Tuesday, January 25, 2011

So Big...

So, I know I'm only 37 weeks, and most likely have 4-5 weeks left of this, but this picture depicts exactly how I feel. Ginormous. Huge. Large and in charge. Today alone I had 2 people come up to me and say 'wow! you're so big! you look so uncomfortable'. (For those that aren't aware, those are not what a pregnant woman ever wants to hear. Ever.)

So...as I would like to be optimistic that this baby will join us sooner rather than later, I am staying realistic that he will most likely be late. My guess today is he will appear around the next full moon, which I think is 2/19?

I am also patiently waiting for my 'nesting' instinct to kick in. My house could surely use a nice deep clean...but as of late all I want to do is sit. Good thing I have an amazing husband who can pick up the slack for me.

Monday, January 17, 2011

Transition to Adulthood

Last night, my sister Amy was over playing with Asher. And for some reason Mike and I decided it was a great time to put the toddler side onto Ashers crib. So we did. And afterwards, when we had Asher come in and look at it....I couldn't believe his reaction. I thought he wouldn't really care, or care for a second then move on to something else.
But no, he was ecstatic. More like ECSTATIC!!! He climbed in the bed, jumped onto his stomach and said 'Night Night', then jumped up and climbed out. Then climbed back in and jumped up and down, then laid down again, and back up and out. This continued for literally about 15 minutes. All the while Mike, Amy and I were just watching and laughing histerically. It was so funny, and it just wasn't ending. Well, until he jumped out and landed on his bum, and his diaper exploded down his leg. Then he stood up with a very umcomfortable confused look, so we moved the party into the bathtub.
But serioulsy, the kid was more excited then I think I've ever seen him in my life. So after the bath Mike and I discussed this new bed, and said 'Well, we'll give it a try. We might be putting the rail back on tomorrow' to which Mike replied 'Or maybe even tonight'. So we were mentally prepared for a tough night....but it wasn't tough at all. When we went to bed, he laid in his new bed, and went right to sleep. And when he woke up this morning, it was all very much the same as when he was in his crib, except it was lower. He still cried for me, then handed me every item in the crib one by one, then asked me to hold him, then we walked out to the living room together....
So I was SURE that nap time today would be a disaster, but so far so good. He went down perfectly. So maybe this will stick, or maybe it's just beginners luck. Either way, our little man is becoming more of a man every day. It's crazy.

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Is it really that time?

Sorry if the photos are innapropriate for the internet...but Asher's teacher sent them to me the other day. Apparantely while she was changing his diaper he decided to pee on her. Now, seriously....he has never ever peed on me during a diaper change. Not even when he was 2 days old. And she has never peed on her either...so when she's telling me this I was so confused. Then she said that when she looked at his face, he was looking at her with total concentration, like he was peeing on purpose....which is not surprising, as he is entering this phase of 'testing' and stubborness. I call it 'testing the fence' as in Jurrasic Park style...though he's not a velociraptor, nor are we electric fencing. But the analogy seems to suit.
Anyways, I digress. So, as he starts peeing on her, she picks him up and puts him on the toilet. And he didn't fight it at all. He sat there quite content while she changed the other kids diapers. And she said he even peed in the toilet a little.
So the questions is, is it that time already? I think I might wait a little while longer, honestly. With the impending arrival of #2, I can't imagine it's a good time to rock his world. So we'll wait a few more months....

Monday, January 10, 2011

35 & ....33 oops.

Well, I missed the big mark of 35 weeks pregnant and 35 days to go... This is indicitive of this whole pregnancy. I seem late to the game, not quite as 'on it' as I was with the last one.

I have also noticed I'm pretty much done being pregnant. Well, I would like to be done I should say. I have another month, which will probably extend at least another week knowing my history. But really, if the babe arrived tomorrow I would be so happy. I think this time I harbor so much less anxiety about having a newborn....and it seems so much easier to have a newborn then to carry around all this extra weight.

Last night, after the 5th time struggling to get up from the couch in the same night, Mike commented 'Aren't you so happy that you aren't normally obese?' and I thought 'ABSO-FREAKIN-LUTELY'. I couldn't imagine it being this difficult to get off the couch all the time....oh man.

But, I will just have to suck it up and try and find the glory in these final weeks. I guess I could spend some time bringing up the baby clothes and getting them washed and ready. I did buy diapers the other day, because they were on sale at amazon.com and they give me free shipping, so why not.

Sunday, January 09, 2011

Christmas In Bismarck

This year for Christmas we headed up to balmy Bismarck North Dakota. And by balmy, I mean highs not exceeding 10 degrees. (i'm exaggerating a little, but you get the idea).

We booked direct flights from SLC, which was the best thing we could've ever done. Even though they changed the flight times about a hundred times, and cancelled one of the flights, it still worked out way better then being stuck in Denver over night.

Mike's mom just finished (like literally laid the tile the day before we arrived) a beautiful new addition onto her home. A 'great room' if you will. It was very nice, and changes the whole feel of her home really. While we were there she put the boys to work installing all the audio visual equipment, so Asher and I could enjoy countless episodes of Caillou streaming from Netflix.

And the first day we arrived she had a gift certificate to a spa for me, so I got a Christmas Eve Eve gift of a Mani/Pedi...it was delightful. Mike did a lot of skateboarding with the boys, and I did a lot of hanging out and last minute shopping.

Mikes family does the whole 'open all the presents on Christmas Eve' bit...so after a delicious Christmas Eve dinner we got down to business. Really, it was sort of Asher's day, although Mike and I did get some pretty stellar gifts.
Asher's first favorite was the 'choo-choo trains' or a few Thomas trains that he could roll around on the floor. It was the first year time he could care less about the wrapping paper, and really just wanted you to help him tear it off so he could get the toy inside. It was pretty cool.
And realistically, we could've gotten him nothing else but that trains and the kid would've been so excited. But we didn't. We got him some lego's (with some lego train cars) and some train books. (are you sensing the theme here....)
Mike's Grandma Anne came over for the festivities, as did her friend Irene. They were all tuckered out afterwards and hoping they could take a few days to recover, but no, we brought them back for Christmas day as well.
Mike scored quite a few nice gifts...but lets be honest, the Macbook Air out-shadowed the rest. I actually have to think hard about what else he did get... I got a beautiful bracelet and a Kindle. And Asher was so nice and got me another spa day while I was there, what a kind and thoughtful son.
So after you open all the gifts on Christmas Eve, then Christmas morning you get one more gift from Santa....and oddly enough, it's usually coordinated to what you got the night before. For instance, I got a new Kindle and then Santa brought me a gift card to buy books for the Kindle...smart guy. Mike got a Kinect for the Xbox, and christmas morning got the adapter for it to fit on our mounted television...
Overall, great Christmas. It will be interesting next year with two kids...I have a feeling it will just get more fun the more kids we add to the fold :)

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