baked goods were all made onsite.  Every morning i would read the desserts board and wonder if they would look down on me for ordering Chocolate Truffles for breakfast.   Anyone who knows me knows I'm a huge sucker for desserts.  Sad part is...I never did.  So now Mike and I must go back so I can try all their menu items :)

We have to leave tomorrow.  We're not happy about it.  Quite depressed actually.

And these pictures are totally random....just thought they were funny.

And here's a little proof that we were in the antithesis of commericalized Costa Rica.  This is a picture of our street.  Not paved...wild chickens and dogs running everywhere.  More bikes then cars....oh and 4-wheelers are perfectly legal on the roads.  There were a few running around the town while we were there...

The Zip Line....

Mike and I headed down to the only Canopy Tour (zip line) on the Caribe Sur (southern Carribean).  It was loads of fun.
I thought I wasn't going to be able to do it at first...climbing up tons of super steep stairs....holding on the cables for support, the whole thing was a little too much I thought.  But once I was strapped on and made it over one, I was much better.  Mike kept telling me I had to look down and one point so I would know what I was I did, eventually.
We were able to see some Howler Monkey's...distantly, through trees.  But apparently most people only see them in the morning, other times they are too hidden to be seen.  I didn't get the whole scoop on the monkeys, being that both Mike and I don't speak spanish, it was hard to get more then the very basics...

It was great though, and after they gave us a huge plate of fresh fruit, and a fresh guava smoothie.  Delish!

Thursday, June 05, 2008

and some more pictures....

So of course we went back to the splendid beach in Punta Uva again....why wouldn't we?

On our way back, Mike almost died.  He had found his heaven....a skate park in heaven.  Seriously?  Unfortunatley it was closed, and he didn't bring his skateboard.  Who would've thought to bring a skateboard when you're going on a beach vacation in a tropical rain forest country....but alas, when we return I'm sure he will be ready...

And I just thought this was a cute picture of mike trying to steal water bottles.  

Wednesday, June 04, 2008


So if we thought we had found the most beautiful place yesterday, we were wrong.

We rode our little rental bikes farther down the road today and found heaven in a little place called Punta Uva.  It was random how we came accross it.  Mike wanted to turn down this road, and I was against it thinking it would just lead us to some hotel with no beach access.  Boy, was I wrong.

We got to the beach, and my jaw dropped.  This perfectly secluded cove....turquoise water, sandy beach, totally secluded.  The water was almost still, so you could just frolick and play like you were in a swimming pool.  But a beautiful, salty, sandy, heavenly swimming pool.  I couldn't even believe it.  I was afraid to leave for fear it wouldn't be there tomorrow.

And of course some fun shots of us with our bikes....riding around like little dorkys.  It was fun though, and much more efficient then walking.  

Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Costa Rica...Day 3

After dinner and a good nights rest...we rented some bikes ($3/day) and decided to explore the area.  

After only a brief peddle down the extremely pot-holed and half paved road...we ran into heaven.   This super extremely beautiful beach with white sands and pretty empty.  There were about 10 surfers farther up a bit, and maybe 5 people down the other way.  So a pretty large area with max 20 was awesome.

The waves were pretty big...well for me.  So that means about 3 feet :)  but fun to play in.  There were warning signs everywhere about crazy deadly rip tides all over this Mike and I made sure we were briefed on what to do if you're caught in one...but honestly, we were never far enough out for it to major.  But that's probably what they all say

We did try to take another pretty self timer picture of us with the bikes....but I wasn't paying attention.  But could you blame me?  It's too beautiful here...

Monday, June 02, 2008

Costa Rica...Day 2

Day 2 Mike and I hopped a bus to the Carribean side of Costa Rica...we had heard a lot of mixed reviews about this place, but my brother said it was i figured it couldn't be too terrible.
I had read the whole chapter of the guide book on Puerto Viejo, a small town on the Carribean coast about 20km from the Panama border.  I didn't make reservations anywhere, because I wasn't really sure what it would be like, how long we'd stay, etc.  So I have to admit, when we got off the bus...I was quite nervous.  Luckily, the town consisted of about 7 blocks total (so 2 streets east/west, and 3 streets north/south.  Tiny.)  So I saw a sign for Cabinas Guarana and the name was familiar, I had read about it in the guide book.  So we decided to check it out.  It turned out to be $30/night for our own room with a porch, hammock and hot shower.  So we booked it for two nights.

I had told Mike on the bus that all I really wanted was a hammock to read in when it's starts pouring down rain....
My brother would be disappointed in our complete lack of securing the best deal, but we weren't really in the mood to be that adventurous.  Sorry Craig.

We set off to explore the town...and just down the tiny dirt road from our Cabina...there was a real life wild chicken fight on the corner.  Mike immediately pulled out the camera to take photos.  
Too bad that they ceased fighting just after the camera was out or we would've gotten a little video.

And notice the house to the right...yep, not the tourist town.

We walked the 2 blocks to the beach...tons happening.  People selling little trinkets, open air restaurants lined the streets.

We thought it was a bit random that this kid was sitting in the water with his we incorporated that into our photo without being overly suspicious.

The token shot of us on the beach with the self timer.....true tourists that we are.  :)

Another great shot of the coast of the town.  Local fisherman out trolling for a catch.

The town is more cajun/carribean then costa it was fun.  Like being in Central America Jamaica-man.  Everythings rasta, bob marley, and super laid back and slllooowww.  Just my style of vacation.

Sunday, June 01, 2008

Costa Rica...

lame. I just typed this whole post, and then it was lost but the error message was in espangol so i couldn´t read a word of it.

so here´s round two.

I landed in Costa Rica last night, and was happily greeted by my lovely husband at the airport. We made it back to the hotel for a little rest up, then off to dinner with the group. It was their farewell dinner, and they let me tag along which was great. I had a wonderful time, there are some really cool people in his group here....

We were tempted a few of the 27 discoteques we passed after dinner, but Mike wasn´t feeling well so we headed back to the hotel.

This morning we are venturing to find the magic bustop with the Carribean bound busses. Wish us luck. We really have no set plans as of this we´re hoping it works out in our favor :)

I will post again when we have internet. but i´m not promising anything. And sorry there´s no photos. We didn´t bring a computer, and this computer is so old i´m afraid if i plugged my camera into it it would explode.

happy sunday.

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