Saturday, November 20, 2010

18 Months (at 19.5 months)

Last week we had Asher's 18 months appointment. I was kinda excited because this is the last appointment with shots until he's 4 I think. Woo-Hoo!! He is growing like a weed, and his personality and vocabulary get larger and stranger every day.

His stats are:
Height: 34.5 in 92%
Weight: 26.57lbs 54%

So he is a pretty tall kid. I couldn't believe it when she told me his height, I kept thinking 'Wow! He's almost 3 feet tall! What happened to my baby?' But it's nice that he's taller for some things. It's easier for him to climb onto the coffee table by himself, and the bar stools, and all the chairs, and pretty much everything. One of his favorite activities is to climb onto the coffee table and jump onto the couch (or onto Mike & I if we're sitting there). He hasn't fallen enough to realize that where the coffee table is in comparison to the couch should affect his jumping. This morning he attempted to jump from the table to the couch, and the table was pushed out a bit, and he just landed on the floor. But that didn't stop him, back up he went to try again.
His favorite toys right now are trucks, trucks, and electronics. He loves anything that plugs into something else. So we have an old pair of headphones and an older iPod that we give him and he will just plug and unplug the headphones into the iPod. Now that he has that down, he's starting to want to use the devices. I have a little netbook that he 100% correlates to Elmo. He thinks it's only purpose is to play elmo movies for him. And now he knows the iPod will play music through the headphones so he wants it on all the time (though it is usually dead).
He loves animals and can say almost all the sounds now. I find it's easier to get him to put his pajamas on if there is an animal or truck on the front. He will continually point to it and say 'Truck' or 'Roarrrr'.
One funny thing, he HATES stamps. Not postage stamps, but ink stamps. Every time we go to Costco they try and force a stamp on his hand. He screams, and if they succeed he spends the next 10 minutes crying and trying to pull it off. We go to the Little Gym on Saturdays and all the kids get so excited for the stamps afterwards. I tried once thinking if he saw all the other kids getting stamps he would want one too, but no bueno. He screamed, so we passed. And now I don't try anymore, actually I make a point to avoid the situations so I don't have to explain to the confused stamp giver that he really hates them.
He is also starting to think he's outgrowing the highchair. Sometimes at dinner he will refuse to sit in it and want to sit in the chair next to his Dad, so we let him. Then we talk about how we should get him a booster, but we still haven't. Some day.
He love love loves to brush his teeth, especially if we are. He'll walk into the bathroom, point to the toothbrushes and say 'Brush?'.
We're trying to get him off the milk....but it's such a convenient calming tool for us parents it takes some commitment. We've gotten a bit better, but it's so much easier if he wakes up early to just grab a sippy cup of milk and give it to him then go back to bed. Versus having to stand there and tell him it's still night time and rub his back so he'll fall back asleep. Otherwise he's up at 5 like he was today, and that is no good for anyone involved.
Last night was probably the cutest, he pulled my shirt up to see the 'baby', then laid his head on my belly and started talking softly to the baby. This lasted about 5 minutes or so. Just complete toddler jibberish makes me thing he really knows there's a baby in there. Cute kid.

I think that's a good overview of where the tyke is at this stage of life. We love him to pieces and think he gets cooler everyday.

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Promotion Week Dinner

So Mike and I talk daily about how lucky we are...and the luck keeps coming. It actually makes me quite nervous, like something really terrible is going to happen soon because we are extremely fortunate and so blessed with everything that it can't go on like this forever.

Well, on that note, Mike and I both got promotions and raises in the same week. Mike's was quite a bit more substantial then mine, but to have them both happen in the same week was wonderful and random. So we decided we should go out and celebrate.
And celebrate we did!! Well, we went to a local pizzeria for some pizza. It was so good...very creative pizza topping combinations that are absolutely delicious! And Asher did very well for the first hour, then he started to go downhill fast so we packed up and left. Overall though, a very enjoyable evening under very enjoyable circumstances.
Here's hoping the ball keeps rolling in our favor!

Thursday, November 11, 2010


Oh I love you.... Mike and I cashed in some skymiles and decided to take a trip to Hawaii. Craig and Amy II moved there this summer, so we thought they would really enjoy it if we visited them. And after we booked our tickets, Amy O decided to come as well. So it turned into a mini-Offret family reunion.
Craig and Mike (well mostly Mike) were obsessed with Sugar Cane. Mike was trying to convince Craig they should build some sort of sugar press machine to ring the sugar water out of the cane, then dehydrate it and make some home made sugar. Craig was fine driving into the cane fields and pulling out sugar cane...but his interest wained after that.
Craig and Mike had tons of fun playing in the waves together.

And Asher loved playing with his newest Aunt Amy.
He hated the sand the first day we went to the beach, then we wizened up and bought him some sand toys. That really increased his enjoyment of the beach...too bad we didn't think of it on day 1.
Craig...always the comic...buried his legs half way and was trying to make it look like he was floating...except the fact that you could see his legs were buried... I might have to ask him about this one again.
Asher was a daddy's boy the whole trip. I think everyone heard him say 'Daddy' more then any other word. And Mike was definitely a trooper. He played with him every moment he wasn't skim boarding. It made for an amazing vacation for me, I just hope Mike enjoyed it as much as I did.
We rented a mini-van for our trip. There were 6 of us all together, so I figured a mini-van would be the perfect vehicle to tote us all around the island. We chose the 'Stow and Go' mini-van, which turned out to be very entertaining. One day while driving around Amy decided she needed to do some sit-ups. So we quickly stowed one of the middle seats so she had enough space to lay down and get her crunch on. I think Mike was nervous the whole time that I would come home wanting one. Every time I said 'Wow, this mini-van is amazing' he would get a look of fear in his eyes. I reassured him on the flight home that as cool and amazing as mini-vans are for vacations, I wouldn't want one as my every day vehicle. It takes all the excitement out of it.
There was also no lock of cheesy photo taking poses. We tried to get them all in before sun-down.
It was a very impromptu shoot, just pulled over on the side of the road on the way home one day.
The only thing Mike wanted to do the whole time we were there was skim board. So we went to the sporting goods store on morning on our way to the beach and he bought one. The whole day he was upset he didn't buy the $200, and only spent $75 on it....I thought that was a better deal for a toy he would only use for 5 days.
And there was no lacking of dot coming. Good thing everyone had a laptop, so we could keep up with world events and facebook status' while we were 4 time zones away.
Amy O even tried out the skim board a bunch. She started to get the hang of it. Both her and mike had battle wounds after a few hours at it. I was happy to be pregnant and watching from a distance...maybe next time I'll be more daring.

Overall it was an amazing trip. Craig made us an amazing breakfast every morning, full of eggs, bacon and toast. Amy was super hospitable, letting us invade her house...and she was the queen of maui destinations. Craig would ask her all the time where stuff was, or where the good beaches were. A true tour guide. :)

We might wait a few years before forcing our family to hang out with our super young children on vacations...I'm afraid we may have scared them off from having kids for a while. Hopefully not too long though.

Monday, November 01, 2010

Halloween Part II

We finally got him to wear the headpiece. And when we went trick or treating next door, we saw baby Nigel was dressed up as, guess what? Yes, Yoda. Seriously, we will definitely have to order next years costume online. Or make it ourselves....
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