Tuesday, August 03, 2010

Parry Reunion

We had the oppurtunity this year to join the Parry's on the reunion to Island Park, ID. It was delightful, fun and beautiful. Nothing like escaping the heat of the summer with a little mountain destination. And the plethora of young kids was wonderful in keeping Asher entertained.

We took a day and drove up to Yellowstone where we saw Old Faithful (twice. We timed it right and arrived just as it went off, then as everyone else arrived we waited for the next eruption with them)

We also went and had lunch by a beautiful waterfall one day. It was really nice that there was a boardwalk the entire way to the waterfall. Nothing like a major tourist destination to take the work out of enjoying nature :)
We also played some Olympic games, Asher really dominated at the Limbo....other things we were not so good at, like running with an Orange between our legs. But me and the other pregnant chick (Lindsey) dominated at the three legged race. All the other kids were soooo jealous. But it was a great time.

Mike went tubing down a river one day with everyone and had a ball. We questioned for a minute if we should both go and take Asher, but we decided I would stay behind and he go. Afterwards he said that was a way good decision, as the river had a few parts where it got a little hairy and people were tipping over and losing shoes. So, perhaps we'll wait for a few more years for that.

We went into 'town' one night and saw Seven Brides for Seven Brothers. It started out with these skits that the cast would put on...that had nothing to do with the actual musical. I was starting to get a little nervous at first that this was supposed to be the musical and I was completely lost...but after about 20 minutes they had the big opening and I felt much better.

Overall it was a great weekend with great people!

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