Sunday, August 30, 2009

Layla - Best Cousin Ever

Asher just wanted to give a little shout out to Layla...without her, he would definitely not be as cool as he is now. And she has a pretty awesome mom who is some sort of a shopping ninja. I'm going to need to get the tips when I visit in a few weeks.

a little more Asher

Not much is new here...same old. But I do believe our young son has begun one of life's most enjoyable journeys....teething. He is a drooling machine, and chews on everything in site. and screams, then chews, then screams, then chews. Thank goodness we have a plethora of items for him to chew one. iPhones, remotes, cameras...and a few plastic toys as well.

We also had the Saltsmans' in town last weekend for a little family reunion-ish. We tried to pack their time with activities, one of which I have been wanting to do all summer. I just had to wait for visitors so I could attend the touristy event. The ski jumping at the Olympic Park. They have 5 or 6 jumps setup where they land in the pool. Yes, the swimming pool. It was pretty cool. One of the kids was only 11, but this is where a lot of the freestyle Olympic team trains in the summer. It was pretty fun to watch, I had a blast.
We also went to Silver Fork lodge for breakfast, drove over guardsman, spend some time at the insanely overcrowded outlet mall (forgot it was back to school) headed out to the Salt Flats, shot some guns in Dugway, ate at the Tooele McDonalds (the nicest one I've ever been to) and other fun things. (see how fun we are )

And one of Asher's new favorite toys is his toes. Which is great because he can't throw them anywhere...we don't leave them in the car, and they are always connected.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Asher - 4 Months

Look at the shock! I know, I'm a day late and a dollar short with this post. Asher was officially 4 months yesterday....and normally it wouldn't seem like a big deal, but when there's only 30 days in a month, 1 day becomes a larger piece then if it were a year.

But in my defense, I am playing single mom this week. And let me tell you, I am so so so grateful I have such a wonderful husband. This morning as I was rushing out the door (only 10 minutes late compared to yesterdays 35 minutes late) I realized that I still hadn't unloaded the dishwasher or taken out the trash. And I still needed to throw a load in the washer and did I feed the dog? But compounding the out of town husband issue is the fact that my old sister and her family are in town. Not that I'm complaining, because I love it. But now I get home at 9pm with Asher who is extreeeemely tired. I finally get him down after force feeding him medicine, changing his clothes when he's kicking me and trying to feed him. Then I wash all the bottles and get them ready for the next day. Then I get his bag ready for daycare the next day. And by the time that's all done I'm exhausted and getting ready for bed myself.... Not enough hours in the day, but I guess this is what being a mom is all about :)
But back to the lecture at hand, yes, Asher is 4 months now. Can you believe it? He is not really doing anything more now then last month...he rolls over sometimes, but not consistently. But he does grab things well now, and he knows how to press the eyes on the frog toy to make the music go.
And he's huge. Gigantic really. Everyday someone says 'Wow, is he getting longer?'. I had to go buy him some new clothes today because our backup clothes that we leave at daycare for the blowouts don't even snap anymore....and he only has about 3 shirts left that fit him....crazy.

But he's a wonderful boy with an amazing personality. Super laid back until he gets hungry or tired. And he loves to just scan the room and take everything in. He gets a little shy when strangers approach him and smile at him. He smiles back then hides his face in my shoulder. I haven't found a consistent tickle spot yet, but I think it's going to be under his chin. That's where I've had the most luck so far. He loves loves loves his dad. Mike was on video chat the other night, and Asher looked all around to find Dad, it was cute.

I'm sure I'm missing a million things, but I can't remember them now. So maybe I'll add them later....oh, No, he's not "sleeping through the night" He goes about 7 hours, then wakes up to eat, then right back down. So we're not complaining...pretty easy breezy so far. knock on wood.

Saturday, August 08, 2009

Ashers First....

Asher got his first Ear Infection this week. Big bummer...but we're 2 days into healing and he's getting a little less fussy.
I must say though, I never thought 1 tsp was a lot of anything until I had to try and get a fussy infant to consume it. In bubble gum flavor. At first I tried putting in this pacifier contraption my sister Beki gave me. That didn't work out too well and I had bright pink stains all over his clothes. The next administration I tried to mix it with 1 oz of breastmilk. That took about 20 minutes to get him to eat. No bueno.
So this morning Amy held him down and I squirted it into his cheeks a little at a time. He definitely didn't like it, but it only took about 2 minutes and then we were all happy. So I think we're going to stick with administration method numero tres (3) from now on.

And this is also a no bueno time for my husband to be gone for 5 days. But why not experience my first bout of single parent-hood at our child's most ornery time. :)

(and mike took the point 'n shoot with him, so I only have the deluxe camera w/ interchangeable lenses left. So I had to try and take an 'artsy' photo....)

Tuesday, August 04, 2009

More Alaska...just because

I just stole these off the new sista's facebook (that's Amy K). And it just reminded me of how much fun we had in good ol' Alaska....

Monday, August 03, 2009

Pics for Pat

Here's a few pictures of the little munchkin (who I have been calling Munchie lately...I should move on from that nickname). I called today to setup his 4 month appt for next week, when he will be turning 4 months...but the next opening is Sept 8th. Oops.

Frugal Fran

So Mike's company was just sold last week, so in a week or two he will no longer be employed. That being said, we're working on not spending our hard earned money so frivolously. So this week for our date we went to a dollar movie. I must admit, I have a hard time walking into a movie theatre and not hitting the concessions. My usual is popcorn, no butter, and a sprite. It's the perfect combo for the movies.

Well, in an effort to conserve I decided to break the rules a little bit. I popped popcorn at home on the stove (we don't have a microwave) and put the 'movie theatre butter' flavor all over it. Then I poured sprite into a water bottle (not to try and fool anyone, but because the sprite was in a 2 liter bottle in our fridge).
Thankfully, I bought an extra large purse in lieu of a diaper bag, so both items fit inside no problemo. The hardest part was probably waiting until the lights went down to start snacking. I didn't want any of the other patrons to be jealous of my green tupperware.

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