Thursday, February 26, 2009

It's the Best Day of Our Lives...

Well, it's the best day second to our wedding day I guess :)

Strictly because of the above photo.  Now, for most of you you're looking at this thinking 'What? how could anyone look at that madness and be excited'.  Well, it's not the window that's about to be ripped out, or the exposed plaster that we're excited about.  No, it's all those outlets.  Seriously, we have had 2 outlets in our kitchen since we moved in.  And, those 2 outlets were on the same circuit as our oven, dishwasher, fridge, tv, computer, bedroom, dining room, etc.  So, anytime we turned on the microwave, and someone was watching TV or we had too many lights on, the whole house went dark.  Seriously.  We keep a mini-flashlight in the top drawer of the kitchen because it happened so often.
So today we had our new best friend, the electrician, come and spend 10 hours redoing it all.  We now have multiple blocks of outlets throughout the kitchen, and even spare wiring to put more outlets in the peninsula.  And even better, they're all on separate circuits!!  So now we can run our dishwasher, turn on the disposal AND run the microwave at the same time without entering darkness and resetting all the clocks.  WOW!
How could this not be the best day of our lives :)

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

35 & 35

So today marks another milestone in pregnancy. 35 & 35. Meaning, I am 35 weeks pregnant, and have 35 days left. Crazy isn't it? Seems like just yesterday I was peeing on a I'm a beluga with a crazy alien constantly kicking me....
And on that note, after seeing the pictures from the post below, do you think we can actually get the house back in order in 35 days? (Although, I did tell my doctor I won't be having this baby until April 8th. He asked why, I told him it's because he told me I wouldn't have it on my due date, so I picked another day. I think a week late for your first baby is pretty reasonable, right?)
*that's not me in the pic. fyi.

Saturday, February 21, 2009

The Current State of Things

This is a little preview for you of the current state of our house.  Well, our kitchen really.  But if you've been to our house you are aware it is extremely small, and it sort of revolves around the kitchen. seems like this is our house.

Mike spent the afternoon removing the tile from the kitchen.  Wait, I should remind you this is the second layer of tile in the kitchen.  It seems whomever 're-did' the kitchen last time just laid new tile on top of the old.  Well the old tile, which mike was removing today, was laid on top of some very very old concrete backer-board.  But, once Mike got in his rhythm there was no stopping him.
About halfway through the removal he wisened up and just brought the big garbage can into the kitchen.  This way he didn't have to make trips outside carrying heavy loads of broken tile in a feeble box from Costco.   (Griffin and I watched while enjoying the sun on the front porch.  I know, I have the best husband ever)  
After he removed the tile, and the backer-board he removed the dishwasher as well.  In removing the dishwasher he noticed a huge leak in our sink faucet and told me we can't use the sink anymore.  Well, I guess we're moving the plate cleaning operation into the bathroom.  Either that or I should run to the store and stock up on paper plates, cups and utensils.  Now that I think about, the disposable dining seems to be the way to go.
We have the electrician coming on Wednesday to pull new wiring for the kitchen (apparently it's not normal to have half the house, including all kitchen appliances, on one circuit).  We also have a team of Bismarckians coming down in 2 weekends to assist Mike in putting together all the cabinets (which are currently in boxes in the back room), replacing the window, painting, plumbing...and whatever else we have forgotten.  Oh yes, new tile.

In other news, we decided it wasn't fair to limit ourselves to just redoing the kitchen.  So we decided we should replace the carpet in the soon to be baby's room.

This adventure was definitely not as huge as the kitchen.  It was only a one-dayer.  But my husband continues to amaze me with his manly-ness.  He removed and replaced the carpet all by his lonesome.  Then immediately after he put together the baby furniture.  Okay, I did put together the crib.  I'm not completely useless.  

Then after getting everything together, he decided we should paint the baby room.  Apparently grey is to dull for a bouncing baby.  So that will be next weekend.

Friday, February 13, 2009

Love-iversary round 3

Thursday was Mike and I's 3rd Love-iversary. Can you believe it? 3 years we've been married....pretty amazing.

Well, I think I have been blessed with the best husband in the world. I was getting ready for work and Mike was begging to let him give me my gift. I couldn't figure out why he couldn't wait until later...but I eventually gave in.

He got me the cutest pair of grey suede boots!! I couldn't believe it! They are perfect! I would've picked them out for myself in a second. I was so excited. All day I was thinking how lucky I am to have a stylish husband.

Above is a picture of what I got him. Yep, that's right. Nothing. In my defense, I ordered his gift over 2 weeks prior to the love day...and it never came. I kept checking my email, and I realized it hadn't even shipped. In fact, it still hasn't even shipped. (Today Mike asked if I ordered it from, just michigan)

But we still had a splendid evening. We got dressed up, sort of. And went out to a romantic dinner at one of our fav spots in SLC, Faustina.

We forgot to bring a camera to take pictures, so we had to use the iPhone. In a dimly lit romantic is only as good as above.

But this restaurant, Faustina, has by far the best Olive Oil ever. We even took a picture. It's one of those restaurants where the Oil/Vinegar and Bread is so good that you really don't need to order long as they keep bringing you warm bread. mmm.

We were going to go see a movie afterwards, but lil' Mike (the in utero baby) kept kicking me throughout the dinner. I realized he kicks a lot when I lean forward, probably because I'm smashing him. But, then it's a catch 22. Because he protrudes so far out of my body, I can't scoot into a table, therefore having to lean into the table in order to eat my delicious butternut squash soup with candied pecans.
Needless to say, after dinner I was ready to just put on some pj's and watch a movie on the couch...and Mike enjoyed the fact that he could get some work done after I fell asleep 23 minutes after arriving home :)

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

A Few more California Pics

A few more pictures from a friends camera. We went to Pinkberry Frozen Yogurt, delish. Left to Right: Kortney, me, Cari, Lisa

My friends had me try a new fashion statement....poor lil' Mike. I hope I didn't smoosh him too much.

We went out to dinner at the delicious HT Grill in our friends little beach town. We ordered a slew of appetizers, so good!

And just a few tourist photos of The Belmonts. Me, Cari and Valecia

Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Califooornia (to the theme of The O.C.)

This weekend I had the pleasure of attending a girls weekend in California. Since everyone has moved to various places in the country, it was so good to catch up finally.

We went to breakfast, sat on the beach, went to dinner, saw the sights, but most of all, just caught up. It was so fun being able to casually chit chat with old friends. There's no uncomfortableness, you just know everything about everyone. And we realized there's never any judgment, because we all know each others secrets from our youth. And anything we do now days is never as bad as those days :)

I must say I was bit nervous going on a trip being 7 months pregnant. But my friends were more then accommodating. Letting me sleep in the best beds, buying me special treats, etc. It was so great...I was really really sad to leave. And if I didn't have a husband at home that I missed so much, I probably would've stayed. The fact that the weather was 80+ every day helped a lot as well....coming back to 30 degree inversion is pretty depressing.

Below are a few pics from our adventures. Just a few, seriously. I think I'll probably post some more too....there's just so many to choose from.

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