Sunday, July 19, 2009

Sunday Afternoon at the Saltsmans

Today Mike was playing with Asher on the couch and I thought it was adorable.

After a few minutes there was not much talking, just the TV I was hearing...So I peak around the corner and see them both just hanging out watching skateboarding.
It was cute. After a little while Asher started to get a little fussy and I heard Mike say "hey buddy, we had a deal. Not until after skateboarding is over"
He listened.

Friday, July 17, 2009

Does this make me a loser?

Mike used to always make fun of me for playing solitaire on my phone. Then he put it on his phone and now he's just as addicted as I am. I just must be better at it...i think his win stats are still in the 300's.

I feel like I should give a speech to the online world for making it to this wonderful feat. The game even keeps a bunch of stats on your playing, games lost, undo's used, etc. But I won't bore you with those....Just know that when I'm waiting at the doctor's office, during TV commercial breaks, or sometimes even before bed...I'm probably playing solitaire. and winning. :)

Saturday, July 11, 2009

3 Months - Really this time

So Asher is now officially 3 months old, which means I have gone back to work. Sad, I know. It's bittersweet really. Sad to leave the little lad, but fun to use my brain among adults. The first day was hard when I dropped him off. I was fighting the tears as I walked away, but by the end of the week it was much easier. Being able to pop over and see him during the day helps a lot. I wonder if Monday will be hard all over again. I am lucky to have found such a great place to take him. She follows my wishes probably better then she should, and she doesn't get upset when he 'blows out' his diaper all over her, twice in the same day. :)
But he is super strong. We're teaching him to army crawl...he can push up, but he doesn't get the left right concept yet. I know, he's still way young. We should work on rolling over first :) Speaking of rolling over, he has done it a few times in his crib. I'll lay him one way and come in an hour later and he's rolled over. But I don't think he 'knows' how to do it yet. I suppose I should put it on the floor more.
He babbles all the time. I drive about 30 minutes to work with him, and he will talk the whole time. I wonder if he thinks he's having a conversation with the NPR guy...because when I start talking to him he gets silent. Then after a few minutes of NPR man he starts babbling away again...pretty funny.
And he loves his bouncy chair, as demonstrated in the previous video. I'm thinking he's going to outgrow it soon....he's big. I weighed him the other day and he hit 15 lbs. He is the same size as my co-workers 9 mo old girl. He does enjoy the bumbo...just not as much as the bouncy. He really likes kicking his legs.
He still hates bath time. I think it's because he doesn't 'play' in the water....soon enough he will love it though. I'm sure of it.

Next month we head to the doctor again, so I'll have more legitimate stats. As for now, it's storytelling.

Thursday, July 09, 2009

3 Months - Almost


Our lil' Asher will be 3 months old tomorrow, officially. So I've posted a little video so you can all see how crazy he is. Kicking and talking and smiling and playing. It's long, so don't feel obligated to watch the whole thing :) and please ignore all the sounds I make....or pretend it's not really me.

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