Saturday, April 25, 2009

Asher's First Doctor Appt

The other day we took the little buddies to his first doctors appointment. It was my first time meeting the doctor (recommended by a friend) and I LOVED her. She is awesome.
But back to the boy. He passed with flying colors. His weight surpassed his birth weight by a few ounces, good. His little peter was healed up nicely. (she used the word 'perfectly' and said 'it's important'). His belly button still needs a bit more time to heal completely (even though the stump fell off a week ago). And...
Oh yeah, they measured him and said he was 22.25". When he was born he was measured at 19.5". Really? I asked the nurse if he really grew 3" in 1.5 weeks. She mentioned that they measure them so quickly in the hospital that they usually get it wrong. I felt a little better, and little worse. So how long was my baby really when he was born? Oh well, I guess it's not that important, right?

All in all, it was fantastic. They took more blood for some state test, and he winced a bit but didn't cry. I have a strong boy, I'm lucky.

Friday, April 24, 2009

Baby Mama Saga

Other titles I debated for this post were "The Hospital is taking all my money" or "Breastfeeding is Awesome"....

But everyone always told me how wonderful nursing your new baby is. The bonding, the love. The fact that you can feed and nourish your little one with what God gave you. Those people always forget to mention the pain, the frustration, and the infections.

Yesterday, I took a nap and woke up with chills and body aches. I took my temperature and it was 101. I called the doctor because I'm a hypochondriac, and he said I might have an infection so here's some antibiotics. If it gets any worse over the next few days I should go to the ER.
So I laid on the couch waiting for the pharmacy to fill the prescription...and a few hours later I was feeling worse. I took my temp again and this time it read 103.9. hmmm....I googled "what temperate should you go to the ER?" and the consensus was 103.
I tell my husband my new temp and he whisks me off to the ER. I was cold and hot and shaking and achy and so miserably uncomfortable I was hoping whatever this was would be cured soon. Our lovely ER is under construction, so it was really fun when I was moved to the 'Pelvic Exam Room' which really was some drywall leaned against something with a door placed in the middle. You walked through one room (where people were in beds) to get to this 'private room'. It was quite funny.
The nurse comes in and takes blood from two areas to run a gambit of tests to find where the infection is and make sure it didn't spread to my blood (who knew the ER was so insanely thorough). Our nurse was pretty cool. The entire time he was with us he was educating us on one thing or another. He even drew up a chart on how to best control a fever in an infant with Tylenol and ibuprofen and the hours and doses.
Oh, and since we left Asher at home with grandma and a first time bottle I decided to 'pump' while we were waiting so I didn't explode. Because I had a huge IV needle in the crease of one arm I only had one good arm to hold the pump products up with, so I needed Mike's assistance. I somehow conned him into holding both of them, and then there was a knock on the door and someone saying 'are you descent'. We looked at each other and said, 'well, i guess. we're pumping breastmilk'. The lady busts in and says 'Oh, great! i'm a lactation specialist'. I should've asked her about proper latching and cracked nipples, but instead I just let her examine the pumping process and give the nod of approval. After she left Mike and I were wondering if she thought it was weird that he was holding the pumps to my breasts and I was just chillaxin. Oh well....

So after 4 hours of blood and tests and waiting the ruling is Mastitis. A Breast Infection.
They give me an IV of antibiotics to begin the killing and some Tylenol to bring down the fever. Amazing how well 1 gram of Tylenol works. After an hour my fever was back down to 98 degrees.
They sent me home with a prescription for antibiotics (the same one the doctor had already called in) and offered me pain meds. I think actually 3 different people offered me pain meds...funny.
Long story short, all is well now. I just have to take the pills for 10 days. and I'm feeling much better...thank you for your concern though :)

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

American Idol

Sadly, our son is not in tune with what's cool yet. Last night we were laying on the couch watching American Idol and I looked over and saw this.

How could he cover his eyes during the performances of the top 7? I was stunned....but I'll keep working on him. He will have to learn to enjoy at least until he's big enough to wrestle the remote out of my hands.
He is pretty darn cute though. He's making more faces now...I'm trying to capture one that I think he gets from my dad. It's a scrunched brow Donald Trump look...

Monday, April 20, 2009

Some more pics - 1 week +

So it's been a week now...well over a week. And out little man is growing like a weed. When we left the hospital he weighed in at 8 lbs 3 oz, then on Friday (1 week old) he weighed in at 8 lbs 14 oz. So he's definitely a good doubt about that.
We tried to go for our first outing as a family a few days ago...and for some reason he was eating a lot right before. I think he had eaten for an hour straight. So we get him all strapped in the car seat and mike takes him out to the car and gets him strapped in. then he says 'Honey, we can't go we have to go back in'. I say why...and mike says 'he just threw up everything all over himself'. I wish i would've taken a photo of it because it was literally all over him and the carseat and everything...probably half of the meal he had just eaten (which was admittedly too big)
Mike was also very excited to try on his new shoes....thankfully they're still a bit too big for him. Everything is still too big it seems. I tried to put some pants on him that were 0-3 months, and he was drowning in them....
And I've been having a little nursing anxiety. I am so sore I want to cry at the thought of feeding him...but we're working it out. I'm optimistic it will all work out in the end...
We gave him a sponge bath. Well, Mike did. he's a great little dad.

And for those of you that would like to read the detailed birth story you can find it here. Or just scroll down a few posts on the page. enjoy!

Monday, April 13, 2009

Best Easter Basket Ever :)

YAY!!! He's Here!! He's Here!!

Asher Michael Saltsman was born Friday, April 10th at 9:06pm. He weighed in at a whopping 8 lbs 10 oz and measured 19.5 inches long.
It was a fun and exciting 16 hours of labor, he finally made his debut.
But I do believe this photo above is the cutest easter basket i've ever gotten to take home.
Here's a few photos of his first moments of life. i'll post more after i get a bit of sleep :)

Friday, April 10, 2009

The Birth Story

So, as requested here are the details of the birth.

On Friday, April 10th (I was 10 days past due) I woke up around 2am with some mild cramping. I got up and decided to bounce on the exercise ball in hopes of inducing labor. After an hour watching the horrible infomercials I went back to bed. Around 3:45am I woke up to a pop in my stomach and a small gush of liquid between my legs. So, I got up and went to the bathroom to be sure I didn't just pee my pants. It was a steady stream, so I just changed my pants and went back out to watch more infomercials and see what happens. After changing my pants 2 more times I thought I'd go lay in bed and get some rest before going to the hospital. As I was crawling into bed Mike asked if everything was okay. I said 'Well I think my water broke, but I'm gonna lay down for a bit'. Mike jumped up and said we should go to the hospital. I was a little hesitant thinking it wasn't necessary yet. So, Mike googled it. And alas, we had to go in. What google says goes.
So we get the hospital around 5am and they check the fluid and say 'Yep, you're water broke' and they hook me up to the monitors. At about 7am they come in and check and say the contractions aren't being very consistent, so the doctor wants to start some Pitocin to see if they can be more consistent. Oh, and they check me and I'm at a 2 (2 centimeters dilated).
So around 9 or 9:30 the doctor comes in and checks me again, still at a 2. Then he notices I have a full bag of water so he pops it. I say 'Wait a second, I thought my water already broke'. He then continued to explain to me that you really have 2 water bags. One outer one, then the big inner one. So the outer one popped but the inner one was still full.
So, then the contractions start coming on a little stronger, and about 10am I have the nurse come back in a talk epidurals. Hypnobirthing went out the window when I realized it had been 4 hours and I hadn't dilated at all. I knew it would be a long long day...and I didn't want to spend it in agony (my original show up to the hospital and give birth 2 hours later plan had obviously failed).
So she came in a said 'It doesn't make you any cooler to wait to make it to a 5 before getting the epidural. So if you think you're going to get it, you might as well get it now.' I said Okay. Bring him in.
So around 10:30 Evan from heaven came in and gave me a great epidural. I could still move my legs, I just couldn't feel pain. It was awesome.
Forward on to noon, when they come check me again and low and behold, still at a 2. I was depressed. So we had the conversation that if the cervix doesn't dilate, we're going to have to talk c-section. So we set the bar...I had to be dilated to a 6 by 4pm, or we'd have to go down the c-section road. Then they also noticed little Asher's heart rate was dropping with each contraction. It was rebounding well so they weren't very concerned, but they hooked me up to oxygen to make sure he was getting enough.
Forward on to 2:30....and I was a 5!!! Yipee!!! Progress. This made everyone very optimistic. But unfortunatley, Asher's heart rate was still dropping, so they hooked up the internal monitors. which means, they literally screwed a tiny wire into Asher's head to get an accurate heart rate. Weird, I know.
Then at about 3:30 the doctor had them hook up an Amniotic Flush, where they pump amniotic fluid back into me continuously. He was thinking maybe the umbilical cord was getting cramped with each contraction and if we could float it with fluid it might help.
It was awesome, I had about 10 tubes coming out of every part of my body. 3 in the women part, 1 cathedar, and 2 iv's. I felt like a million bucks. Oh yeah, and I had to stay laying on my left side to help with the blood flow to the little man. Fun. But, at least the epidural worked :)
So now forward on to 5pm and I'm at a 7. Yay!! Then as the nurse and the doc are discussing heart rates I say "um. i feel a lot of pressure down there". At 5:30 I was fully dilated, and ready to go.
So at 6pm I start pushing. I thought pushing meant the babies head was visable and you just push a few times and he's out. Not so much here...I pushed and pushed with each contraction. Then at about 9pm the doctor says "his heart rate is not rebounding like it used to and you're exhausted. we're going to need to bring in support". So he pulls out the forceps. I think the nurse saw my face get really nervous at the mention of forceps, so she reassured me that my doctor was the best she's ever seen with them. He's been using them for years. So I felt a little better, and realistically, at this point I just wanted the kid out.
So Evan came back and gave me a little bump to completely numb me so I wouldn't feel the forceps, and 2 more contractions and he's out!! Yipee!!
They put him on my stomach and I said 'Oh my goodness. Is he okay? he's blue'. then they took him over to wipe off, etc. And the nurse says 'Dad, do you want to put on his first diaper'. mike says 'Sure, how do i do that? i've never put on a diaper before'. This made me laugh from across the room.
So then the doctors stitching me up...and the length of time it took i knew it was not pretty down there. Then the nurse is massaging my stomach, and I wanted to die. But it helps to contract the uterus...but it hurts like someone is putting your internal organs in a blender.
Then they bring the babe back and i hold him for a bit. Then i mention to the nurse that there was a huge gush coming out from between the legs. She looks and says to mike 'Maybe this is a good time for dad to give the baby a bath'. So mike and asher leave, and the nurse and resident are scoping out the pads. Then the doctor says she has to go back in and look around, see if anything is stuck in the uterus. This hurts like the devil...and they keep offering me more epidural, but I keep remember how everyone says the sooner you get up the faster you heal. So I say no to the epidural so I can walk sooner. (this was a silly mistake). So they pumping me full of pain meds through the IV. Then they're giving me shots in the leg to help my uterus contract because I keep bleeding. Then the resident goes in again and looks around....I'm wanting to die at this point because it is so painful.
Then the nurse weighs all the blood catching items and says I've lost 1500 cc's of blood. Apparantely 1000 cc's is the point of the resident goes in again for a brutal look around. I had tears in my eyes from the pain, then another shot in the leg and more pain meds in the iv. Then I start vomiting...maybe from the pain, maybe from the pain meds. Who knows.
So then the resident notices I'm bleeding from a tear in the vaginal wall. Probably a nic from the forceps. So around 11:30pm I see Evan come back in the room. The nurse tells me they have to give me more epidural juice to completely numb me. The doctors going to go in and check it out but I have to be numb in case they can't find the source of the bleeding and I have to be whisked to the OR. I should've been nervous, but I was so exhausted I remember thinking "cut me open just get this overwith. seriously."
So evan pumps the drugs into my spinal iv...and the doctor starts setting up shop. The nursery nurse comes in with little Asher and says he has low blood sugar and needs to nurse. I looked at her like she was nuts, I couldn't even hold my head up I was so tired...but the doctor said 'Sure, we've got about 10 minutes for the epidural to kick in anyways'. I tell the nurse, seriously it's okay. just give him a bottle I can't do it. She comes over in her motherly nursing way and says 'Nonsense. here we go'. So the nurse then continued to do all the work manhandling my milk-maker and baby and putting them together as i lay there lifeless and exhausted, arms at my side. After a few minutes she says 'Oh wow, he's a great latcher!'. I was thinking "this is so weird. I have lost all my dignity". I was laying pretty much fully naked with about 10 people rushing around the room and a lady moving my boob back and forth to fit in the babies mouth. It was a surreal experience.
So around midnight the doctor goes in and stitches up the inside nic. It seems to stop the bleeding, but he looks around anyway to make sure. I was so so thankful for the epidural at this point. I don't even know if i was awake for this whole process. I just layed there thankful I couldn't feel a thing.

So over the next 6 hours I have the nurses coming in checking my pad to make sure i'm not over bleeding and feeding me full of pills. But they did bring me a nice comfy bed...which was great because somewhere in this process my tailbone got jacked. I told the nurse it hurt and i thought it was broken. She said 'well, there's nothing we can do to fix it, so it's not really something we xray. you just have to deal'. lame.
But the new bed was heaven, and they kept me in the labor and delivery side instead of taking me to postpartum so they could keep a close eye on my blood levels.
All was well after all this drama and they let me get out of bed Saturday at noon and try walking. and sunday I got to leave.
I cried when we got home....I no longer had a slew of nurses to ask all my questions too, and i was scared. Then Mike showed me we can just call the nurses station and still ask them...and that helped.

any questions?

Wednesday, April 08, 2009


I went in for a Non-Stess Test this afternoon to make sure the baby was doing okay...I really had no idea what to expect, and I was pleasantly suprised.

First - I got an ultrasound. Seeing the little babe is quite fun, and they checked him out and said everything was good. Good fluid levels, good positioning, goods all around.
Second - I went to Labor & Delivery where they hooked me up to the baby heartbeat and contraction monitor. It was fun listening to his's quite relaxing. And watching the contractions that I don't feel on the gave me a little glimpse into a painless childbirth.
Overall, he passed with flying colors :) Placenta's good, he's good, fluid's good. Now we just wait.

And the nurses were awesome, I love them. When they asked what was next I told them if I don't deliver by Monday, the doctor wants me in for another non-stress test. So I asked if I should just call Monday morning if I haven't delivered by then and they said 'Well, we could just book you now. then you'll go into labor this weekend' So I said 'Sign me Up!'.

So now we just wait and see. I'm now walking the dog twice a day around the park, trying to stir up something. And the doctors and nurses both said the best thing to bring on labor is 'relations' with the husband. Mike's pretty excited about that :) We've tried the food items, but those don't seem to work. Oh, and one nurse said Castor Oil...but she said use it as a last resort because it can be pretty painful. It basically cleans out your 'pipes' and with all the stomach and intestine cramping and ridding it's supposed to spark your uterus to follow the lead....I'll wait on that until I'm really really ancy.

But last night I did start to feel a few hopefully that is a sign of things to come. Either way, we'll have a baby next week :)


So the doctor this morning said I'm still no where near having a I should participate in as much physical activity as I can handle to try and get this baby moving. So my dog will be overwalked, and my house will be overcleaned. And if all esle fails, he'll induce me early next week.
Here's hoping the baby will come on his own, this weekend seems like a good time, right?

Wednesday, April 01, 2009

The baby's coming today....

Or not. Having a due date of April Fools Day is a pretty mean joke don't you think...

I went to the doctor this morning, who basically told me I'm not even close enough to having a baby to be induced. So, another week we will wait....

I think lil' mike knows it's been snowing everyday for a week, and will continue to. So why would he want to leave his nice warm lair to come into this cold snowy world.....I can't say I blame him.

On another note, I wonder if the baby counter on this blog will start going into the negatives...or if it will just stay at zero.

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