Tuesday, December 23, 2008

99 Days to Go!!

Not exciting to everyone, but we only have 99 days to go before lil' Mike joins the world!!   In internet land, dropping to double digits is kind of a big deal.  So I thought I'd share it with everyone.

In celebration we ordered our crib today....oooh...it's becoming more real.  Are we ready?  I don't really know but I guess we'll figure it out, right?

Christmas Fun

When we were young kids, our grandma used to come up and visit us.  And during the holidays she would make gingerbread houses for us to decorate.  So at Costco the other day, they have the fancy shmancy kits that make it much easier to make gingerbread houses.  None of this baking and cutting, just frosting and candy...it's amazing.  So I bought one thinking it would be a great tradition to start with Mike.  
When I walked in the door from Costco I was so excited about the Gingerbread house kit, but to my dismay my husband didn't share the same excitement.  So, I let it sit out on the counter hoping the idea would grow on him.  So the other day he finally gave in to his deeply hidden childish desires and said 'Should we make the gingerbread house?'.  I was so excited I dropped everything and ran over to clear the table off and get going.

So building away we went.  And it was quite fun...we decorated all the pieces carefully, at first.  But the time we got to the trees it was a little less decorative and more just a mass of frosting and candy.

Mike and I started eating the candy while we were making it...so some of the good candy didn't make it onto the house.  But I still think the house turned out pretty well.

Monday, December 22, 2008

More weekly pics

Week 24
Week 25
So, the belly is really starting to round out now.  I'm feeling a little more like a beluga every day...and the other day at work I had my first 'belly in the way' experience.  I was trying to bend down to fix a printer, and I could quite get down there to fix it.  My stomach was in the way.  So I was trying to twist and bend in this weird configuration to get my arms behind the printer.  The guy that was there watching must have thought I was completely losing it... 
And the baby is kicking more and more...  This morning Mike turned some music on on his iPhone and put it on my stomach.  Then lil' mike started doing a little jig...Big Mike is getting a little less creeped out now when he feels the baby move, which is good.  

Friday, December 05, 2008

Oh Christmas Tree....

Mike and I have been having a little debate over the last few weeks about whether we should get a real tree or a fake tree.  I really like the real trees for some reason...I'm not sure exactly why, maybe the sap, or the needles falling everywhere, or trying to center it in the tree stand, or trying to remember to water it.  Not sure, so many things to love.  But Mike's a big fan of fake tree's, that's what he had all growing up.
So after a few weeks of this debate I started thinking about it as an investment.  How we could spend a little more now, but not spend it in the future, etc. etc.  I know, I'm a little too analytical.  But the other day a lowe's add came in the mail, and skimming through I noticed a nice fake tree on sale from $250 to $150.  It was prelit (taking lights off in an orderly manner is not a strong suit of mine) and it looked pretty realistic.  
So today Mike and I went down to lowe's to check it out.  I couldn't find the one on sale, but there were some others that were nice, but they were more around $300 to $400.  So we asked the 'guy' where the tree in the add was and he kindly walked us over to that tree.  Then he non-chalantly mentioned that all Christmas stuff was 1/2 off, so even our $100 off tree was half off...then I got really excited.  Wow, for the price of only 1.5 or 2 real trees, we get a somewhat realistic pre-lit fake tree.   (it really pays to begin decorating after the masses)
So here it is, all lit up and decorated in our front room....we even splurged for some ornaments, that were also 1/2 off.  So all in all our under $80 trip was a winner, I think at least.

My Cute Husband...

So I got home from work yesterday, and my husband seemed a bit giddy.  He said 'Close your eyes and stick out your hands'.  So I did.  When I opened them, I saw these.

He ordered cute Etnies crib skate shoes for our little baby.  Apparantley he was looking for the Nike SB Dunks online, but the cheapest pair was $100, so he settled for the Etnies.  Thank heavens.  I couldn't believe how adorable they were...and he was so excited, it was very cute.  Then I started to get a little nervous about how much money we could spend making sure our child was stylish....I just hope it doesn't get too out of hand :)

Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Our little computer nerd...

So in an effort to not make our blog all about babies...here's a little somethin' somethin' about our dog.

So those of you that know us, know that my husband loves computers.  Seriously, his heart beats with the internet.  I don't think he can go for more then 6 hours without some sort of technology.  He sleeps with his wife on one side, and his laptop on the other.  (At least I know where I stand)  
So the other day our friend Cari dropped off her computer for some updates before she headed off to Cali.  While the computer was updating, little griffin, the purebred mutt, went over and tried to be a little more like is dad.  He started dot comming :)

See, it's not impossible to teach old dogs new tricks.

More Belly Pics

21 weeks

23 weeks

So you can definitely tell the boy is poking out.  And he's a mover, mostly at the wee hours of the night too.  Which is quite convenient I must say.  I try to grab mike's hand while we're sleeping and put it on my stomach so he can enjoy the show at 3am, but it doesn't quite work out.
Also notice in the 23 week picture, I'm wearing my home-made maternity jeans.  Yes, that's right, I made my own maternity jeans.  As I was measuring, pinning, ironing and sewing, I was thinking of my aunt Judy.   During my fabulous time living with Judy, I was grounded for quite a few spells.  But Judy isn't a fan of lazy people, so she told me I had to work on something while I was grounded, and so she taught me to sew.  So, thanks again Judy!  You're life lessons saved me some money :)

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