Sunday, August 31, 2008

Bon Voyage

i'm off on my much anticipated vacation to the french riviera.  can't even wait!  i'm hoping to blog while i'm stay posted. 

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

The Kitchen No-Do

Sorry, no pictures for this post. Mostly because if i posted pictures they would look exactly the same as the photos below. That means...we haven't done anything.

I know, most people probably couldn't live in complete disarray so comfortably for such a long amount of time, but I guess Mike and I are pretty special people. We don't seem to mind too much.

I'm heading out on my maaaauvelous vacation on Sunday, so I'll have much more entertaining blogposts during that 2 week period. Then when I return hopefully we can dig up some motivation to complete the kitchen. Or maybe, just maybe, mike will get so bored while i'm gone he'll tear out a wall. But he just started school again, so I'm going to assume no. But a girl can dream, can't she?

Sunday, August 10, 2008

The Kitchen Redo

So I probably should have documented this a bit better with photos...but the only before photos we seemed to have taken were of the cabinets so we could try to sell them on craigslist.  

So these cabinets are above the sink.  Originally this was going to be the only piece that went...but we got a little excited.

And we tore out these ones above the stove too.  
Then we moved the refrigerator over by the stove...
and now we have this jumbled corner of disarray.  Doesn't it look inviting?  I know, you are all jealous that your house doesn't look like this...aren't you?  :)  okay.  i know it's awful.  But this is the wall we want to tear out, and make this into a peninsula with a sink. 
And isn't it amazing, the lovelyness that we were greeted with behind the cabinets.  It's about 85 years of wallpaper stuck together with about 12 coats of paint.  as i was tearing it off i kept thinking 'is this how people get lead poisoning?'.  It probably is....
It's even more beautiful close up.  It's 2 layers of wall paper, i think.  Now, i think that in the olden days (our house was built in 1908) they just put brown paper up on the wall and stenciled on it with colored pencils.  If you look closely, you can see the beautiful flower basket...that pattern is underneath the lines and blocks patterns.  If only we could have salvaged it...our whole kitchen could have been this beautiful.

Oh, and while mike was in the demolition mood.  I had him tear out this pantry that was in our mudroom.  I had a dream of turning it into a breakfast nook or laundry area.

He tore it out....but we realized we should finish one project before starting another.  and we also realized that now we have no cabinets or we have absolutely no where to put anything.  I'm not kidding....we really should've stopped and thought about this before we went all gung-hoe.  but at least we got it started, as opposed to spending another year talking about it and not doing anything.

So this is our $50 Ikea holdover until we can agree on cabinets.  I actually like maybe we'll keep the shelves up in the new kitchen :)  (but all our food is in a kids room bookshelf. gotta love ikea)

Saturday, August 09, 2008

Camping in the Uintas

Recently we went camping up in the Uintas.  Mike's brother Doug flew out from California, so we took him to see some of Utah's goodness.  We have this 'super secret spot' that we usually go to...and it's treacherous to get there.  You have to drive 2 mph on this crazy road (actually, it's probably not a road, more of a 4-wheeler trail) for about 45 minutes.  But then you find this little slice of heaven.
But this time, when we got there our 'super secret spot' was not so super secret anymore.  There were already 2 other groups we opted to go across the meadow to another place.  Not quite as perfect as the first place...but pretty perfect.

We also brought our lovely dog griffin.  He had so much fun all day running around in the huge meadow...but griffin is not so lovely when it comes to sleep time.  At home he's wonderful, of course, but trying to get him to sleep in a tent....he just sits there with a low growl for about 30 minutes until Mike finally gets fed up and lets him out.  Then he runs around the camp for about 15 minutes until he wants to come sleep again and starts scratching the tent.  So mike lets him back in...then he growls, he goes out, he scratches, comes back in.  I think you are beginning to sense this cycle.  It lasts all night long  Luckily...I volunteer to not sleep by the door, so I pretty much sleep through all of these fun games.  Until...griffin starts scratching the tent by my face.  I nearly died of a heart attack....the middle of the night in the middle of no where and this weird thing is continually hitting you in the face from outside the tent.  It was awesome.
All in all though, it was a great time.  One of my favorite things about camping seems to be the food.  Our friends are working on mastering their dutch oven was phenomenal.  Probably not very healthy, but we're camping, right?   Then breakfast....almost better.  Left over dutch oven deliciousness, with some eggs, bacon, tortillas and a touch of salsa.   It's too bad we can't have the 'camping' mentality all the time while eating.  On the way home I asked Mike if we could trade in all our cookware for cast iron.  He wasn't too keen on the idea.  too bad.

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