Wednesday, July 30, 2008

The Big Weekend

So this weekend is the big weekend!! We get to move back into our house! What could be more exciting...well maybe a few things, but this is pretty fantastic!

Our tenants (that had been renting for the past 12 months) vacated the property on Monday night. So last night Mike and I headed over to peruse the damage. Honestly, I was a little nervous when I went to walk into the house and almost couldn't make it onto the porch because the front weeds and plants were SO overgrown. But when I got inside I felt much better. It wasn't bad.

I know I personally have left rentals in worse condition then this one, so maybe it's rental karma making it's way around...who knows. But the floors were nice, and the place was relatively clean. I'm not saying the windowsills and floorboards didn't need a good wiping...but overall it wasn't a disaster.

So the night was spent in typical american fashion. I, the woman, was inside cleaning out the fridge, wiping windowsill and floorboards, vacuuming, etc. While Mike, the man, was outside trimming trees, cutting back weeds and doing other such manly things.

At the end of the night I felt really good and was really excited to start moving things in. Tonight I'll bring over carloads of random things, then the big moving truck comes on Thursday morning. So Thursday night (hopefully) we should be comfortably tucked away in our old new home . :)

Sunday, July 20, 2008

Just another Manic Sunday

Today, Mike and I were laying on the couch.  Just enjoying a regular Sunday afternoon watching the Fox movie of the week, X-Men.  When suddenly Mike says (during commercial break) "lets go shoot guns". 

Now, this could seem a bit odd to the common outsider... but 'shooting guns' is one of Mike's favorite Sunday activities.  He usually goes with his guy friends early in the morning, so it was a little odd that he was saying this at 4pm and to me... but not shocking by any means.
So being the supportive wife that I am, I say sure.  So we load the family in the car (the family consists of Mike, myself, and our dog griffin) and we head out towards Dugway.  Ahhh, beautiful Dugway.  Hmm, That doesn't really ring the way I thought it would.   

So after our 1 hour drive through western Utah, we arrive at our destination.  The middle of no-where.  Probably the safest place for me to be holding a loaded weapon, honestly.  Then mike pulls out the 'targets' he's brought from home.  And I notice he's holding my latest Us Weekly magazine.  (yes, I'm a subscriber).   He then put target stickers on everything, pretty cool stickers I might add.  They're black, but turn florescent green when you hit them, so you can tell if your aim is horrible or decent.  

We head to the other hill and Mike teaches me how to load the gun.  (.22 rifle, his grandfathers)  I'm totally shaking at this point.  I don't know why, but guns give me the willies.  I'm afraid something crazy will happen, something you'd see in a movie.  Like, you just randomly drop a bullet the just happens to be the perfect temperature and land at the perfect angle on the perfectly placed rock and everything explodes.   I know... my husband reassures me often that these things don't happen in real life.  

So the guns all loaded, and he hands it to me and shows me how to aim.  I'm almost crying thinking... I'm going to pull the trigger, the gun will backfire and I'll shoot my eye out.  Seriously, I was thinking this....  But I pulled together all my strength, lined up the little thing in the other thing and shot.  And missed.  BUT, I didn't die, nothing exploded and my husband was proud.  Then I thought "okay, i can do this".  So I did it again and again, until finally after a few rounds, I was feeling pretty comfortable, loading the gun, cocking it, and firing away.

I was pretty excited when we headed over the check out the targets and I saw Madonna all shot up.  Not that I don't like Madonna...but just that I could actually hit something.  I know being from Alaska I should have the innate ability to shoot things... but it definitely is not easy for me.  I did tell Mike that I wasn't going to give up because I had to learn to be as tough as my sisters... who are much better Alaskan's than I am.

Saturday, July 19, 2008

Good Horrible Movie...

So for those of you that know me well...know I love bad movies. And at times, I even enjoy horrible movies. I am lucky enough to have married a man that enjoys bad movies, and will humor me and sit through horrible ones as well. Well, there's been a lacking of new DVD's out there for us to we reached a bit lower this week for our movie pick.

Last night we had the pleasure of watching a real crowd pleaser, Step Up 2: The Streets. The name alone speaks novels about the movie. It was awesome. For a horrible movie, it was awesome. About half way through the movie, there was, of course, the two main characters having their first 'moment' together, and I said "ohhh, cuuuute" and glanced over at my husband for a response. He looked at me and said "this is the worst movie i've ever seen". I'll admit, it was pretty cheezy. And you could pretty much predict everything that happened, seriously...everything. But, he didn't leave, he stayed and watched the whole thing with me. Even made popcorn :)

But seriously, the last 15 minutes I could watch 100 times. Then again, my favorite tv show is So You Think You Can Dance. Maybe I just like all things dance, who knows.

Monday, July 14, 2008

He Did It!!

It's Official!! He's getting married!  My big brother Craig has decided he's finally found the right girl and he's proposed!  And even better....she accepted :)

We're very excited to have a Brit join the family!!   Good Luck Craig and Amy...

Monday, July 07, 2008

Alaskan Fishing at It's Best

Here's a nice video clip Ina took while out on my brother Craigs Alaskan fishing vessel.  Enjoy!

It's a little be weary.

Thursday, July 03, 2008


(Sorry for the Crazy layout...I've messed it up beyond repair)

This last weekend, Mike and I drove up to Eastern Idaho to visit my sister Beki and her family, The Birds. She has 3 kids, 4,2,1. It is an adventure every time we go. This time was no different. Well a little different. The Just moved there a few months this visit they had a lawn and a trampoline. With 3 young kids those are 2 HUGE we had fun to say the least.

We played RockBand, Guitar Hero, Star Wars, jumped on the trampline, had brownie sundaes, played with the kiddies...the fun was endless.

We did drive out to Jackson, WY one day to see the sites, visit the tourist town, etc. While we were there, Gunnar (4) decided to become the family all the pictures below are from his view of the world. A lot of them turned out really nice, but keep in mind there were 244 photos of the camera, and I think I uploaded 20.

But I also have to say, my husband was phenomenal with the kids. He jumped on the trampoline with Gunnar for a total of about 6 hours. He would hold any kid I passed him, he would comfort them, talk to them, etc. He even held Livvy's (2) hand as we 1-2-3 jumped her all the way down the long road in Jackson to the park. I told Beki we were available to come up and stay with the kids if her and Shane ever wanted to skip town. I think she thought i was kidding...but i was really serious.

It was so much fun, It was with mixed emotions that we left. We loved being there...but we were completely drained. I hope that when we have kids they come one at a time to gear us up for the terrific pandemonium.

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