Tuesday, June 30, 2009


We had the wonderful oppurtunity of going to Alaska for my brothers wedding (see post below). With Alaska usually comes fish. Mike went out with everyone on Wednesday for the big fishing day, but Asher and I opted to attend the Saturday afternoon fishing/sightseeing tour so we wouldn't have a baby scaring off the halibut.

We had a great time on the boat, saw a few whales, some porpoise... Amy did a great job holding him so I could take a stroll outside around the boat. My brother is a pretty hilarious guy if you haven't met him...so giving him the oppurtunity to tell multiple lies to knowledge hungry people is always a sight to see. He was telling us how before he met Amy (a self proclaimed bird geek) he would always make up the names of birds. Someone would say "hey Craig, what's that bird?" and he would make up the name with whichever direction the bird was flying "that's a southwester grey gull".
When they went out on Wednesday they caught quite a load. The largest being a 110 pound halibut caught by our uncle Gabe. We of course loaded up a cooler with fish to bring home and eat, delicious. But now that you are charged for checking luggage, we don't get to bring home as much as usual.

We were leaving Monday night at Midnight to come back to Salt Lake, so on Monday day we met Craig, Amy and her friend Cat in Hope, AK. It's the halfway point between Anchorage and Seward. It was a fun town to see, I had never been there before. It was a lot smaller then I was expecting...and I wasn't expecting much. We turned off the main highway to head to a cafe, and there was a sign that said 'Main Street'. The cafe was one of the 6 buildings on Main Street, and I think only 3 of the buildings were occupied.
But it was definitely fun to see Craig and Amy again....and Amy's friend Cat is great as well. I wasn't dressed appropriately for our trek through the dry creek bed. I was wearing non tennis shoes shoes...no traction on the bottom. But with a little help I made it through, and the babe slept away in his lovely mod mum sling :)

The Wedding

My brother got married this past Friday, June 26th in Seward, Alaska. Mike and I were lucky enough to both be invited, and attend :)

It was absolutely lovely. They were married at this little Inn located in the Tern Lake Valley just before Seward. It was so beautiful with the sweeping views of huge green snowcapped mountains all around. My dad, Ron, officiated the ceremony. I'm not going to lie, I was a little nervous about that. My dad has an interesting sense of humor...very dry. So I wondered what types of jokes he would throw in there that no one would get. But he did a great job, he completed the ceremony :)

I was trying to take a photo of him with my sister Amy, and he kept talking through each photo...
Oh yes, and because Craig married a delightful Brit named Amy, it was requested that the women wear hats in the British tradition. So we wore hats. We had to do what we could to impress the new addition to the family, heaven knows we are not the most normal peeps on the planet.
Lil' Mike aka Asher did great as well. We even had people ask what we did with him during the ceremony...we were confused because Mike was holding him the whole time. But we are really lucky to have such a good baby.

We were also lucky enough to stay at the Inn that night, so we could put the baby to bed and dance the night away (with a monitor of course). And don't be confused thinking they were married at 10 in the morning. No No...we were in Alaska, where it wasn't dark enough for the DJ to use the dance lights he brought until, well...nope, never dark.

The Offret Family sans the Beki Bird family.
The Saltsman Family....should've taken off the blanket. Oh well.
Oh, and the boys. My Dad, Ron; Craig and his best man Casey. I think this is one of the few photos where Craig is not giving an entirely posed smile...it looks somewhat natural. It's a keeper.

A few lovely wedding photos for your viewing pleasure....aren't they beautiful?
*photo by Philip Casey
*photo by Philip Casey
*photo by Philip Casey

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Food, Inc.

So I am secretly obsessed with slanted documentaries...I do enjoy them along with gossip magazines.

Ellen talked about this one on her show...and I'm really sad it's not playing within 200 miles of me, so I guess I'll wait for the DVD. But here's the trailer.
And if you must know, I'm on an eating kick. Currently reading "The End of Overeating" and "In Defense of Food" both talking about our over-engineered diets in America.
So here's the trailer if you're bored.... (and don't worry, I still eat...)

Friday, June 19, 2009

The Bumbo

Yipee!!! He loves the Bumbo!!
Well, 'Love' might be a stretch...but at least now he'll sit in it for a given amount of time!! This morning it was almost 20 minutes. Just enough time for me to eat and make breakfast! Yay!

We're heading to Alaska next week...his first flight. I'm a little nervous, but it's the redeye so hopefully he'll just sleep the whole time. He's normally a good sleeper at night. If anyone has any tips for flying with an infant let me know.

Friday, June 12, 2009

My poor baby...

Oh, my poor baby. Today was doctor day....the 2 month appointment.

Starting off on a good note, he is now
height: 24.5 inches long 94%
weight: 13 lbs 5 oz 81%

Wow! He is bigger then most boys out there. The doctor said 'Oh, his dad must be a big guy'. I replied 'Ummm, not really. He's 5' 10" and maybe 165'. Well, he is big none the less. I asked her all my questions and told her I'm a horrible mother. She agreed, sarcastically of course. But that is why I love her. She is a normal person, not some crazy on another planet doctor type.

Then the shots came. I was extremely nervous. I thought I was going to cry and feel bad and never put him down again. But once the nurse started, I was so enthralled with her speed and accuracy I totally forgot my poor son was in pain. The first shot he began his inhale for the scream, and she had all the shots done before he even began to exhale. I sat there with my jaw open for a few seconds before the wailing jolted me back to reality. But I scooped him up and he stopped crying about 5 seconds later. I was thinking to myself 'man, he cries so much louder and longer when he needs to burp. These shots really must not hurt too bad'.

But he has been a bit more needy today. So I've been holding him....well, except for the few hours I spent at the mall while he slept in the stroller. (see, there's the bad mother part) But since I've been home I've been holding him.

Mike's friend told him tonight will not be fun. He supposed to be cranky apparently. But I like to believe our boy is a little superior to others....we shall see around 3am.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

2 Months Old

Today is Asher's 2 month birthday...wow. Already 2 months. Well, all that stuff I was thinking would be really cool to do with my baby while I was pregnant went out the window. All I can say is I'm glad he's alive, he seems to be growing, and he seems pretty happy. So I guess we're doing okay.
He is now about 13 lbs, he smiles and giggles a little. He sleeps well at night, not through the night, but he goes right back down after I feed him. He doesn't like to sleep very much during the day...I'm still working on that. So we do a lot of driving, the car calms him. I make at least a weekly trip to Target, Ikea, Smiths (grocery store) and sometimes I even go twice a week. Just as an excuse to get out of the house. (I don't try anything on anywhere, so most of the time I buy something then go back a few days later and return in. It works into the plan well)

Oh and he is cooing a little. I thought cooing was when they actually made the sound 'Coooo'. But I googled it and found it's just when they make noise in general using their voices. (If they had a test you had to take before having a baby, I probably would've failed). We have his 2 month doctors appointment on Friday. I'm a little nervous for the slew of shots he's going to get...but I'm putting him in daycare and I'd rather he be vaccinated in case any of the kids have visited Mexico recently.

He really likes his bouncy chair and his activity mat. And I really like being able to shower and get ready a little without worrying he's going to start screaming. I still only get through the warmup section of the workout video before he starts crying...(I think he must know I'm trying to remove the evidence of him on me and this must offend him).

We're still working on his neck strength, but tummy time isn't his favorite activity. But I am confident any day now he'll be sitting up in the bumbo just chillaxin. A girl can dream....

When he is asleep in his crib he is a mover and a shaker....he likes to kick around in circles and pull something completely over his face. It's a little frightening...except we cheat and have a magic monitor. It senses movement, so if he stops breathing for 20 seconds the alarm goes off....It's great, except I think it makes me really laxed with his crib inhabitants.

But we really do love him now, really. The first week was questionable, not gonna lie. But now I find when I'm away from him I miss him. We're pretty lucky.

p.s. I was trying to be all photographeresque...but i lack skills obviously. How do you retouch your photos on photoshop to make them look awesome? I tend to ruin things when I get them in photoshop....

Saturday, June 06, 2009

San Diego Wild Animal Park

So I finally found our camera charger. And here are a mess of photos from our day at the San Diego Wild Animal Park. Of course it was misting/raining while we were there...but we still had a great time :)

Thursday, June 04, 2009

The mini-vacation

About a week ago, Mike and I were driving around (family drive) and I brought up the idea of going to California for the weekend. We should take advantage of this time I'm not working and our ability to 'get up and go'. So go we did.

Mike wanted to drive his new ride, so I was excited because it has much more room. And then we could pack it full of strollers and pack n plays and still have room for blankets and binkys. The night before we left (Mike's Birthday) everyone kept saying 'wow, I can't believe you're going to drive for 10 hours with a baby'. Even my own sister said it. So I started to get a little nervous. But we just stopped every 3 to 4 hours to feed and change the boy. And it was fine. It did take us 11 hours to get there, but that's not too bad considering. I thought at least.

I also did take a lot more pictures, but the battery died on the real camera on day 2 and I have yet to find the charger. And I get get the pictures off without the charger....so I only have a few iPhone pics to post for you.

We stayed the first night at Mike's brother Doug's place in Laguna Niguel. We had sushi, hung out. Mike and Doug went out while Carolyn, Me and Asher stayed in. We decided to watch the movie Taken. It makes me feel better about myself that Carolyn gets almost more scared with movies than I do. So why we decided to watch a movie about international kidnapping...I'm not sure. But it was fun, and I didn't have any nightmares :)

Then the next day we headed up to Redondo Beach to visit my friends Cari and Kortney. It's always a good time when you get the girls together...even if we don't do anything. They were very accomodating with the babe, and Cari even gave up her bedroom for us. I was impressed with Asher's ability to sleep in the pack n play with no issues (this was our first try) but it probably helped that he was exhausted and I'm sure hated his car seat by now.
This is what we did while at Cari and Kortney's. Relaxed...it was nice. We went and visited one of mike's friends that lives in Redondo, then went to eat at a Pizza place in Hermosa. Oh yeah, and we got scammed. We walked in and looked at all the options for slices, and the guy at the counter said 'do you like pastrami? you've got to try this pizza, right out of the oven'. So we get two slices and two drinks. We sit and eat it (delicious) and Cari and Kortney come meet us. In conversation I say 'yeah, i can't believe the slices are only $3' and mike says 'what? the bill was $20'....then we start doing the math and we make Mike go up and tell the guy he overcharged us. The guy says 'no, it was a special. they're $6.20 a slice'. I look at the menu and see that the pastrami pizza is in fact not special, it's on the menu. But mike was a bit miffed and didn't want to fight it. we decided to just be more vigilant in the future. Oh yeah, and the same thing happened to Kortney at a Sushi place in Hermosa....it must be how they make money...
The next morning we went to breakfast at my favorite lil' french restaurant in Redondo, Creme de la Crepe. Its a crepe place but I got the eggs benedict. So as not to offend, I ordered a delicious dessert crepe after. Who says you cant have dessert after breakfast. Who makes these rules.
Oh yeah, and let me not forget the most exciting part. As we were leaving hermosa, we were pulling out of the parking spot and mike's saying how his car is not feeling right. He drives a little bit and says 'Oh crap, the check engine light is on'. I look over and see it's flashing, and since we read the entire owners manual on part of the drive out I know that if it's flashing it's bad. So we get a little worried...being that we have to drive back to Utah and all. Then we look up at the light, and there's a dealership on the other corner. We pull in, and they're still open for another hour so the guy says they'll check the car and see what's wrong. He calls back and says something about a Coil being bad or broken or out. Whatever the correct term is. But they can't work on it until Monday morning. But it should be done by noon on Monday. Yipee. And it will be covered under the warrantee. Double yippee. So Cari comes and picks us up, and I get online and book us a luxurious Corolla to get us through the next two days of vacation. (only $19 a day...pretty schweet).

And a little more drama. Sunday we drive back down to Doug's to attend a little Birthday BBQ for him. Asher screamed the whole time which is very uncharacteristic of him, so we left early. But that night, Doug and Mike decided it would be a good idea to try and replace the screen on Mike's iPhone (it was cracked). So they're taking the phone apart and I'm watching tv on the couch by really listening to them because I'm nervous. Then I hear the expletives...Mike broke his phone. He put it back together, and it's somewhat usable as long as you have memorized where all the buttons are. Because the screen is now a light yellow with vague icons in a few places and swirling designs all over the rest. He's super bummed....
Come Monday, we're hanging out in Redondo waiting for the car.
So we spent some time at the beach...taking family photos. :) And we went to trader joes so I could buy some baking mix. 4 boxes of it.

Noon comes and goes, then at 1 Tony calls and says they're still waiting for the warantee people to okay it so it will be at least another hour. So we drive up to the mall in Manhattan beach because they have an apple store. We go into the store and it's an 80 minute wait...so I'm just dot comming, checking email, etc. Then I look over and Mike's being helped. Wow, that was quick I think. Then he comes back over with his new phone and says okay, lets go. We walk out of the store and he tells me it was free. What? You just got yet another iPhone for free? Are you sure you don't work for Apple?
Apparantley the guy exchanged his phone out, asked him if it was cash or credit. Mike pulls out his credit card, and the guy says 'hmm. the computer didn't charge you, so I guess you're all set'. What! How does this happen. Then about 20 minutes later Tony calls and says the car is done. Good luck is coming back our way....but at this point in time we'd already decided to stay the night again and leave Tuesday morning....

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