Monday, March 28, 2011

5 Weeks Old

So the little man is 5 weeks old how time flies. His life has already been so jam packed with travel and's definitely nice to just relax in the normal day to day and enjoy each other. I'm using this time to try and figure him out a bit. He's more fussy than Asher was, or at least what I remember of Asher. (Mike was telling me Asher was exactly the same...but for some reason I don't remember that. So hopefully this phase is so minimal and fleeting it doesn't last forever )

I did a little comparison of Milo at 5 weeks (on the left) and Asher at 5 weeks (on the right) and Milo seems to be taking the cake (haha literally) on the size. He has definetly bulked up in the last week or so. I started noticing some definite rolls on his legs last week, then yesterday I noticed he actually has rolls (or creases I guess) in his mid-arm. Who knew you could get fat rolls in non-jointed areas...well he has them.
But I do think it's pretty cute, and I do count myself lucky that I don't have to worry about his weight gain. So many people fight to get their babies gaining weight...well thanks Milo. You've taken one major worry of the plate of this mother.

So a little about him ... we don't have a patterned behavior yet. He will have a day where he eats every 4 hours, then the next day it's every 2 we're trying to hold strong at 3 hours. But... he's not a very good sleeper. So it's hard to tell. Because when he's awake, he can chill for a little while, but then he gets fussy. And you wonder if he's tired, hungry, gassy or just bored. So....hopefully we'll get this down a little better in the next few weeks.

I am currently dreaming of the time when he only wakes once in the night to eat....I felt like that happened really early with Asher, but obviously my memory is failing me. So we'll wait...maybe tomorrow will be our lucky day. :)

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Cutest Brothers Ever

I am lucky in the Asher really loves Milo. He rarely is resentful or jealous, just loving. If anything, a bit overly loving. But often I will find him laying next to Milo, or telling him stories, or having him watch him do something ('Milo, watch this!'). It's super cute.

Although today they were both crying hysterically at the same time...and I was stuck with the 'which one do I comfort first' debacle. But, we made it through. We're all still alive. :)

Random Life Happenings

While my sister was in town, we went up to the Canyons one day so the boys could go snowboarding. On our way out one of the girls that works in Engineering asked if the kids would like a little Canyons hard hat. I said of course, and she brought out hard hats and little tap measures for all of them.
We got home and Asher played with his tape measure and 'Digger Hat' for the rest of the day.
We also stopped by to visit my cute Grandpa Bradley (Milo's middle namesake). Even though my Grandpa is blind, he is a lover of I had to have him hold Milo for a bit.

And while Mike's mom was in town right after Milo was born, Asher was privileged enough to get a new 'big boy bed'. Mike was using the drill to put it together, and Asher definitely wanted to be in on that. So Mike creatively had him drill the card board. It worked out well...although now anytime power tools are out Asher wants to use them, hold them, love them...

Offret Family Mini-Reunion Sort Of....

My littlest (is that a word?) sister Niki lives in Alaska still. She is the only sibling to not make it out of the last frontier yet...but we're still working on her. :) But because she lives in Alaska we don't see her or her kids very often. Usually just special events that bring us up to the great state. Well, she finally bucked up and decided to bring her whole family down to Utah for a spring getaway. So her, her husband and their 4 kids all hopped on a plane a flew down.
We headed up to Rexburg where my oldest sister lives so that all the grandchildren could be together....for the first time...ever. It was pretty monumental. And we're all really happy that Beki (oldest sister) has a home large enough to accommodate everyone, and has patience great enough to accommodate everyone. :) It was quite chaotic some of the time, but the good kind of chaos. The random songs being song, the multiple sounds of toys coming from every direction, and beki's youngest Isabel always had a new outfit on.

So we made all the cousins line up on the couch for a photo opportunity. From left to right it is: Asher/Milo (not sure who is most left as Asher is sort of laying on Milo), Isabel (3), Gunnar (6), Kaitlin (9), Madalin (3 mos), Keegan (6), Kaitlin (3), Livvy (5).

I'm sure others got better pics with everyone smiling peacefully and looking at the camera, but this is the best one I could get.

So while they were here we had many great adventures. I don't actually have any good photos because I never seemed to take my camera everywhere, but thankfully now days every cell phone has a camera. so I have a few pics from that..

We headed to Hogle Zoo to check out the animals. The day we were going was a bit overcast and chilly (the previous few days had been spring teasers in the 60's) but Maryjane said this was the best weather because the animals would be out and the zoo would be empty. She was right! I think we saw 2 other groups of people the whole time we were there. It was perfect! And the animals were all out and playing, it was great!
We did walk buy the construction area where they are building the new polar bear palace...and Asher was so enthralled with the 'diggers' he didn't want to leave. I would say it was one of his favorite areas of the zoo.
We went into one area with monkeys, bats, snakes, etc...and Asher made a friend. The turtle. He seriously knelt in front of the plexi-glass for what seemed like an hour. He would move with the turtle as he slowly walked back and forth and just stare at him and say 'turtle mommy, turtle'. It was pretty cute.
Jimmy (niki's husband) took so many photos at the zoo of seriously every animal there, that at one point he was concerned there was only space for 162 photos left on his camera. I guess the Anchorage zoo doesn't have all the species that the Hogle Zoo offers. Who knew it was such an awesome place.

Another day we ventured down to the Discovery Gateway Children's Museum. We have a membership so we go pretty frequently. It's a great place with quite a few 'exhibits' that the kids can just terrorize essentially. A mini-grocery store, an extensive water table, a whole 'ball' area, a construction zone, a name it. A kids dream.
I finally got Asher to sit on the horse long enough to pose. And as a special bonus he wore the cowboy hat.
And I think he played Cashier for the first time ever. He usually sticks to the water table...

After about....5 hours there, Niki turned to me and say 'Wow Lizzie, I can't believe you guys can come here for so long and not want to take a nap.' I looked at her for a minute and told her that when we usually come, we stay for about an hour, then head home. It's only 5 minutes from our house and it's free essentially. So to stay ALL day was extremely exhausting, probably beyond exhausting, but since we only had one day we had to get our money's worth so I was happy to do it. I definitely went to bed around 8pm that night though....

We also headed down to St George, where my Grandpa has a nice condo. It was great to be able to all stay in one place, and be able to put the kids to bed and watch the Bachelor season finale. (priorities people...)
While in St George, we woke up one day and headed down to Vegas. But not just Vegas, first we stopped at the Hoover Dam. It was ironic that while walking over the Dam my dad called Amy (my other sister) and continued to give her a brief history of his life as he apparently used to live in the town right next to the Hoover Dam. (we learn something new every day...)

It was hot though...and after walking halfway across and taking a million photos there's not much to do, so we turned back to Vegas.

Now...I've never been to Vegas with kids, so I was googling 'Vegas for Kids' for days before we went. Every website said things like 'Vegas can be a great place for families, go see the lions, or m&m world, or yada yada....' so i was very optimistic. So we parked at New York New York, and headed over to MGM Grand to see the lions. Well, after walking through the dark smoky casino we finally found them. And they were sleeping. Bummer. Then we headed out to 'the strip' to walk the half block to M&M world. We had 4 adults, 2 strollers, 1 baby chest carrier and 3 walking kids (well 4 when Asher didn't want to ride in the stroller). I will was not awesome. The strip .... well it's not the best place for kids. Maybe infants, but not kids with eyes and memories. I guess I never really paid attention to the amazingly large amount of escort advertising...but seriously, it was everywhere. So we tried to walk fast and made it to M&M world. We walked in and realized it's just a 4 story retail store with everything m&m...(I for some reason thought it had some entertainment value, guess not). So we bought some m&m's and left. Next we headed another half block to the mall. I was so excited because Vegas has an H&M, and I LOVE buying kids clothes there. So after navigating the mall and finally finding the h&m store, I realize this location doesn't have kids clothing...and it was really small. The smallest one I've ever seen actually. So that added to the continual disappointment Vegas was offering. So we went and at dinner then high-tailed it back to the car. Niki's family are huge hockey buffs, so they wanted to see the Alaska Aces play. It worked out quite nice, we dropped them at the arena, Asher and Milo had fallen asleep in the car, so I whipped out the kindle and quietly read for a few hours while waiting for the game to end.

It was so fun having the Leach's here...hopefully we didn't scar them for life so they'll come back and visit us again. :)

Wednesday, March 09, 2011

2 Weeks Old

So Mister Milo officially turned 2 weeks old on Monday. It was quite an interesting morning...a day of 'firsts' if you will. With boys, everyone tells you to be careful when changing the diaper because it's common for them to pee on you. Well with Asher it never happened. Not once. So I conditioned myself to thinking it was a myth... Fast forward to little innocent Milo here, and in the first 2 weeks of life he's probably peed on me over 10 times. And his stream shoots far too...and it's considerable.
So Monday morning I was out on the couch feeding him and I went to change his diaper and what happened? Well, he #2'd on me. Yes, and not just a little on my hand or the blanket. It literally shot out of him in a disgusting stream. Into my hair, all over my clothes, everywhere. So then I reached over to the table to grab more wipes for this disaster and I look back and there it goes again, this time all over the couch. I think I sat there for a few minutes just totally shocked and confused. How could something so little and cute and innocent make such a disgusting mess all over everything? Literally, everything.... I didn't really know what to do. Yell for Mike, just strip down and put everything in the wash...throw away the couch? Needless to say I pulled it together eventually and just cleaned it all up. Then showered and washed my hair twice. And now I am much more conscious and careful during Milo's diaper changes. He is quickly becoming much less innocent.

After this eventful morning we went in for his 2 week appointment. After all the billiruben and eye infection filled appointments of his life, I was excited to just have one healthy one. I was surprised when they weighed him and he was 9 lbs 11 oz! What a little chunky monkey. Even the doctor was surprised. When I asked if that was really a lot she said 'We hope for babies to be back to their birth weight at 2 weeks, and we strive for them to gain 1/2 ounce a day. Milo has gained on average 2 ounces day. So yes, it is quite a weight increase'. I was pleased. :)

She did notice a little strawberry on his lower spine and said rarely it can be caused by some sort of scoliosis/spine issue. So we took him into Primary Children's Hospital for a quick ultrasound where everything checked out okay. So now we are literally on the up and up. We don't have to go back to the doctor for another month and a half. How relaxing....

His stats for the appointment are:

Weight: 9 lbs 11 oz 75%
Height: 21 3/4 in 84%
Head: 38.2 cm 78%

So he's a big kid...just like his brother. At least Milo has dark hair, for now. (Every time I wash it it seems to get a little lighter) I'm just nervous if we have another blonde with blue eyes Mike is going to start questioning my fidelity....

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