Saturday, November 28, 2009

Asher's Message of the Day

(Today is the Univ of Utah vs. BYU game. GO UTES!)

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

First Tooth / Sick Baby / Long Weekend

So when I picked up Asher from Daycare on Friday I noticed he had a fever. (Please note, Asher has never had a fever up until this point. Somehow in his 4 months in daycare he's never been sick enough to warrant a fever.) So taken in his armpit, his temp was 100.7. I heard somewhere that when you take their temp in their armpit you add a degree, so you could imagine my concern when I did the math and realized he had a temp of almost 102. So I immediately drove to Smith's to buy some Tylenol and give it to him in the car before the drive home. When we got home the armpit temp was down to 99.3. I was feeling better.

That night, I think Asher slept a total of 3 hours. The whole night I kept thinking 'I hope he doesn't have the swine...I really hope he doesn't have the swine'.
Saturday morning he woke up with a ginormous green crusted growth on the outside of one of his nostrils...and again had an armpit temp of 101.3. So Mike and I decided to take him to the doctor.

As we waited in the lobby we looked around at all the extremely sick people. They were wearing masks, barely staying conscious, loved ones consoling them, etc. Then I looked at our son who was just sitting there playing around with some non-toy object like he always does.

Our name was called and we went in to see the doc. He asked a few normal questions, diarrhea? no, vomiting? no, eating okay? yes, overall well-being? fine. I could see the pattern and started to feel like I was going to get the new parent talk again. And we did. But in a very nice way.

He took time to show us the best way to clean out the baby's nose with saline, what to look for to really be nervous about, and he taught us about fevers. Apparently they're a good thing. The fever stops the virus from growing so the body can fight it faster and stronger. But, they can also spike, so you want to control them with tylenol. So in the future, unless it's 103 or above or he seems lethargic or vomiting, etc., or it's lasted more then 3 days, it's fine to just keep an eye on him from home. Oh yeah, and the whole add a degree thing was a myth. He smiled and said "No, you don't add a degree or multiply by the square root of six. You just tell us the temp and how you got it."

So we went home not too embarrassed because the doctor was super nice, works in park city, and taught us a ton about how to be parents when it comes to sickness. We kept giving Asher tylenol, he kept fussing and not wanting to sleep.

Cut to Monday, literally :) We wake up, no fever anymore. Yipee!! Then you stick your finger in his mouth and what do you feel? A Tooth!! In retrospect all the signs were there, the drooling, the chewing on the edge of the table, the complete change of behavior when given teething tabs. But no, I was too worried about the swine to think 'Oh, maybe he's just teething'.

Lesson learned. All these lessons would be nice to know ahead of time...but I guess until you live it you will never know.

Doctor Visit #4....

Well, really we've been to the doctor much more then 4 times. Yes, we're first time parents :) But today was the 4th Well Visit or Checkup or whatever it's called.

I'm sure I've said this before hundreds of times, but I LOVE our doctor. She is awesome. If anyone in the Salt Lake area needs a recommend I will give you her info. Ah-maze-ing.
That said, it was a good visit. We talked about fevers, and solid foods, and poop, and penis', and everything you'd ever want to talk about regarding a 7 month old boy. When we got to the nursing piece, I told her I felt my milk supply was decreasing. I hit a point at work where the stress level skyrocketed for a few weeks and it's never been the same since. Then she noticed his weight percentile dropped from 83% to 34%.... no bueno. In 2.5 months he's gained less then a pound. So now we will be 'finishing' his feedings with formula, which will quickly turn into a no more breastmilk and all formula scenario.

It's bittersweet really. Yes, I will not miss dragging a breast-pump to work and cleaning all the pieces every night. I will not miss the freezing and dating and thawing and mixing and cleaning of all the bottles. Funny, if Asher only had formula I would clean less bottles. (currently 4 from the pump, 2 from daycare). But I will miss the bonding, the 'needing' (yes I know it sounds selfish), the miraculous calorie burning (seriously, I could eat only brownies all day every day and not gain a pound), the ease of feeding him while still asleep. But alas, we have reached a point that I knew we would get to eventually.

Other then that, everything was great. She was excited about his crawling and pulling himself up and loved his ocean blue eyes as usual. We are happy to have a healthy, happy, seriously easy boy. :)

The official Stats:
Weight: 18.13 lbs 34%
Height: 28.75 inches 90%
Head: 17.3 inches 33%

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Trouble....He's in Trouble

So I went to pick Asher up from Daycare today, and as I was walking in Miss Allison was telling me how Asher was in big trouble. I was nervous, thinking 'Oh no, what did he do? Is he hitting kids already? Did he pee during a diaper change? What happened?' Then she said 'He has pulled himself up 3 times today! He is not supposed to be doing that'.

I felt much better. Then got a little nervous.
This past weekend my sister and her 3 kids stayed with us. It was tons of fun, but definitely an eye opener as to how un-ready our house is for a fully mobile kid. For some reason it just seems like something so far off into the distance I shouldn't have to worry about. Almost like it won't really happen. Maybe we'll be the lucky ones and Asher will learn to walk and not want to play with anything except his can dream right?

(This post should also be titled '7 Months' as Asher turned 7 months old yesterday)

Tuesday, November 10, 2009


This past weekend has been bittersweet. My Grandmother passed away on Thursday, so the weekend was full of tears and hugs. But it was sweet in that those hugs were with many family members I haven't seen in quite a while. My Grandma had 14 kids, which gives us 86 first cousins on just that side of the family. In addition, there are 144 Great Grandkids.

I remember all growing up we had these huge family reunions in Sun Valley, ID and later Oceanside, CA where all the Aunts, Uncles and Cousins would gather. We were quite the brood when we all got together, usually taking over entire condominium complexes. But some of my favorite memories were getting together with cousins (there were usual at least 5-10 in each age group) and running around, playing cards, capture the flag, running through golf courses at night, etc. But it makes me want a huge family so I can give my kids that same experience.

Listening to the stories shared over the past few days has been wonderful. My Grandma definitely touched not only my life, but obviously hundreds of others. She was an amazing lady and she will be greatly missed. After I had Asher I would ask her little motherly advice questions and she always had great answers. I'm sad I won't get to continue to ask her questions as Asher gets older, but I am appreciative for all the moments I was able to share with her.

Love you Grandma.

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