Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Sickly Sickly Sickly

This is what my desk looked like around noon today. Yes, I believe Asher gave me some sort of a disease...and if I feel this horrible I can only imagine how he felt. It came on strong Sunday night...but I fought through it like a warrior. This morning I got up, took a shower, then crawled back into bed. Mike finally convinced me to stay home, and I was so relieved once I agreed. But when I picked up my blackberry to email my boss, I did a quick check of my calendar to make sure I wasn't going to miss anything important. I saw I had a hair appointment this, I pulled it together and went to work. I couldn't stand calling in sick and then showing up the next day with a hair cut and dye. They would call my bluff, so if I was okay enough to sit in a salon chair I was okay enough to sit in a desk chair I suppose.

I'm hoping tomorrow will be the beginning of my progression out of this dreaded head cold...but I've thought that every day so far. So I'm not betting too much on it. But I do know that there will be some point in the future where I will not be sniffling....and that point is what is keeping me going.
Well that and my new haircut :)

Sunday, February 21, 2010


Since my Grandma passed away in November I've had the oppurtunity to spend Sunday's accompaning my Grandfather to church. Well, Asher and I. I was a little nervous at first taking both an infant and an elderly blind man into a situation of calm and reverence where everyone is expected to be still for over am hour, but now that I'm experienced at it I wouldn't change it for the world. My Grandpa is so amazing with babies, and especially Asher, it is so fun to see them interact.

Half-way through the meeting Asher will dive bomb for Grandpa. And Grandpa just calmly grabs him, sets him on his lap, and continues to bounce him or rock him or play. Asher will turn around and grab his chin the hug him then try to climb over him and all the while Grandpa just calmly obliges him. Today I think Asher spent more time on His great-grandpas lap then mine.

My Grandpa turns 90 this week, and as I was watching him today I just hope I can be as patient and loving when I'm 90 as he is. I'm lucky to get to spend such consistent quality time with him in his last years. (he joked today maybe as a great birthday gift he won't wake up on his birthday). I'm hoping he sticks around for a few more.

Friday, February 19, 2010


I was trying to give him a bubbles mohawk...but it turned into torture. Bad parenting at it's best.

Laundry Helper

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Tis the Season

Today went something like this....
I had the privilege of holding my son all day. And not just because I wanted to, but because he wanted me to. Isn't it great to feel loved?!?!

The real reason is that my little buddy has been rocking a fever for the past two days. We went to the doctor today and she said it's classic RSV. Then she said it was going to be a rough week.... (week? really? shouldn't it be 'few days'?)

The fever's not too extreme, but very consistent. So we're doing the Motrin/Tylenol dance. I bought a new humidifier for his room (which is so wonderful it caused the left side of the crib to be extremely wet. Perhaps I'll turn it down a bit). And every time I try to lay him in his crib to sleep, he wakes up and cries. But the second I pick him up he's asleep on my shoulder. Amazing.

So, here's hoping the 'rough week' is really only one more day....I'm afraid my neck will start cramping up if it lasts any longer.

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Love-i-versary - Round 4

Mike and I just celebrated our 4th Anniversary. Can you believe it? Craziness.

Before our hot date, I had my sister take some pics in hopes we could get a cute couple photo, but nothing really turned out in the beginning.

Then Asher joined us and it went from serious to fun to ... interesting.

The restaurant choice was a surprise. The only thing Mike told me was that 'We might leave hungry'. Which I took to mean 'the food might be absolutely disgusting so we may be driving through Mickey D's on the way home'. But I was excited. We get so stuck sometimes going to the same restaurants for various occasions that to go somewhere new that neither of us had been to was adventurous. Just like kids again. :)

The place we went was named 'Forage'. But forage we did not. It was a very cute contemporary small restaurant in an old converted home. But super nice, clean, cute, nice, cute, etc. The menu was Prix Fixe, so we picked our appetizer, entree and dessert right out of the gate. You could tell by the options and menu layout this was going to be good.

Right after we ordered they came out with the amuse-bouche. All 3 items were heavenly and delicious and crazy. One of them was a 'Soft Scrambled Egg with a something something mousse and honey something something, yada yada'. But it was served in the eggshell. That may not be exciting for some, but Mike and I spent the entire time talking about how they served it in the eggshell and how many eggshells they must have gone through.

But everything that came after was amazing. And yes, the portions were small, which is why Mike was afraid we would leave hungry. But we only ordered 3 courses, but were served about 10 different things. Even after dessert they brought out Chocolate Peanut Butter macaroons and Grapefruit Jellies. Then, as we are walking out very full, they had us a little bag with an Apple Dumpling Muffin to take home.

all in all we had a great great time.

Oh, and since it was the 4th anniversary, the year of Flowers and Fruit, it took me a long time to figure out what to get Mike. What do you get a man that has to do with flowers and fruit? At first, I was going to give him a snowboarding helmet, but turn it over and fill it with fruit a la fruit bowl. Thus trying to incorporate the fruit into an extremely non-flowery fruit gift.

Then one night I was watching him cultivate this avacado plant he's been growing since it was a pit (it's been 2 years now) and the idea came to me.

A Lemon Tree!!!

I had a friend tell me a few years ago about how he wanted to get a lemon and a lime tree for his house. I thought that was weird, and he assured me they sold indoor citrus trees that were super fragrant and produced fruit. So I called Cactus and Tropicals and they had them in stock. I dragged Amy there to pick one out and I was done. Except, the day of our anniversary I stopped by to pick it up on my way home and they were CLOSED. Lame. So the gift was a day late and a dollar short. Which is becoming my M O.

Overall, great love-i-versary. Looking forward to hundreds more.

Asher - 10 Months

Asher is 10 months now. He is quite the cruiser. He can walk, sort of. He just doesn't. He will go from me to the chair to Mike back to me and over to the couch. But he won't wander out into the abyss (aka the dining room) unless there is a specific target for him to reach.
I got him some soft soled shoes today in hopes it will give him a little more consistency in the traction department. Right now he wears socks, goes barefoot, or has traction footed pajamas. He seems to walk with the most confidence in the pajamas, so I figured I'd get him some shoes that most resembled the qualities of the pajamas. We shall see.

I am also going to start the transition off bottles. Don't worry, this won't be extreme. I'm just going to start pairing meals with bottles, instead of having them spread out. So hopefully he starts eating a little more food and a little less bottle as days go on. So in two months I can make Grandma B proud and get rid of the bottle.

I was also thinking of potty training him....but I figured I should wait until he walks, right?

Nothing else exciting, just that we love love love him to pieces. The other night we were sitting on the couch and a commercial came on with a little boy saying something to his dad (I wasn't really paying attention) and Mike said 'Ohhh, that's so cute.' Then he looked at me and said 'I hate this! You've turned me into a loving father'. haha. That is correct Michael, I turned you into a father. :)

Thursday, February 11, 2010


Asher's Daycare is really a preschool that takes a few infants. So we are extremeley fortunate that he gets to celebrate the holidays with all the big kids! For halloween then made these cute foot print ghosts, and for Christmas they made reindeer ornaments with kids pictures wearing antlers. Just generally cute kid stuff.
So today when I picked up the little buddy it came complete with a valentines bag. The teachers all gave him a valentine, as well this little gem was in the bag. Cutest thing ever. So I thought I'd post it for the world to enjoy with us :)

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