Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Girls Night Out

Yesterday, my sister Amy sent me a text asking if I wanted to go see Paramore / No Doubt in concert. I asked my husband if he could babysit for a few hours while I went out...and he said yes. Yipee!! I was excited. And even more excited when I found out tickets were buy one get one free.

Since I'm no big spender I opted for the cheaper, back of the arena tickets. When we got there...we noticed there were large sections that were at the front and were unoccupied. So we felt it wouldn't be too bad if we went and sat up there for the opening band Paramore (which I might have been more excited to see).
We found a great empty row and took a seat. Paramore came on and we danced and screamed and were in awe of her vibrato with simultaneous head banging. Quite a feat.
Then we sat down and waited for No Doubt to come on, figuring people would come down in a few minutes and ask us to leave.... people started coming down and filling in all around us...but we must have picked a lucky row...because the lights went down and we stood up and no one asked us to leave. So we stayed up close for the whole show. Which was great.

They played all the great hits and few that were so old I hadn't heard them. Then Gwen brought out her little boy (3) so we could all sing happy birthday to him. It was cute, he covered his ears. Apparently Salt Lake City can be a pretty loud crowd.

After the show my wonderful husband picked us up. And I was happy to see that both him and the baby were still alive and no one was screaming. All in all it was a successful evening. I think Mike was a little jealous, but more happy that I had a good time. Or so he says.... :)

Saturday, May 23, 2009

Like Father Like Son

I walked into the office this morning, and noticed Mike teaching Asher the ways of dot-comming. I think as soon as Asher learns what his hands are... he'll probably have a better grasp on the concept :)

Friday, May 15, 2009

5 Weeks Old

So the babe is now 5 weeks old. Can you believe it? I'm sure you can actually, but it's a little difficult for me. He's over a month old. Next week marks my halfway point from time off work. It's crazy...they don't lie. Time really does fly.
He had his first real immersed bath last night. He had a little piece of umbilical cord still in his belly button and the doctor said to wait until it was gone before dunking him in gallons of water. So finally after tons of waiting and sponge baths, we got to dip him in the sink. And he quite enjoyed it, as you can tell from his lounging. (I censored the photo for you, don't worry)
I also feel the boy is getting quite large. I weighed him on Wednesday and he's up to 11 lbs. And I've noticed he's getting thick. Not chubby, but definitely solid. When we first brought him home he was a bit hollow. Now's he's a solid mass of boy. And he's almost starting to outgrow clothes. Oh, and we moved up to size 1 in diapers. Out of the newborns already.
I tried to take a picture in the bouncy chair so there would be a nice comparison in his size from previous pictures, but he wasn't cooperating and sitting still and looking forward. He just wanted to kick around and play.

He has started smiling though...it is quite cute. And he's ticklish in his mid-section which is fun for those few moments when he's not tired...he doesn't think it's very fun when he's tired. Go figure.
He's growing up quick though. It's pretty nuts.

Mothers Day

For Mothers Day this year (my first one ever) I woke up to a delicious breakfast prepared by my lovely husband. He secretly purchased a waffle maker and even made homemade whipped cream. It was delicious.
He also got me this cute card...that I thought was quite funny. It's still displayed in our house...oh it is so true too.
We lounged around in the morning, then we went for a late lunch at The Dodo restaurant and enjoyed the beautiful Salt Lake City weather sitting on the patio. Asher did a great job sleeping throughout the whole meal. Of course since it was my day we both enjoyed dessert. (those that know me well know I would rather skip the meal and just get straight to the desserts) And the dessert options at The Dodo were amazing. Tons of rich pies and cheesecakes. Mike had the butterfinger cheesecake and I had the Peanut Butter and Cream Cheese pie. They were both diving. Although mine was extremely rich, so I could only handle a few bites and had to take the rest home with me.

Afterwards we went for a drive around Federal Heights and the upper avenues area and enjoyed dreaming of living in all those lovely homes. It was quite fun. I must say, I love Mike having a new vehicle. He is always down to just drive around now which is nice. The baby sleeps soundly and we get alone time. Just like the good ol' days :)

All in all it was a fantastic first Mothers Day.

Friday, May 08, 2009

When at first you don't succeed, give up and use photoshop.

So, I've been trying to take a photo of the boy for a baby announcement...but my photography skills are lacking. And, Asher is not one to sit still. Much like his father. Every time I'd have him setup all perfectly, I would pick up the camera and then he would be flailing his arms and have his legs would be spread eagle. I had to do some editing in one of the pics...He is still working on his modesty.
But the above photos are the best I've gotten so far. I'm beginning to think we'll need to use skills in photoshop as opposed to the camera....doesn't photoshop make everything look better?

Here are a few more photos in thanks for some cute clothes he's recieved.

Thanks for the hoodie Uncle Doug and Aunt Carolyn. He loves it. And so do we :)

And thanks for the cute homemade onesie Lindsay. He wore it to his first party and all the girls loved him :) Soon enough the sweater will fit too.

It is complete. You can come over now.

After years of dreaming, months of talking and weeks of doing...the skate ramp is finally completed. Mike et al did a great job putting it all together, and now I'm sure there will be years of enjoyment.
A few friends stopped by today to check it out and Mike showed off his skills. (As you can see the lawn mowing was put on hold immediately). I know it may be hard to believe, but I am pretty excited. It'll be nice to try out my skills (or lack thereof) in the comfort of my own home without tons of really semi-pro spectators :)

Sunday, May 03, 2009

The New Cah.

When we moved back from California, we bought an old Jeep Cherokee from a friend (Gary) that Mike drove. It was originally intended to last a year, but after a year and a half Mike had had enough of it. So after 6 months of begging, I mean conversations, he finally got a new car.
I know what you're thinking. 2 weeks after having a baby is a great time to spend a ton of money on a new car. I know, that's what I think too. But it has turned out pretty nice. Mike will drive me anywhere now. And he'll even go for a drive, with no destination. Before, it was pulling teeth to just go drive around a waste gas. Now he loves it. So it's really helped me get out of the house with the little one and just drive around...Now I just need to convince him to let me drive it. I think today might be my lucky day. Wish me luck.
(Oh yeah, and it's not my car. It's mike's. Everyone assumes that because I went through the 17 hours of labor I would get the new car...but not so much)

Saturday, May 02, 2009

3 Weeks Young

Here's the little bugger, giving you his best impersonation of Blue Steel (from Zoolander). It's one of his favorite faces. He has a million already....I have a feeling this boy will be quite the character.

I promise to be a better blogger. But between feeding him, sleeping and visitors I haven't had a lot of time to chillax at the computer. And add in the sore tailbone that is not conducive to sitting in the computer chair....
But next week will be better. I'll post more pics.
Oh yeah, because we got a new car and I should probably show you. If you haven't already seen it on Mike's facebook.

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