Thursday, January 28, 2010

9 Months (well 9.5 really)

Asher had his 9 month appointment yesterday and all is well. Right now he is pulling himself up easily, using his walker to walk around and walking while we hold his hands. He's a speed demon crawler otherwise, and Griffin really enjoys having someone around at his level. He loves to open cupboards and drawers and pull everything out. He's not so good at closing the drawers and often gets his fingers stuck in them, which is no bueno. We have so far locked one cabinet door with baby locks....but we haven't been too quick with the others. We should probably get on that.
He's starting to say words 'Ma-Ma' and 'Ba-Ba' are pretty regular, and he babbles away while he plays on the floor or while we drive in the car. It's cute as can be.
Asher is also feeding Griffin about half his food, so we're going to have to start putting Griffin in the back while we eat dinner otherwise I'm not sure Asher will eat anything. His favorite thing is to dangle something over the edge of the high chair so Griffin starts to hop up and get excited, then Asher will eat it. Don't worry, about 2 seconds later he's throwing things off the edge and watching Griffin snatch them up. It's quite a show...
Asher still only has 2 teeth, we're thinking he may or may not get more. But most likely he will. He eats well, a little of everything really. Loves yogurt and cheese. Eats cheerios, breads, lunch meats, avacado, edamame, and more.

We talked to the doctor about the 1 year mark, and the bottles and pacifiers. I told her my Grandma has a strict rule, 1 year old you take away the bottle and the pacifier. My doctor said she was a smart woman! She said the sooner you take away the pacifier the better and she made some really good points. Right now, Asher isn't super attached to a pacifier. He doesn't really 'need' it ever, we just always give it to him. So I think we'll start weaning now as I don't think it will be too big of a deal. Nighttime will be interesting....but I'm sure we'll get through it.
I had a lot of questions about the specifics of this whole 'transfer' time. Formula to milk, bottle to sippy cup. Bottle to real food. I'm surprised this all really happens in real life. It seems so....un-plannable. And I'm quite the planner so it's weird to not be able to plan out the 14 different scenarios. But I guess we'll just run with it and hope for the best :)

I'm ranting. So let's get down to business. Here's the stats:

Length: 29.75 in 86%
Weight: 20.44 lbs 42%
Head: 18.3 in 78 %

So his weight is a little low for his height, (the ideal weight for his height is 22.8 lbs) but he's gained 2.5 lbs since the last appointment so we're doing good. And the doctor reassured me by reminding me he is extremely active.

We love our little man and are so happy to have him around. It really is fun having someone to teach how to wave and high-five.

Sunday, January 24, 2010



Just a reminder that Asher is our first child. So we are pretty excited about every new step....and we like to push him towards those new steps as quickly as possible.
So the latest step is just that, taking steps. He's been standing on his own for the last week or so, so we decided to start coercing him to take a few steps on his own. Normally he just falls into us while quickly moving his feet on the floor. But over the last day or two he's really been taking a few steps before falling into us.

Pretty exciting stuff. And I know we will regret it when he starts running away from us, but for now we are excited.

Christmas Gift #27

So the other reason I haven't been posting a lot is because Mike got us (or me really) this cool gift for Christmas. Can you tell what it is? No, it's not the messing room or the pile of shoes and boots. or the mess of coats hanging on the coat rack. It's the PIANO!!! Can you believe it!! For years I've wanted one, and now finally my wish came true. No to recreate my stock of music to play....oh the joy! Asher loves playing it as well....which is great. Most of the time. :)

Saturday, January 23, 2010


So...we went snowboarding today. And on our way down in the gondola a
young boy jumped in our cabin. Nothing out of the ordinary. As we're
chatting on the way down Mike started complaining he hasn't played
Modern Warfare (a video game) for almost 2 weeks. I reminded him he
was playing on Wesnesday when I got home from work.
After a second the young 11 year old boy from Maryland chimed in. It
sent like this:
B. You play modern warfare?
M. Yea, do you play?
B. Yea, I play.
M. What level are you?
B. Prestige 63. What level are you?
M. No way! You've already lapped me? I'm only 65.
B. Yea, I don't play that often. Only on the weekends.
M. That is so lame.

I glance over at mike and he's pouting. I couldn't believe an 11 year
old boy made my 32 year old man pout.

Funny. And he's gonna kill me for posting this. But it was too funny.

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Friday, January 22, 2010

Working Hard for the Money....

Sorry for the lack of posting lately. I've been busy......working. :)

Saturday, January 09, 2010

Just a fun pic...

Asher and Mike hanging out on the couch before Asher's nap. You can see it in his little eyes he tired.... And Mike takes advantage of the pre-nap time because it's rare the young one will sit still for more then 2 seconds...even when drinking a bottle.


Gee Mike, what's going on under that blanket? Oh yeah, that's right. Just hiding the Xbox controller from view so Asher won't interrupt your gaming. But if they're playing in the same room, they're playing right?

Mike really is wonderful with Asher, I just thought it was hilarious when I walked around the corner and saw this. I had to ask because at first it made no sense to me whatsoever. Mike's not a big blanket guy.

Monday, January 04, 2010

The little big boy

My sister had this great seat that attaches to the counter or a table for little ones to eat in. And since all her kids are a little bigger now, she let me borrow.

Previously we have just fed Asher in the bumbo on the counter. But as of late he can tip the whole thing over and crawl out....which doesn't help contain the eating messes. So last night I set up the bigger kids chair on the counter to test it out. We were at babies r us the other night looking at high chairs, but our house is so small the less furniture the better. I was hopeful that it would work, but i wasn't sure.
So tonight we put him in the new chair to eat a little dinner. Yes, it's a pancake. And he did quite well. He actually seemed to really love it. He pounded on the counter, and looked around at the whole room. So excited to see everything at this new level.
He ate well and just hung out when he was done. He also really enjoyed watching the dog lick up his crumbs. He hasn't learned the throw food to the dog, yet. But I assume after seeing his enjoyment of watching the dog beg, that it won't be long until he figures out how to feed the dog...

Saturday, January 02, 2010

Take a Drink

Asher is in the midst of his 'I need to touch and eat everything' phase. So the other night Mike was giving him a bath in the sink and he (mike) turned the water on to warm up the bath a bit.

Asher was enamored with the water. He could see, but he just couldn't grab it. After trying to grab the water stream for quite a while he decided to use his other sense, the mouth. So he would continuously try to bite the water. It was pretty cute.

Christmas Cont

Once I knew that Mike was getting Asher a skateboard for Christmas, I didn't feel like a good mother anymore with my little gift of 4 Dr. Seuss books. And since life is a competition, especially parenting, I had to come up with something good.

After seeing Layla love her little chair so much I decided to get Asher his own chair as well. He seemed to love it a lot at first....but he didn't take to it quite as I had imagined. I thought he would be sleeping in it, sitting in it, playing with it, just always wanting to be on or around it. That is not really the case, yet.

I am trying to make him love it, so everytime I put him down I put him in the chair. He hasn't really grasped the chair concept yet, so he's fallen out of it a few times. I'm thinking now I should hold off on the forceful chair sitting and let him learn to love it in his own time. As we all know he will, right?

Skateboarding ... sort of

Mike's gift to Asher this year was a skateboard. I thought it was a bit premature seeing that he doesn't walk yet, but Asher seems to be enjoying it. He will crawl across the room and pull the skateboard off the wall and start rolling it around the house. Mike loves that he loves skateboards.

Here's a little vid of the first skateboarding attempt and success.

Friday, January 01, 2010

Christmas 2009

So. I didn't do a very good job of documenting our Christmas this year with here's a few that were taken with phones. At least we have that, right?

Well, from previous posts you know the trip started off with a rough patch...but it was smooth sailing from that point on. Well almost.

On our way from Denver to Bismarck we were blessed with first class. Asher slept most of the way which was delightful and amazing. We landed in Bismarck and our luggage came with us. All good things.

The day after we arrived, there were all these blizzard warnings on TV. Awesome. But looking out the window it seemed so calm, yet everyone in the house was complaining of how crazy the weather was. I obviously am used to a different kind of crazy. It wasn't until we tried to drive to a friends house that I realized the issue. It's not necessarily the snow coming down that's the problem, it's the wind blowing around the snow that's already on the ground. So you'd be driving along and the roads a little snowy, no big whoop. Then all of the sudden there's a 10 foot wide blockade of snow in the road that's 3 feet high. Mike's mom for some reason thought her little Honda Accord was a hummer and persistently drove into and reversed out of a snow drift about 15 times until the people watching came over with snow blowers and shovels and cleared a path. (But you have to give her credit, the blizzak's did work pretty well, and after that Mike is a lot more trusting of me driving my little Mazda in the snow. )

So since there was a blizzard, what else would you do but stay inside and bake. So I made a cheesecake, well two really. One was totally burnt on top, but the other was quite delicious.

And Mike went out the get the snowblower to clear the driveway and sidewalks. As I was peering out the back sliding door watching him and taking photos, Mike's mom walked over and mentioned that most people would just turn on the snowblower and actually clear themselves a path with it.

But Mike seemed to prefer dragging the large machine through the 3 feet of snow. Hey, whatever you need to do to prove your manhood is fine with me.

And I should've gotten more photos of Asher opening gifts on his first Christmas. One would think that first time parents would be a little more on top of that, but at least I got a photo of him playing with one of his gifts. His first cell phone. Grandma obviously didn't realize he had his own iPhone at home...but this phone comes with a calling network built in. A rabbit, a cat and a dog. And he's not picky, he loves it.
And seriously. Look what happens when you put two irresponsible parents in the back seat with their son. It turns into a 'how many pacifiers can we stack in his mouth' contest.

I really think they probably should have made us take a parenting test before allowing us to have children.

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