Wednesday, December 30, 2009

The Stockings were Hung....

So for those of you that aren't aware...Mike's Mom loves Asher. And when I say loves, I don't mean that in a 'Oh I love Dr. Pepper' kind of way, it's more of a borderline obsessive compulsive disorder kind of way.

So, you can imagine my lack of shock when we arrived at the Saltsman House for Christmas this year and found the stocking setup pictured here. Now, it's hard to see because of the smallness, but the two stockings to the left of the obnoxiously large one say 'Mike' and 'Lizzie'. And the little one to the right says 'Doug', who is Mike's brother.

Needless to say Asher enjoyed his first Christmas. Mike and I did too, despite the lack of stocking stuffers.

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Vacation Cont.

Sorry about the previous post, it was late at night and I was extremely tired and irritated. But, the day has gotten off to a better start.

To look on the bright side:
-I got to watch the movie 'Center Stage' last night after we checked in and I put my son to bed. Yes!
-The hotel we stayed at was surprisingly nice. I was nervous it was going to be questionable at best, but great bathroom amenities, comfy bed, big pillows, nice shower, fluffy towels and robes. And they had a basket of toothbrushes and toothpaste in a basket on the front desk :)
-It seemed the majority of people traveling today were also stuck in Denver last night, so I didn't feel weird that I had no makeup on and was still wearing the same clothes from yesterday.
-Our flight this morning wasn't until we got to sleep in and leisurely make our way to the airport. Enjoyed a delicious breakfast at Paradise Bakery and slow walk with the babe down to the gate.
-The only seats left on the flight this morning were First Class. Bonus :)
-When we walked to the baggage claim this morning to make sure our bags would follow us to Bismarck, the gentlemen remembered our bags specifically and confirmed they were on the flight. Amazing!!
-Though we had to sit on the tarmac again for about an hour waiting for the de-icer truck, we got to enjoy delicious orange juice and snacks from the wonderful flight attendant. Go First Class!

So, now our vacation is going quite well. Life is so much better when you focus on the good :)

Thank You United

Thank You United

Thank you for extending my Christmas vacation to include 1 night in Denver

Thank you for letting us see the connecting flight, but not get on board

Thank you for teaching me that hotel vouchers are not given for weather related delays

Thank you for teaching me that you actually don't have a customer service line. Unless of course you're talking about the amazingly long line in the airport for your hundreds of stranded passengers.

Thank you for giving me a toothbrush. Although fresh breath is important, what I really need is some diapers and formula

Thank you for letting me stand on a shuttle bus for 20 minutes on the interstate holding a sleeping baby with 25 others who are all
hoping for a room at the Inn.

Thank you for your amazing lack of organization when it comes to baggage. Weird that I can be in a city for 12 hours but you still can't locate my bag.

Thank you for reminding me why you should always travel with clean underwear in your carry-on.

Thank you for your amazing ability to make your passengers feel like less then a number. But I think you really like numbers.

Thank you for reminding me why I usually go out of my way to avoid your airline. Even if I spend more. In the future I'll be sure not to forget.

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Sunday, December 20, 2009

Shopping with Asher

Asher and I had our weekly visit at Target yesterday. He's usually a great kid in a cart. He sits in the front part and just looks at everyone. If he gets tired because Amy and I are spending too much time looking at slippers he just pulls his feet in and reclines in the front part of the cart.

Well, yesterday it was just me and him (Amy had to go to the Caribbean for Christmas). While perusing the hundreds of types of diapers for sale I looked in the cart and Asher was standing in the front part leaned over the back trying to grab things out. I grabbed him and tried to sit him back down but he wasn't having it. So, I put in the in the back part so he could play with all the items we were purchasing.

After only a few minutes in the back he pulled himself up to standing and just stood in the back of the cart the whole rest of the time. Now, I should know better after reading Lindsey's blog about this same thing....but he seemed so happy and content.

I think this might be our new way of shopping, at least until he's tall enough to tumble over.

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Family Fun Day

So for Family Fun Day we decided to head up to Park City and do some Outlet Mall shopping for Christmas. Well, we decided to drive up into a mountain town in the middle of the first big snow storm of the year.

The drive was fine heading up there, then Mike dropped Asher and I off at the Outlets so he could go take Griffin for a little snow-walk/fun run. When we got out of the car it wasn't bad, just starting to snow really. So we headed into the Gap.

When we walked out of the Gap it was a blizzard. Huge flakes of snow falling down like a wall of white. So I put on Asher's hood, put on my hood and out we went. I was happy I wore my new ultra-grip North Face snow boots I bought for work. I think it might literally have saved our lives.

But as we walked from Gap to Carters, which is maybe 100 yards, we were drenched with snow. Never has the short walk across the street seemed so long. I meant to take a photo, but I was afraid I would drop the phone in the snow and slip trying to pick it up then get run over by a car because we were covered in snow and the car wouldn't be able to tell we were lying there. Yes, I have quite the vivid futuristic imagination of horrible things to come.

Needless to say that didn't happen. And we made it to all the stores we wanted to go to. Except a few personal shopping stops, but I can do those on my lunch break.

I found Mike in the Bose store scoping out $2000+ surround sound systems. Yes, he's a dreamer. :)

But we did have a pleasant and warm drive home. Thank goodness for heat seaters. :)

Dog or Baby ?

Yes, they share toys. And yes, they both chew on them. Can you tell Griffin is getting a bit jealous?


Asher loves his dad so much, he went over to the couch while Mike was napping and started pounding on his head until he woke up. Oh love....isn't it grand.

I suppose I could've been a good wife and deterred Asher from waking up his Dad, but who would want to deter such a friendly display of affection? What kind of mother would I be if I taught my son not to love...

It's Official...

It's official. Asher is officially a Saltsman now. He got his first season pass! Yipee!!

Sadly, they don't start lessons until age 2. But I'm optimistic we can actually get him on skis for one run before this season's over.... more of a Mom/Son lesson. Or a Mom holds son between her legs while they go down the bunny hill quasi lesson.

Mike was a little upset when I suggested we have him ski first, but I assured him that when he's 3 we can put him on a snowboard. For now, while he still can't walk, it might be best to stick with things that go forward....


So we're trying to get Asher to feed himself more, versus us feeding him everything. When we put things on his food tray, he usually just pounds his hands down so the food bounces everywhere and off the tray.

So I thought I'd try more of a chunk of something. Enter Avocado. I cut one up and was mashing a piece in a bowl to feed him...then the idea came to me. Just give him a slice. So I put a larger slice (pretty much a 1/4 avocado) on the tray. He picked it up and began sucking on it like a sucker. After a bit he was biting off small pieces. Success!
He continued to eat at it until it was just a small piece, at which point we were done.
He was a large green mess afterwards. But a happy camper!

I just have to say I'm thankful for whomever gave me the tip on 'Spray N Wash w/ Resolve'

Monday, December 07, 2009

The Runaway

Tonight during a routine diaper change, I turned for a moment to grab the clean diaper. When I looked back this is what I saw.....

He was quickly on his way out the back door. I wonder if he realized how cold it would be out there with all the new snow....

Why Buy Toys?

Why spend money on toys when playing with the Costco goods is just as fun. And they end up useful too. Two birds with One Stone...that's what I call it. :)

Baby's First Christmas Tree

We put up the Christmas Tree and Asher was enamored with it. I was a little nervous at first that it would become an obsession, but the miscellaneous boxes on the floor are much more entertaining then a tree.
Just to be safe we kept the ornaments a few feet off the ground. He will occasionally tug at a branch, but after he realizes it doesn't make any noise he is quickly bored with it and onto banging something else.

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