Thursday, April 28, 2011

Boys Doing Boy Things

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Two Years and Two Months

Together the boys are now Two Years and Two Months. And that appointments! I really love our doctor so I don't mind going at all. She is awesome and I really love her. But I digress.

So we went to the doctor, talked about the boys. Talked about how Milo cries a LOT and is inconsolable often. Not sure if it's gas or acid reflux, he eats crazy (pulling off every 2 seconds then latching back on...again and again pretty much for the entire time he's eating. Hence the gas.) But the reason I love her is she doesn't pretend to know everyting. So she said try this for a week, and then maybe this or this, and if all else fails here's a prescription for acid reflux if you want to try that as well. I know this tactic wouldn't work for some people, but I love it. She's lists out all the options and sort of lets me chart my own course. And again I'm digressing.
So Milo...yes, he's fussy. I felt a lot better when she said that it would wear off by 3 or 4 months. As he got older and more coordinated with his nursing he would get less gas, less reflux, etc. Phew. I don't know if I could handle it forever. But, he is HUGE! In the 94% for his weight. Which is why she was so casual with trying so many things. She said 'He is obviously getting fed, I would worry if he wasn't gaining weight, but obviously that isn't an issue'.
He got all his shots and cried for about 27 seconds. Then he seemed totally fine as long as I didn't touch his legs. What a trooper.

So Milos stats are:
Weight: 14 lbs 94%
Height: 22.5 in 33%
Head: 16.3 in 85%

So yeah, he's short and fat. But a very cute little chunky monkey. I am learning about cleaning fat rolls and filling them with baby powder....oh the joys.

So on to Asher. She was very impressed with his speech/language. She said that by 2 years they like to see them with 50% of their words understandable to others. She said he was way beyond that, she could understand almost everything he said. And he could name numbers, letters and colors (although not really knowing when any of those words mean yet) He was very good about letting her look in his ears and nose and mouth. And listening to his chest and back. She even did the 'Ohh...he's seen way to many doctors if he's this okay with me listening to him' (when she asked to listen he leaned forward so she could reach his back before she even asked)

His stats are:
Height: 35.5 in 84%
Weight: 29.25 lbs 65%

Besides climbing up onto the windowsill and attempting to jump off (which really freaked out the doc) he was pretty good. And he doesn't have to go back (for a well visit) until he's 3. I can't believe that. I feel like we go to the doctor so she's just leaving me on my own for a whole year!?!?!?? What do they think? that i know how to raise a kid? crazies.


So, when I look at pictures on my phone I will often say 'Cute' when looking at them. And Asher has really picked up on this. Now anytime either Mike or I takes a photo Asher always wants to look at it and always says 'Cuuute' with a little scrunched face. It's super cute. anyways, that is what I think of when I see this picture. Asher's little voice saying 'Cuuuute'.

Happy Easter!

We had a pretty mellow easter this year. On Saturday we dyed easter eggs. It went better then expected as far as Asher goes. Although, as I was setting up I put the color tabs in the bowls then went to find the vinegar. When I came back to the table I noticed Ashers mouth was really orange-y and he had a sour look on his face. I looked in the orange bowl and it seems he tried to eat the color tablet. Poor kid. At least he learned quickly.
But, Mike came home and we died eggs for about 20 minutes. It was fun, but now, as usual, we are left with a dozen hard boiled eggs to consume this week. And I think I'm the only one in the family who likes hard boiled eggs. Bummer.

Sunday morning we had a little easter egg hunt around the house. Well, mostly just around the living room. Actually, mostly just on the couches and chairs. Then we enjoyed easter baskets. Asher was really excited about his Diego underwear. I think he was much more excited about seeing Diego on something, then the fact it was underwear. I was really optimistic about that whole deal, but he hasn't actually wanted to wear them yet. Just look at them and get excited about 'Diego!'.

But he sure did enjoy the candy. The first egg he found he opened and started eating Mike and I had to try to keep him on course of finding all the other eggs. And he ate so much candy that day that it was probably the worst night we've ever had of sleep with him. Well, the worst night that didn't end in a hospital. Seriously. It was bad.

But what a fun easter. All these holidays get more and more fun as the family gets bigger and the kiddos get older. I'm sure if I hid eggs around the house before we had kids Mike would've just thought I was crazy and would've only looked for them when he was craving candy. So thank goodness for kids to keep things fun :)

Asher Is TWO!!!

For Asher's 1st birthday we did a big hooplah in the park, invited everyone we knew, cooked up hot dogs and hamburgers, ate cupcakes, etc etc. It was really fun...but a little stressful. Just buying all the food, plates, cups, decorations, etc. Then setting it all up in a public place....well, it was a little exhausting and somewhat hard to enjoy. So this year I went a different direction. I went in the direction of the Little Gym. For one flat rate they do it all. Lead activities. Let the kids play in an exclusive gym (meaning it's just our party, no other randoms), setup everything, serve pizza, cut the cake, serve the cake, give everyone a going away gift and clean it all up. So when all of this happens and one of Ashers favorite places I booked it immediatley.

We invited friends, classmates and cousins and it was a wild fun time. I think there were 17 kids total (i'm pretty sure everyone invited came. I wasn't exactly expecting that) but Asher had a great time. I think most of the kids had a great time. And I'm hoping the parents had at least an enjoyable time. It's fun because it's a 'safe place' so the kids literally can run wild and you don't have to worry too much about them. Well, until they start hurting each other. But when I noticed a few of the dads trying to casually throw balls at the kids...I gave up on trying to make sure no one got hurt. Is that bad of me?

Well Asher also recieved quite the bounty for his birthday. Grandma Pat got him this little water table for the back yard. Asher is obsessed with water. He would play in it all day every day if we'd let him. So this was the perfect gift. He can stand for hours and make a mess in the backyard in a somewhat contained area. Awesome.

Mike and I got him this little bike. It's called a 'strider' bike, or a balance bike. It's really really low to the ground and it has no pedals. It's supposed to help the kids learn to coast and balance on the bike for a year or two. Then once they have that down you can put them on a bike with pedals and off they go. So we've taken him out a few times on it. He still mostly just walks while sitting on it, no really coasting yet, but I'm positive he'll figure it out. Just a matter of time.

Overall I think it was a successful birthday. Hopefully one he enjoyed. I should've been better about taking pictures since I didn't actually have to do anything at the party. But I saw Grandma Pat take about a million and a half so I think I just got lazy....

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Saturday, April 16, 2011

And he's TWO!!!

What happens when you show up to a party and there are not one...but TWO girls wearing the exact same shirt as you. Seriously.

Friday, April 15, 2011

Like Father Like Son

Wednesday, April 13, 2011


So I have a really bad habit that I have formed. Every time I'm on maternity leave I tend to redesign the house. I think its all the time spent sitting inside and staring at the same things. And all the daytime TV is awful so I tend to spend a lot of time perusing various stores. So when you combine the two it makes for plenty of new ideas of how to transform our limited living space.

So, last week I ordered new couches (they were on sale, I had to pull the trigger on that one). Then over the weekend Lowes was having a fantastic sale on appliances. So of course we had to pull the trigger on that purchase too. (We redid our kitchen over 2 years ago. It was time to get the new appliances in there (and Mikes mom gave us money for a new dishwasher for our anniversary in February so I figured we should get that installed before she comes for a visit this weekend)).

And since we are not hoarders, when something comes in something must go out. So I started the selling frenzy. I listed the range, the couch, and the dresser. (Oh, forgot to mention the new bedroom dresser). Mike was successful in selling the couch, then last night someone came to look at the range. They talked me down 40% (but I would've given it to them for free just to get it out).

So what does all this rambling mean? We have been without a few essentials for the last day or two. But I'm happy to report that Asher doesn't seem to mind. Today he said he was going to sit on the couch, and this is what I saw. So maybe we didn't need to buy couches. Obviously the floor is good enough for Asher.

7 Weeks

This little guys is 7 weeks old already! Can you believe it?

And little is actually quite a lie. He is HUGE! I ghetto weighed him the other day and he was 13 pounds. He has about 19 chins and I am constantly wiping between rolls all over his body.
He has started smiling a LOT and giggles quite a bit. He is starting to grow his little personality.

People as all the time if he's an easy baby and my response is no. He is not. He's a bit fussy and reeeealy likes to be held too much. And he does not sleep well during the day at home, but he does great in the car. Needless to say we spend quite a bit of time out and about during the day.

But we do love him and already can't imagine life without him.

Sunday, April 10, 2011

The Jump House

Asher and I met a friend at the Jump Around Utah bounce house on Friday for a little bouncing fun. I was a little skeptical at first because they have one of the inflatable bouncy things at the Little Gym that we go to and he HATES it. Seriously hates it. We have tried countless times with him, sitting with him, jumping with him, and every time he cries and screams until he's off. So we go to this warehouse full of inflatible slides and bouncy things. And he did surprisingly well. I went on the middle 'pillow' with him. We sat there and let the other kids jump around us while we bounced. Then I stood up with him and we jumped together. Then little by little he got more and more comfortable until finally he was running all over the place like a maniac. After a good hour of the bouncy stuff, he found this little wooden slide. Then it was all he wanted to do. It was so funny, this whole warehouse of exciting huge things to play in and he just wanted to go around and around on this little slide. Well, as they say, it's the little things that get us. :)

Happy Birthday Asher!!!

Today is Ashers 2nd Birthday!! Can you believe it?!!?! Well, we didn't do much. Not because we're horrible parents, but because we're having his birthday party on Saturday. But I didn't feel like we could let the whole day go without a little celebration. So we broke out the birthday plate, and I made a chocolate cake with chocolate frosting. Asher obsessivley loves chocolate, Mike and I are not giant fans....but I thought since it was his birthday I should make him somehthing he likes. Well, we lit the candles, sang the song, and he blew out the candles. After he blew out the candles he was so excited and said 'I did it! I did it!'. Cute little buddy.

Then he got to eat the cake. At first it was a giant success and he was shoveling it into his mouth and face faster than mike. (which is quite fast) But then I realized he really only liked the frosting. Bummer. I could've made a much tastier non-chocolate cake and just put some chocolate frosting on it. I guess the double chocolate is better for my diet because it's really not too tempting....

Friday, April 01, 2011

Our Life at Primary Childrens Hospital

So it all started on Wednesday....I was heading up to pick up Asher from daycare/school and I noticed a voicemail on my phone...from Ashers daycare...from 1pm. Oopsy. It was the head of the school saying Asher was coughing really badly during his nap and couldn't get to sleep. So when I picked him up I apologized for not calling back and said I would take him home and give him his inhaler and send it the next day. Well, that night the cough kept getting worse and worse. Asher couldn't sleep and every time we would give him the inhaler (albuterol) it would help for about 5 minutes, then his breathing would go back to wheezy/labored breaths. Mike tried driving him around because he would sleep in the car. Then he was exhausted so I drove him around for a bit. At about 3:30 we decided we should take him to the ER because his breathing was just getting progressively worse. So I fed Milo and put him back to bed then loaded up Asher and we headed to Primary Childrens. (When I left I told Mike there was a bottle in the fridge for Milo in case it took more then 3 or 4 hours) We got to the ER and the admitting doctor/student immediatley went to get the attending so they could start a treatment right away as his breathing was really terrible. They gave him an albuterol nebulizer cocktail and some steroids. The cocktail took about an hour to 'nebulize' so we sat and watched Dora. After it was done the doctor came back in and listened and said they wanted us to wait there for 30-45 minutes to see if he starts improving more. So we hung out. At one point (around 6:30am) we were just sitting on the bed chatting w/ the doc and Asher literally fell asleep sitting up and almost fell off the bed. (we laid down at that point). Then the respitory therapist came in and said if his oxygen levels keep dipping below 90 then they were going to have to admit us. What? Admit us? I was just planning to be here for a few hours...but what's a few more hours I suppose, to make sure the boy is a-okay.

So the doctor came in and confirmed we were being admitted and that we would move upstairs once they had a bed ready for us. I asked how long he thought we'd be upstairs and he replied 'Not sure, probably just a night or two'. Double What? a night or two? I was thinking he would say until noon, or maybe until dinner...but we're moving in here now? So I called Mike and said we're in it for the long haul, he loaded up the baby and a few technilogical necessities and joined us. We got upstairs and began the dance of albuterol, oral steroids, oxygen, and flovent. Out of everything they do/have done the oxygen tubes in the nose are the most hated offenders. He's gotten comfortable with the mask (though he cries for the first 5 minutes it's on)...but the tubes in his oh man, if you tap them he screams. Poor kid.
So, it's now Friday afternoon and we're hoping Asher passes the 3 discharge criteria so we can leave. Those are: Being on 'Room Air' (no oxygen) for 6 hours, sleeping on Room Air without dipping below 88 (which he did a few times until we elevated his bed) and Albuterol treatments every 4 hours (they started every 2 hours). We've been on room air since 8am, and albuterols every 4 hours since 11 am. And Asher is currently napping and holding strong ever since we elevated the bed....let's hope he keeps up the good work. It's been an interesting experience having a newborn in the hospital, and not having it be about him. So he's been a trooper sleeping in his car seat and only crying really loudly when Asher is crying loudly for me to hold him. (We call this a double melt down, and Mike is now intimately involved in them). And it always seems that's the exact time that all the nurses & doctors want to be in the room and chat. Right now they're both fast asleep and it's so calm and peaceful.....

Asher's been a trooper being chained to a bed with multiple tubes and cords tangled all around him. The nurses even commented that he's so good and easy to work with. He now moves his arms off his chest and sits perfectly still every time someone just walks in the door because he knows they are going to come over and listen to his stomach. It is interesting to watch all the different doctors various 'entertain the kid' tactics. Some are a little...odd, but most of them are cute and funny.

Oh, and it's a teaching hospital. So the first day the 'intern' came in and gave me the whole rundown of the 76 different doctors we were going to see. She started by saying 'Well, have you seen that show Greys Anatomy? It's like that but without all the relationship issues.'. I thought that was funny...but I learned the hierarchy. It was very educational.

And speaking of educational, as part of our 'discharge procedures' we have to attend an Asthma Education class. Asthma is that big of ... problem? ... that they have a class for parents/caregivers every day at 5pm. And then if you can't make it to the class don't worry, it plays on channel 37 every 3 hours. :) But it was really nice actually, now I know everything we do and why we're doing it and what medicines work for different things, etc.

So I'm rambling now...and this is mostly for our family scrapbooks so sorry for all the details and stories....but I wanted to get it all down. The story of how Asher came to have full. blown. asthma.

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