Sunday, March 22, 2009

Mikes Nesting Projects - Part Deux

So apparently since we have the kitchen all finished up and no baby yet...Mike felt the need to finish another desire he's had for years. Building a skateboarding ramp in our backyard. The old company he used to work for let him build one in their warehouse. So when they called a month ago and said they needed to get rid of it, you could call it fate.

He took it all apart and cut it all up, then on Friday he and a few friends borrowed a trailer and moved all the pieces to our house. He found some cinder blocks on Craigslist and the building began.

He got about halfway done getting the frame together yesterday with the help of a few friends...but with the storm coming in today i think the project is on hold until next weekend.

I must admit, it's a bit bigger then I was imagining, and I think a bit bigger then he was imagining as well. But at least now he can stay home to go skateboarding instead of, I'm fine giving up part of the backyard to keep my husband happy and close by :)

So anyone that skate's or wants to learn, feel free to come over in a few weeks. Maybe Mike will give free lessons...

Sunday, March 15, 2009

The New Kitchen!!!

After much work and tons more help, the kitchen is FINALLY complete!!! Well, almost complete. We still need to put the toe kicks on, but I'm trying to convince Mike he can do that without a $300 nail gun :) And our next money piece will be to get new appliances, but for now we're just happy to have appliances in general. We figured it would be better to wait until after we have the baby before completely draining the savings account...

We were so so so excited to make dinner tonight and sit at our counter on our new stools and enjoy dinner together. It was great to not be eating out for a change...who knew I would ever say that.
And we got everything put away in it's place, and still have a few 'places' that are needing things. But I'm sure in the next few days things will find their way into those places :)

Enjoy the pics! We're definitely enjoying the kitchen!!!

Saturday, March 14, 2009

So close....yet so far away

So the only major thing we had left to do in the kitchen was grout the tile. So last night Mike and I got all the supplies ready and grouted away. He laid, and I cleaned up. It was pretty uneventful until the end.

As we were approaching the final corner, Mike started saying 'wow, I hope we have enough'. And as we got closer to the corner he started to get more nervous. I was just hoping inside that the bucket would stretch far enough for just had to, right? Well I was wrong.

We have about 3/4 of a tile left that is in need of grout. Lame huh. Well, it gets a little worse. We went to the tile store this morning to return a box of tile and an extra bag of mortar and to pick up another bucket of grout for that teeny corner.
I waited in the car during this transaction and Mike comes walking out empty handed. He gets in the jeep and
me. - 'Oh, you forget to get the grout'
mike - 'no...they're out'
me - 'noooooo'
mike - 'yeah, and they won't have any more in for about a month'
me - 'noooooo'
me - 'noooooo'
me - 'seriously?'
mike - 'yes, and there are others waiting for it as well'
me - 'nooooo'

so. we will have an almost complete kitchen for quite a while longer then we originally anticipated :) but at least it will look complete to the naked eye.

We spent the rest of the morning at Ikea returning unused items and picking up some stools for our new beautiful counter. Today our mission is to put the handles on the drawers and cupboards and then tomorrow start moving everything back in.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

What a difference a kitchen makes...

WOW! So, we are forever and ever indebted to Toby and Goose. Without them...we would forever be living in remodel disaster. It is absolutely Ah Maze Ing how beautiful our kitchen is. And it's not even completely done yet. But still, I wake up in the morning and look at it...and I am in ahh at it's beauty and splendor. I know, I'm being a little dramatic. But seriously, without the ND crew, it would never be done this fast and this well. So thanks to Toby and Goose for doing all their least favorite things (like plumbing and tile) to help make our house a home :) And the only thing we had to do in return was name our baby Goobias.
But the major work is done. The tiles are laid, spacers still in place. All Mike and I have left to do is grout the tile floor and put the handles on the cabinets. A little evidence that the kitchen really would've never gotten finished had the ND boys and Mike's mom come's been 3 days since the tile was laid and we still haven't grouted it.
Mike's mom made these 'Saltsman Caulky Construction Crew' tshirts for everyone to wear. Mine was customized to say 'Under Construction' ... she obviously knew I wouldn't be much help with the beach ball attached to my abdomen.
It was funny to see who's shirt was the dirtiest after day one...yep, it was Toby. Not mike :) Though they were all working equally hard. Well, and Mike's mom's was full of paint. She seriously painted the whole house. (including Goobias' room. i'll have to post a pic later)
But now when you walk into our house, you can see, well first our appliances. Patiently waiting for us to grout so they can return to their lovely new home (until we buy new ones of course). But then you see the beautiful kitchen. All open and light, with clean lines. And an amazing amount of counter top space and cabinets.
I've spent a lot of time thinking about where to put things...that's not usually me. But I'm really trying to figure out how we're going to use all this space. We just don't have that much stuff. Hopefully we don't start collecting just to fill cabinets....
So anyway. Mike and I are so absolutely excited that this project is almost done. Right in time for the baby cooking in the belly to arrive. So, after this weekend I will officially be ready for the baby to come anytime. And just look at that sink! Perfect size for a baby bath :)

Saturday, March 07, 2009

Progress Update

Wow, what a difference a day makes!! I can't even believe the progress. I know in the photo it still probably looks like a disaster, and it is a bit...but now the room has some semblance of a kitchen. Mike's mom has been painting up a storm. I don't think she's stopped since she woke up this morning. The cabinets are in place...and the tiling is being discussed. It's just too bad that our entire house seems to be slanted. So it's creating a lot more thinking and work for the boys to try and figure out how to make the countertops level.
But we have the back section in....shelving, drawers and doors all attached. We just need to put the handles on.
So, after the leveling of the countertops is figured out it's just tiling and the sink. and then we're on our way to a kitchen of beauty and love. Oh, how exciting. Just standing in there now makes me feel so happy :) I love

Friday, March 06, 2009

They have arrived...

So last night the truck arrived carrying Toby, Goose and Mike's mom, Pat. They unloaded more tools then I have ever seen any one person own and began sizing up the job. They made a trip to home depot to get the supplies then settled in for the night.
While reviewing the kitchen Toby had a look of concern on his face as he walked and looked, walked and looked....Mike said 'It's pretty bad huh?'. Toby kindly replied 'Oh, I've seen worse.....not much worse, but worse'.

So this morning as Mike and I are sleeping (we don't usually get up until 7 or 7:30am) we start to hear some voices. Then a few more voices, then I notice the light coming in under our bedroom door. Mike finally gets up, I roll over to look at the clock. 6am. Wow. These guys are not kidding. I figure I'll sleep a bit longer because I'm not of much help anyways.....then about 15 minutes later I hear some hammering begin. Then a saw, and then another saw. So, I got up at 6:30 and got in the shower. By the time I was showered, dressed, fed and ready for work it was 7:10am. Usually I'm still groggy laying in bed at this time, and today I was sitting in a chair watching multiple people ripping out plaster, prying 2x4's from the was a sight. A blessed event actually.

So I go to work and come home around 5:30 to some MAJOR progress. I walk in, we have a new window and the plumbing has been moved to it's new location. I should mention, that this new window is about 4" thinner and about 10" shorter then the old window. So it's not just a quick replace. And the plumbing was moved across the kitchen. And who knew you need a vent pipe in your sink? Then, as I look closer I notice it's done well. Really well. I really think the walls in the kitchen are nicer now then any other walls in our whole house. It's crazy. And the's installed beautifully. It's not all uneven and ghetto like our old one. It looks amazing!!

So now I sit at the computer blogging, while the compressor is running in the background with my husband manning the nail gun. Others are spackling (if that's what it's called) the rest of the walls just to make sure they're perfectly even...and Mike's mom is cleaning like a mad woman. I feel kinda bad that I'm not helping, but really, at this point, I can't bend I'm pretty limited in my skills. Maybe I'll just nominate myself the official rebuild documenter. That sounds fair, right?

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