Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Girls Weekend, Part 2

Thanks Lindsey for the awesome blog post :)

So the first day that I missed was a little more than they bargained for but we really made up for it the next two days.

Friday started off wonderful because Lindsey got a donut. She hadn't ever seen doughnuts in the Regency club and seriously when she saw them, she couldn't stop smiling. So while Jen and Megan were running 12 miles, Stacy, Tracy, and Kristin were at the gym, and Melissa and Judy were on a walk, Lindsey and I spent Friday morning eating donuts and commenting on how Kelly Clarkson has put on a few lbs. (anyone see Divas Live?)

That's irony.

But we didn't follow any type of schedule, which is the best part of a vacation.

The sun was out, so we soaked it all in. Chit chatting by water makes it so much more fun.

John and Layla were next door playing at the park so they stopped by to witness all the girlie fun.

Layla agreed that we know how to get down.

Later we headed out on the water to get a better view of the crystal clear water and the back side of all the mansions.
Once again Megan and Lindsey were in the back, their kayak apparently "would not go straight" But I was there to keep them company.
We ate dinner at Lindsey's house Saturday night, then afterward got our craft on.

There seem to be no pictures of the craft, but we made 29 fabric plates and glittered up some pine cones.

SATURDAY morning Lindsey got another donut. And since she was on vacation she opted out of exercise. But everyone else got some gym or walk time in. Lindsey had to work on her seminary lesson for Sunday, but half of the group hiked up Tunnel Creek road and they came back with lots of pine cone souvenirs.

Then we headed to the pool.

More of this
A record amount of magazines were read this weekend.

When we returned to the room a little surprise was waiting on the beds.

John, once again, hooked. us. up.

Then we walked out on the beach to the pier. The waves were huge.

Obviously Lindsey appreciated the robe the most-est.

We roasted some rock hard marshmellows.

Then we went back to the room to play the "favorite things" game.

Everyone brought three of their favorite thing. Then we pulled three names out of a hat, and those people received your three things. It was way fun. People brought their favorite chocolate, chap stick, mascara, kitchen gadget, cards, brush, and flip flops. Fun game.

Then we played scum. I actually enjoyed myself for winning a record number of times.

But it didn't really matter that Lindsey was horrible at scum because it was the funnest night ever. We just talked and laughed a ton. It could have been because it was so late, but we laughed the whole time.

We painted nails.

But Lindsey reminded me some things are better left to the Koreans.
We played "down by the banks" and had intentions of fitting in Truth or Dare and Light as a feather/stiff as a board, but we all were beat by 1 am. It's been a while since I've seen that hour.

Once again, I am very lucky for the family I inherited. It was such a fun weekend and I am glad we all made the effort to go and see Lindsey in Tahoe.

Monday, September 21, 2009


Here's a little video from bathtime tonight. He really like's the bath a lot more now that he can sit up by himself. Sorry, the second one is sideways....we're still working on our videography skillz.



Stats from the Doctor

Here are Asher's Stats from his 5 month appointment a few weeks ago.

Height: 27 in 90%
Weight: 17 lb 5 oz 71%

Still a big boy....

Tahoe Girls Trip

This past weekend I went on a phenomenal trip to Tahoe with the Parry girls (and one Bradley). We had so much fun! It was full of laying by the lake, kayaking, crafting, eating, playing cards, walking, more eating, working out / running (by some, myself not included), etc. It was almost non-stop. So you would think I would've taken a ton of photos to document this fantastic trip, but I got home last night and looked at my camera and found two photos.

Asher playing with Layla. Asher got to finally where his super cute swimsuit. I like to call it Euro-hipster. He even got a compliment while at the pool.... John got us a great cabana down by the water so we could relax in style. The cabana only had 2 chairs, so we had to have the cabana boys bring down 6 more. Yes, there were a lot of ladies.
The only other picture I got was of Megan wearing the snuggie. This was a seat at the game of President and Scum we were playing...the snuggie chair started out as good luck, then quickly lost it's charm. But can you believe that some people had never heard of a snuggie? Then while I was at Costco today, I saw them on sale for $19.99. Better hurry and get one, you don't want to be the only one without.

So I'm hoping all the other girls post some good pictures of the trip so I can steal them off their blogs and post more. But it was a great weekend!

Thanks a lot to the Tahoe Parry's, John, Lindsey and Layla.

Sunday, September 20, 2009


Asher and I went to his 4 month appointment 2 weeks ago (yes, he was 5 months) and she discussed trying out solids on him. He seemed ready. So, we decided we were ready too. We waited until Friday to be safe then we gave it a shot.

Try try try as I might, he hated it. He was spitting it out and glaring at me with those 'What are you trying to do here lady' eyes. Oh, the little boy is growing up....

Here's a video if you're interested....

Sunday, September 13, 2009

The new Car Seat

So we got a legitimate car seat for my baby shower, which is awesome. But we've always used the bucket up until now (you know, the infant car seat carrier bucket everyone has on their shopping carts).

Well, I wanted to see if the big legit car seat would fit in the car, so I brought it up from the basement and pulled it out of the box. I left it in the dining room for a while so I could figure out how the contraption worked with all the straps, etc.
I walked around the corner and saw Mike using it as a comfy living room chair....apparently it has a pretty good weight limit :)

Friday, September 04, 2009

and yes, a little more...

So we haven't done much since the last post...except one day we did have an impromtu photo session. Nothing too exciting, just mike with the camera taking 100 pictures.
These are just my favs...
Because I really like my boy. Well, both my boys I should say :)
Speaking of, the older boy. The Man if you will, made me a delicious candlelight dinner the other night. and again the next night...it was very sweet of him.

And we've been working on the young ones sitting skills. They are getting better and better every day. He's up to about 10 minutes without falling over, pretty impressive. I'm getting little nervous for when he starts crawling. Just the other day I had him on the floor and when I came back he had rolled across the room and the rocking chair was knocking him in the head. No bueno...we're going to have to kid proof our house someday....not looking forward to it.

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