Monday, February 28, 2011

If it's not one thing it's another

So we went to see our favorite doctor again this morning (which I'm happy we like her so much because I really have talked to her almost every day since we've been home) and she gave us some good news and some bad.

Good News: No more bili-lights!!! Yay!! Milo has been confined to about a 4-foot radius since he's been home. It's made me a bit stir crazy, but at least we get out every morning to get his blood tested. Who knew a visit to the doctor would be so welcome.... but now we are free. And how are we celebrating? I think we might go for a walk this's too bad the sun doesn't want to celebrate with us. If only we were in hawaii....

So then the bad news: He has an eye infection. I noticed it yesterday afternoon when he was waking up from a nap, he had a gunky eye. And the gunk had a greenish hue...then this morning, there was no mistaking it. It was green gunk. So we have an ointment we get to put in his eye a bunch...but it should be cleared up by Thursday. So at least there is an end in sight.

We go in next Monday for a standard 2-week old appointment. Let's hope there are no outstanding issues by that time!

But I am so happy for a quick recovery on my part. Otherwise I think I might have fallen apart by now.... funny how life works out for us.

Saturday, February 26, 2011

Bad Bilirubins

So here we 5 and still doing photo therapy (aka the bili lights). We've been in to get lil' Milo's heel pricked and prodded every day since we left the hospital, and every day the bilirubin level has held strong at 16.
It's oddly comforting when I tell people this and they say 'oh yeah, my daughter/son was under lights for a week' etc. It makes me less afraid and more thinking this is somewhat normal. But still, it's disheartening when everyday there is no progress, just the same. But the doctor today seemed happy that it wasn't going up. And he seemed happier when I told him we weren't under real bili-lights a la hospital, but just the ghetto at home bili strip of light that lays along his back.

But the post-partum hormones mixed in with the consistent afternoon non-happy calls is making for a mascara streaked face. But I'm staying positive. I think if we continue down our path, hopefully Monday's heel prick will offer different results for us. Here's hoping.

Thursday, February 24, 2011

First Dr Visit

Little M and I headed into the doctor this morning for a newborn checkup and a bili re-check. I was so optimistic that we would be done with the disco lights...he was eating well and his poop was no longer brown (I guess the browns are the bili's)...but she called me back this afternoon and it's actually gone up. Don't worry, it's a sliding scale that changes with age, but still. Poor little guy. So, we are still all wrapped up in disco lights, hoping for better results tomorrow. I am now on a mission to be a super annoying mom and force him to eat every 2 hours. The only problem is he will eat really well for about...3 minutes then he's passed out. So I've googled some techniques on how to be super duper annoying and hopefully keep him awake and 'actively' eating for a good 10-15 minutes. I am also open to any advice :)

But, his stats are good. He was born at 8 lb 6 oz, we left the hospital at about 8 lb 0 oz and we are back up today to 8 lb 4 oz. So he's definitely getting something...I guess just not enough to kick out the bili's.

He is in the 72% for height and 58% for weight and 59% for head circumference. We will see how he progresses with time...not quite as off the charts as Asher yet, but he is still young. (It was really weird to see on the sheet they gave me today that his age was 3 days....)

More Pics of Milo

Here are the pics from the good camera from the Hospital. Keep in mind these are all taken around 9am, so 6 hours after the 3am birth. Meaning both Mike and I really haven't slept at all. :)

In following everyone else's advice, Milo brought Asher a gift. Some 'diggers'. Once he saw those, he really could've cared less about the baby....
And the necessary 'first photo as a family of four' shot. We could all definitely look better for this...but alas, this is how it was. Just keepin it real. (And notice the cute hospital gown. My cousin gave it to me. It was the talk of the floor)
The first bath....

And Asher assisting with the first bath....

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Bili-Lights / Jaundice

So we were all ready to go home today, Mike was super ancy but I kept assuring him we would leave around lunch time. I got the a-okay to go as did Milo, they just needed to wait for his tests to come him from that morning.

Well, the tests came in, and the nurse came in and sat down to chat about them. I knew they weren't all hunky dory at that point. She said his billiruben counts were high, and he needed to have uv therapy. We could take home the uv suitcase and use it at home, or we could stay another day and keep setup the bili lights and blankets in our room and test again in the morning.

I opted to stay another night. First of all, I refer to this place as the Park City Hospital's small, quaint, in the mountains and they have delicious organic local made foods available via room service. Besides being a little boring, it's really not bad.

So here we are, he's been on the lights since noon and I'm feeding him as much as he'll let me. (which isn't as often as you'd think. he's kind of a lazy eater). But I'm really optimistic that his levels will be drastically lower tomorrow and we'll get the all clear. Otherwise, we'll be taking the disco blanket home with us...and really, who wants a disco blanket in their house?

Milo Bradley Saltsman

So he FINALLY decided to make it!!

Milo Bradley Saltsman was born 2/21/11 at 3:11am.
He was 8 lbs 6 oz, and 20.5 inches.

Monday, February 21, 2011

The Birth Story


So, for those that don't know I went with a mid-wife for this pregnancy. I had a bit of long and arduous birth and recovery with Asher and I was looking for something different. Danielle came very highly recommended, and worked in a practice with two OB's and delivered at the Park City Hospital. So, we tried it out and I loved her.
Mike was a big skeptic about the whole mid-wife thing from the get-go. He didn't think they were safe, etc. But I assured him as Danielle had assured me that she has delivered thousands of babies and just like a doctor both mother and baby safety is the number one priority.

So, I went in Wednesday for my 40.5 week appointment. The baby was still really high, not even in the pelvis, and was barely 1 cm dilated. So she set the induction date for the following Wednesday and told me to come in Friday for the NST/Ultrasound. I was really nervous about getting induced with such a high baby. It just seemed like a recipe for failed induction turn c-section. But I was letting fate run it's course I suppose.
I arrived at PC Hospital Friday morning for the testing, and baby checked out well. Danielle popped in during the heartbeat monitoring and felt the baby again, still really high and still posterior (head down just facing the wrong way). She told me to find a staircase and take the stairs 2 at a time up and sort of run down them in a very safe way.
I went back to work (in a hotel) and did 2 20-minute sessions taking stairs 2-up and running down them. (It was actually a really good workout I was thinking I should do when I go back to work). Then on Saturday I pulled out the breast pump as it's supposed to help induce labor. It caused some mild contractions for about an hour that then stopped.
Sunday morning I told my husband he had to love me. Yes, that way. :) A few hours later I started having some mild contractions but thought nothing of them (as I'd been having them on and off for a week or so). Around 4 or 5 I noticed them happening a little more consistently, but still not painful enough for me to stop walking or talking. Just noticed them really. Around 7pm they were getting just a little more intense. I would maybe slow down during them, and they were definitely noticeable. I decided to start timing them, and doing my hands & knees cat/cows to help turn the baby. Timing them they were about 6-7 minutes a part and lasting almost a minute. I decided to text my sister Amy to see if she was available that night in case this continued (I was very skeptical). I then texted my mid-wife (Danielle) and told her I was having consistent contractions. She said 'Excellent! let me know when they get stronger'. So Amy came over to stay the night just in case we had to leave as Asher was already in bed. At 9pm I decided to try and go to bed. I was tired and figured if this baby was going to come the next day I should get as much sleep as possible. I went to bed but couldn't sleep through the contractions. Around 10-10:30 I noticed them getting a bit stronger. By 11pm I had to get up on my hands and knees and breathe through them. Mike was getting very anxious, so I text Danielle and said they are getting stronger. She asked if I thought I needed to head to the hospital. I said I think I had time but was nervous as we were in Salt Lake and the hospital is 30 minutes away. She said to just take it 30 minutes at a time, and trust that I'll be able to tell when it's time. So, at midnight I texted her and said we were going to start packing up and head in. They were getting stronger and more intense, and some were coming 3 minutes apart. Mike immediately jumped up and had the truck warming up, his bag packed, etc., in minutes. I pulled a few things together and we got in the truck to head to PC. Contractions in the car were sucky. They were coming consistently 3 minutes apart now, and sitting in a car seat was the least comfortable place/position I could imagine being in.
It was the beginning of a storm, so it was snowing in the canyon. And since it was the middle of the night, the road was snow covered. I kept thinking 'oh, just our luck. Mike will slide off the road and I'll be having this baby in the truck afterall'. Well, we didn't slide off and we got to the hospital about 1am. We walked into the ER door and the guy sitting at the desk looked up at us and said 'Oh Hi, you must be the Saltsmans'. I was shocked but said yes. He confirmed a few things with our insurance and said a nurse would be by to take us up. Just then, a nurse pops out the side door and said 'Saltsmans? I'll take you up'. I felt like I was checking into the was great. We had a to pause a few times during contractions. Probably had 3 on the way up. The nurse was great and offered me the wheelchair, but again sitting was the last thing that sounded comfortable. We got to labor & delivery and Danielle was there sitting behind the desk. She got up, gave me a hug and walked me into the room with the nurse. She gave offered me the gown or I could wear my own clothes. I told her I had a gown my cousin gave me. She said great, get changed and I'll be back in second to check you. I was so nervous she was going to check me and tell me I was at a 2 or something. I would've been depressed. She checked me and i was at a 6! Woo-hoo!! So the nurse started to check me in by asking me the million questions. She put the bed up so I was on my knees leaning against the back of the bed to get through the contractions. She also went and drew me a bath so I could get into the bathtub after the questions and monitoring was done. (Danielle wanted to see a 20 minute strip of the baby's heart before letting me do what I wished). So after about 30 minutes (there were a lot of contraction pauses in there) Danielle came in and said 'okay lets get these monitors off, baby looks great'. So she took of the monitors and Mike and I headed into the bathroom. I got into the tub and laid down. The warm water felt wonderful, but didn't quite take all the pain away like I was hoping. :) Had some contractions...but I was having a hard time finding a really comfortable position in the tub. Danielle came in to check on me and suggested laying on my side as it would help turn the baby and take some pressure of my back. (did I mention I was having ... I would say mild back labor as i've heard horror stories). So after a certain amount of time...maybe 45 minutes, they started to get really intense. Like, I started moaning through them. I never wanted to be that person, moaning and being all weird and dramatic, but that was me. It was all I could do. got intense. With each contraction my body was pushing and tightening and convulsing. I kept thinking 'Wow, this could be a great scene for an exorcism movie'. But I was really surprised how painless I felt when the contraction stopped. I was not expecting it to be such an intense change in pain versus relaxation. So anyway, after a few of these exorcist/uncontrollable pushing/sloshing in the tub contractions...well the last one I felt something coming out. I screamed to Mike 'Call the Nurse!! He's coming out!!!!' So mike grabbed the emergency cable in the bathroom and pulled it. Just then I felt to see what was coming out and then there was a pressure pop. It must've just been my water. But none the less 4 people ran in...oopsy. So I said 'I'm sorry I'm sorry It was just my water breaking. I'm sorry I thought the baby was coming out' Just then Danielle walked in and I started having another contraction. After it was done she said 'okay, let's get her on the bed it's time to push'. The other nurse asked 'do you want to check her?' and danielle said 'no, she's grunting it's time to push'. So out of the bathroom to the bed I walked. I laid on my side for a bit and pushed. (this was about 2:45am). I kept pushing myself against the edge of the bed and Danielle was nervous I was going to fall off and kept asking me to slide over. To which I would just push myself back again. funny. After about 10 minutes in this position I said I needed something else. This wasn't working. So she asked the nurse to grab a birthing stool. I was expecting an actual stool, something like a kids training toilet or something. But really, it was like....two metal bars about a foot of the ground?. Not sure how to explain it, but I looked at it with a big question mark on my face. Like 'how am I supposed to sit on that?'. She put towels on either side for padding and told me to straddle it and rest my legs on the bars. I finally got into the correct position and yelled that I needed something behind me to lean on. So in swoops the husband. He sat behind me and basically held me up. So with each contraction I pushed. When I was pushing there was no pain, it was crazy weird. Then after each contraction was like a euphoric relaxation. Then when the contraction would start I would get anxiety until I started pushing again. A weird cycle. I was yelling random things throughout this whole process like 'I can't do this' to which Danielle would calmly reply 'Lizzie, yes you can. You're doing it'. Then after a contraction I would be hyperventilating and she would calmly say 'Lizzie focus. Slow down your breathing. Slow deep breaths'. And I would slow it down and feel so much better. Other things I yelled were 'I hate the monitoring' (the nurse kept holding the monitor on my stomach and it was driving me crazy) or 'Can't you just rip the baby out?' and I yelled at Mike probably every time he moved...poor hubby.
So anyway, she mentioned that it was a little tougher because the baby was still backwards and needed to turn, but not to worry he had plenty of room to turn I just needed to keep pushing. I was thinking it was going to take forever, especially since he was not facing the right way. But then the nurse said 'oh wow, look at all that hair!' and I felt so much better. Yes, they could see him. We're getting closer. So I kept pushing, and as he got lower I realized I was totally pushing in the wrong place. Where the baby was was definitely not where I was focusing my pushing efforts. So once I changed that he really started moving. Then right when I was all excited he was coming out she told me I had to not push him all the way but sit and let him stretch everything out. I knew it was for the best, but holy hannah montana that was so uncomfortable. I explained it to Mike like if you were having a super large bowel movement, and you right at that place where it's going to just be done but then you just have to stop and sit there in that super uncomfortable position. But I listened. And she was 'ironing' me as well to help prevent tearing. But seriously, her fingers felt like sandpaper...I wanted to yell at her but I knew it was for the best. So after a few more contractions I pushed him out. Danielle said 'Lizzie look at me' and I moaned 'no no i can't' she said 'open your eyes reach down and grab your baby' and looked down and there he was. I grabbed him and pulled his soaking wet noodly little body onto my chest. I couldn't believe he was really there.
I was a little nervous as he was really fresh out of the womb and didn't have a lot of color. But after a few seconds he pinked right up. Then I stood up and took a few steps back on the bed. (yes, cord still intact and connected into the womb. i know, gross). I laid on the bed and mike and I adored our new little boy. Then the nurse said 'I have him born at 3:11am'. I thought to myself, holy crap, we've only been here for 2 hours. Crazyness. We sat like this for it seems like a little while. I asked Mike if he wanted to cut the cord, he seemed skeptical but me and the nurse told him he should. So probably 15 minutes later they clamped it and showed mike where to cut. He cut and said 'wow, that is not what i was expecting it to be like'. and i think he meant that in a that was more gross then I thought it would be. Then I told Danielle I really didn't want to deliver a placenta. I was so done. And she said don't worry, it will just fall out. Not really, she came over after a bit and kinda pushed it out. Weird. but i was happy not to push. She had to give me a few surface stitches. She asked if I had an episiotomy last time and i said yes, she said it looks like the beginning of that tore a little bit as it was a super clean straight tear. So she sewed me up and the nurse did her devil rubbing of my uterus. I was holding onto her arm and told her I was trying not to punch her. :) She laughed. So...then time went by. Baby still on my chest. Mike and I just chillin. I think Mike finally took him and held him for a bit...not sure. It kinda all melds together.
A few hours later (about 6am) the nurse came in and I told her I wanted to get up and use the restroom. She said great she would change out my bedding. I got up, walked to the bathroom, and I really couldn't believe how great I felt. It was amazing.
When Amy came up around 9am with Asher she commented on how crazy different I was. the last time the whole next day I was lethargic and out of it and just not happy. And this was 6 hours after I had delivered and I was up and at em, ready to take on the world. It was such a great feeling. I was virtually pain free, just a little sore. I felt great.

So, overall, yes, the natural drug free labor is an insane idea. But in comparison to the last birthing experience it was so much better. A shorter more intense experience, but so much better then the long drawn out labor and aftermath and recovery of the last one. In the midst of it I was thinking 'i will never do this again, this is absolutely insane'. But now that a day and half have gone by...the memory is a bit more distant and I seem to focus more on all the good parts. So...who knows. But for this labor and this kid, I think it was the right choice.

Congrats if you read this whole thing. It's mostly for my own remembrance of events. But hope you enjoyed. :)

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

40.5 Weeks....

So I went to the doctor this morning....this was the conversation (abridged version)

D: 'Lizzie, you're still here?'
L: 'Yes... :sigh:'
D: 'Well this storm rolling in is bound to bring a few babies'
D: 'Probably not your baby, but someones baby'
L: :sigh:

So, this guys is turning out to be much like his brother. Either lazy or stubborn, not sure which one. He's still high up, enjoying life in the womb, relaxing in his bath of amniotic fluid.

The one benefit of having a late baby is the Non-Stress Test. Once you're past 40 weeks, they send you in for some 'monitoring' to make sure everything' still hunky dory inside. So on Friday I get to have an ultrasound where they'll check the fluid levels (which said are obviously fine as it's the only thing she feels in there) and check the placenta and cord, make sure it's all still working properly. Then they'll hook me up to the heartbeat monitors and monitor his heartbeat for a half hour. That was one of my favorite things with Asher, sitting in the dimmed labor room just listening to his heartbeat on the loud speaker. So I am looking forward to Friday.

Then, if all else fails and he doesn't come on his own over this holiday weekend, there will be some 'encouragement' next Wednesday morning. So...there is an eviction day set for the little man.

I did have a depressed day on his actual due date, but other then that I've been doing pretty well. And I must have slept great last night because I really do feel great today. I know I shouldn't say that outloud, and I should pull the misery card card more, but really I do feel great.

Here's hoping for some weekend labor pains. :)

Monday, February 14, 2011

No Baby Yet...

Just wanted to let the world know that No...we haven't had a baby yet. I promise that when we do have a baby we will not keep it a secret.

Just in case you were nervous about that.

and Happy Valentines Day!!

Friday, February 11, 2011

Love Day - Round 5

Mike and I's love-i-versary is today....5 years. Can you believe it?

We had a babysitter for last night, so we went out on our romantic love dinner then. We went to Cucina Toscana, a little italian restaurant in Salt Lake we haven't tried out yet. The love dinner was quite delicious, actually really delicious. Some of the best italian I've had.

So to the gifts. Mike got me a carrot. No no....not that kind of carrot. This kind of karet :). But the way it went down was quite funny. For those that don't know I'm about 954 weeks pregnant, so I am VERY pregnant and everyone around is very aware of it. There is absolutley NO hiding it at this point.

So we're sitting in this cozy restaurant, by cozy I mean the tables are pretty close together. So you pretty much know what's going on in the tables around you. So Mike says 'do you want your present?' and i said 'Now? You have it right now?' and he said 'Yes' and i said 'Of course I want it' so he said 'close you eyes and put out your hands' and into my palm he drops my newly upgraded wedding ring. I was ecstatic and put it on immediatley and kept holding up my hand and starting at it and saying how beautiful it was and 'oh my goodness i love it' etc etc. Then after a few minutes of this, I realize that everyone around us, including the busser refilling our water at this point, probably thinks the Mike as the baby-daddy just proposed. people were giving us smiles, and I wanted to tell them that we really have been married for 5 years, I just wasn't wearing my ring because my hands are like water ballons....but, we just let them believe what they wanted to believe. That we were infidels bringing into this world an illegimate child and trying to legitimize it a bit, literally days before he arrives. :) What they don't know won't kill them, right?

So yes, Mike is amazing and got me a beautiful, wonderful, amazing gift. And I'll have you know that I love it so much I'm wearing it today, even though my fingers are swollen like little potatoes.

So on to my was the year of 'wood'. In discussing with a co-worker what I could get mike that would be cool and wood, he suggested a wooden briefcase for his macbook air. huh?? Seriously? You think Mike wants a 15 pound briefcase to carry his 10 oz laptop in? Not gonna do it.

So I was looking at wooden watches, which looked pretty cool, but Mike doesn't really wear a watch because he's always on a laptop and it seems to get in the way. So then I about a cool wooden picture hanging or something. So as I was looking around etsy, I got a little sidetracked and bought a Wood Letterpress picture that said 'Happily Ever After'. I threw that in a wooden frame with our wedding photo and called it good.

I also got this couples love keychain, similar to the BFF necklaces you used to wear in elementary school. The two keychains together make a heart....I thought it was cute. As did Mike, but I don't know that it's cute enough that he will actually use it....but it's the thought that counts.

In Mike's defense, he did order a wooden box for the ring to be presented keep with the wood theme. But alas, he was too anxious and the box was too late. But again, it's the thought that counts.

Overall, a lovely evening with a lovely man. I feel like a lucky girl....

Monday, February 07, 2011

Still Pregnant - 39 Weeks

In other news....I'm still pregnant. 39 weeks. I know, I shouldn't be hoping for anything better then 10 days late. Apparantley my kids are lazy and would rather sit in the womb.
But, this guy not only is still in the womb...but he's in the womb backwards. No, not breeech (upside down) just facing the wrong way. So everything I've read online says 'Posterior babies will still be born just fine, it's just the labors are much longer and much more painful and much harder' which is not really inspiring....

So here's hoping the magician-like pre-natal chiropractor can work some magic tomorrow. I have kind of sold myself on the idea that once the baby is in the right position I'll immediatley go into labor. Really though? Probably not that lucky...but it's what gets you through the day.

And honestly, I can't really complain. I feel fine, I have no pain, no soreness really...nothing to complain about except a normal, healthy pregnancy.... I'm a lucky girl. :)

Haircut # 2

I took Asher to get his haircut again on Saturday....

and he still wasn't a fan. He cried the whole time. Crying to the point that liquid from his nose AND mouth was pouring out in a string, hanging down to the cape he was wearing.
In good news, he was so shell shocked by the entire process that he stayed very still. So it went very quickly. I would say 5-7 minutes from the first spray of water to the removing of the cape. Towards the end the girl was telling him how after the haircut he could get a balloon and go down the slide. So the sobbing turned more into the fake cry while saying "ballooon......slide.....". It was very cute.
And now he looks a little more like a man with the shaggy hair out of his eyes. :)

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