Saturday, October 30, 2010

Halloween Part I

Asher's Daycare/Preschool had their Halloween Party on Thursday this week. So Thursday morning we attempted to get him all dressed up, but it turned out to be quite a chore. Every time we walked towards him holding his yoda costume (which is really just a robe and headpiece) he would scream and run away. Finally, we just pulled the parent card and forced the robe on him and locked him in the car seat. He cried half the way to daycare (which is 30 minutes away) and slept the other half. I was so excited to show his teacher his creative fun and exciting costume, and when I walked in the door I saw another kid in his class had the exact same costume on. Now, Asher only has 4 kids in his class. So when 3 out of the 4 kids turn out to be yoda, the creativity really is non-existent.

Apparently the dog costume was the creative fun one this year....oh well. At least he seemed to have fun. But I love his school because they always make such cute crafts. This year they made little footprint ghosts, and fingerprint spiders, and a popcorn stuffed hand with candy corn finger nails.
I think it's more exciting for me to see the stuff then it is for him to make it....but that's what good preschools do right? Just appeal to the parents?
Well Halloween Part I seemed to be a success, now we will attempt trick or treating tonight and see how well that goes....

Thursday, October 21, 2010

The First Haircut

So, after a few months of comments on hair 'Asher's hair is becoming a mullet' or 'Wow, he sure does have some shaggy hair', I figured that 18 months was good age for the first haircut. Not to lie, but I have attempted a few trims of the back of his while he was in his highchair, but every time the scissors would snip he would turn around and scream at me...needless to say that didn't work out.
Since I knew he was going to be a screamer, I decided to take him to one of those Kids Haircut places, Cookie Cutters. We walked in, they had a slide and video games, and they let the kids pick out a video to watch while getting their haircut. I was immediately optimistic thinking these distractions would totally work out.
Well, we picked out our Elmo video and let asher pick which truck he wanted to sit in. I put him in the truck and we were doing okay. Then the girl went to put the cape on him, and the wheels came off. He immediately wanted to get out of the truck but I told him he had to stay, and she buckled him in. Then....she started spraying his hair with the spray bottle. And...then the tears and the screaming came.
I did my best to console him without physically removing him from the chair, he continued to freak out though. I was pressing him against me, trying that 'It's almost like I'm holding you except that I'm not holding you' move. It worked for a bit, but every time she would snip again he would scream.
By the end of it, his hair was a bit longer on the side I was holding him on as she couldn't cut that as well. But once she gave him a sucker and a balloon he was totally fine, like nothing had happened.

He also got a fancy schmancy certificate with a lock of hair, but I'm having technical difficulties with the scanner. Hopefully that will appear later. :)

Tuesday, October 05, 2010

20 Weeks

So I've hit the halfway mark, 20 weeks. (well, technically it was last week, but i'm a delayed blogger lately). This pregnancy sure does seem to be flying by much faster then the last. Perhaps it's the crazy 1.5 year old who is an energy drainer, or the fact that my workload/stressload has about tripled in the last 2 months....either way, it's flying by.

Things that are different this time around, so far:
  • My belly popped out MUCH faster then before. I feel like I'm a whole month or two ahead of where I was last time (as far as showing goes)
  • I haven't picked up one pregnancy book. Well, I did flip through the baby name book for a second, but realized I didn't know the sex yet and immediately lost interest. Last pregnancy I was very diligent and excited to read about every new week and what fruit or vegetable my growing baby would be sized against. Now I'm having trouble just remembering what week I'm in.
  • WAY MORE TIRED....Perhaps it's the fact that I can't come home from work and fall straight asleep on the couch for the night...or perhaps it's because work is so much busier...either way, I was WAY more exhausted this time and have only recently (like in the last week) really felt like I was more myself as far as energy goes.
  • I desire more maternity clothes. Last pregnancy, I really wore a lot of regular clothes for a long time, and just wore long tank tops underneath, or cardigans with a few maternity tops. This time I find myself longing for legitimate maternity clothes. I'm sick of being squished. Let my skin breath for crying out loud.
So, I guess that's it for now. Now that my energy is back I should be back on the more regular posting bandwagon. I use this blog as our family journal and make yearly books out of it. And I keep thinking how dull our 2010 book is going to be if I don't step up my game a bit.

Sunday, October 03, 2010


Well, we haven't had the baby yet....but we're over half way there!! For my birthday gift this week, Mike and I went and had the ultrasound for the little peanut growing inside me. And...we were able to find out it's a boy!! So Asher will have a little brother to play with!

We're very excited, that we have absolutely nothing to do to get ready for this baby. Just pull out and wash some clothes. As they will be born in relatively close to the same seasons...hopefully the years to follow will be just as easy.

The scary part...when the girl was doing the ultrasound, baby #2 was moving around so much and so rapidly that she was having trouble getting pictures of things....I was immediately nervous. Asher was SUCH a mover and shaker in the womb, and has only proved to be equally (or more) energetic outside the if this one is, again, a mover and a shaker I'm going to have my work cut out for me. Hopefully they will learn to entertain each other sooner rather than later. And I keep looking forward to the hope that the teenage years will be made easier with boys (versus girls). That's what everyone keeps telling me....

Helmets - They're Important

For Asher's first birthday, one of our friends gave Asher a helmet. Knowing our family, Mike specifically, this is a wonderful gift. We recently got a bike trailer to pull Asher around in during family bike rides. But it was a little difficult getting him to enjoy wearing the helmet.
So Mike 'took one for the team' and put on his helmet, then showed Asher how fun it is to wear a helmet and bang your head against things. At first I was delighted that Asher was excited to wear the helmet....but after a bit I started to feel like I was watching an episode of The Simpson's. Where my husband and son were just running around the house hitting their heads on things....well, you take what you can get. :)

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