Monday, May 10, 2010

So Tired....but So Hungry


Saturday was a pretty fun filled day....we spent most of the day playing in the front yard and back yard and chasing the neighbor dog. Just generally being extremely active. I put Asher in his chair around noon to eat some lunch before going down for a nap. I threw some Apples and 'Puffs' on his tray while I went to make some lunch for him. But, when I returned he was totally out. I went and grabbed my camera, he seemed to wake up...but then I noticed his eyes were closed. It was torture holding in my laughter so I didn't wake him. (and yes, I did take him straight into his bed after this. And he slept for 3.5 hours)

Saturday, May 01, 2010

1 Year Old

I know...Asher really turned one almost a month ago. But I figured it was about time we did a little update on the lad.

Well, following the advice of the great Mildred Bradley, we took away the bottle and the pacifier when he turned one. (We really took the pacifier away a few months earlier, so he didn't suffer a double loss at the same time). He hasn't seemed to mind too much. It took him a bit to get used to milk, but now I don't know if he'd even recognize a bottle it seems.
He is walking around like a little big person. His favorite toy for a while was the hair dryer, but now it seems he enjoys spoons. Just holding on to them. He carries one all the time. And he's very good about switching hands when we're getting dressed or buckling him in the car seat. One day he substituted the spoon for an old tooth brush. I didn't even notice until the checkout lady mentioned the fun toy. I looked down and he was holding a tooth brush with jet black bristles. Oops.
He sleeps amazingly, though he has for most of his life. He goes down at 7:30 and gets up at 7. He does have bad nights every once in a while...but for the most part he's pretty easy.
I think he's getting all 4 top teeth in at the same time. He's only had 2 teeth for most of his life so far, so the additional teeth might prove nice in the eating department.
But having only 2 teeth hasn't slowed him down at all in regards to eating. He eats everything, and his favorite food is whatever I'm eating. I can always count on him to eat peas and black beans if nothing else is appetizing for him. Fruit is more difficult, but he will eat the freeze dried apples, so I figure that's better then nothing.
He says Mommy and Doggy, and just started to say Daddy more clearly. He waves Bye-Bye and is the best hugger around. Every time I pick him up from daycare he runs to me, I pick him up and he lays his head on my shoulder for about 5 minutes. It's the cutest thing.
He loves the neighbors dog. Every time we get out of the car he looks around feverishly for the dog say 'Doggie, Doggie'. If I let him walk alone he will run to the sidewalk and over to the neighbors to see the dog. (I'm starting to wonder if it hurts Griffin's feelings....)

We're pretty lucky to have him, and are excited for every new step he takes. Literally and Figuratively.

(sorry, I've also realized we've been slacking in the photo taking department lately. Hopefully the selection will improve soon)

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