Sunday, June 26, 2011

The little guy is 4 months.....

I cannot believe this little dude is already 4 months old!!! I swear it seems like just last week I was stressed about his bili-lights, now he's a smiling happy giggly little man.

We went to the doctor this week for his 4 month checkup. (now that I make the next appointment when I leave I'm much more on time than I used to be). He is growing like a little champion. His stats are:
Weight: 16.5 lbs 80%
Height: 25.75 in 79%
Head: 17.5 in 95%
So, he's nice and big. And his poor neck must get so sore because his brain is SO huge! Haha.

A little about the boy.....
He is SO happy. Seriously, he will give a huge smile and laugh to anyone who smiles at him.
He is just starting to reach for toys, and it seems to take him a minute to figure out how to move his arm's really funny to watch.
He drools all the time. I would say he's teething, but there's nothing in there yet. He could just be a drooler.
He is not sleeping through the night. Not even close. When I went back to work he started 'reverse cycling' and eating more during the night and less during the day. In my investigation of the topic, they said it's common when you go back to work because the baby doesn't want to eat a bottle. Well, it wasn't that because I nurse him at work. So I tried to make his feedings during the day more like the night (dark room, quiet, away from chaos and kids) and that has helped. He is still waking 2 times a night to eat. So every night I think of new ways to get him not to eat at night...but I'm always so exhausted I usually just end up feeding him so we can all go back to bed. Someday I'll man up and we'll get this all resolved.
He eats every 4 hours. Day and Night. Like a clock. Every 4 hours. It's great during the day because I have pretty set times when I go up and feed him, but it'd be nice if he didn't want to continue that trend through the night. don't worry, i still love him to pieces.
He loves watching kids play. Whether it's Asher or other kids at the daycare, he is enamoured. It's cute.
We caved and bought a huge activity center/bouncer for him. And it was a great purchase because he loves it. Yesterday I put him in there, then realized later he had been in there for over an hour. I asked Mike if I should take him out, he said why? he seems so happy. And he really did. He could stay in there for hours just jumping and playing with the random attached toys. it's crazy. Though I get nervous we're stifling the rolling over progress because he's always in the bouncer. Perhaps we'll find a better happy medium.
He hasn't gotten sick yet, knock on wood.
I'm not sure what else to say about him. I love him so so much it hurts. And watching how much Asher loves him makes it hurt even more. They are so adorable I could cry every time I see them.
So here's to families!
(the little chunker. gazing into space....really probably wondering why i took him out of the fun bouncer and have him propped up on the couch. )

Monday, June 20, 2011

The Zoo

We bought a zoo pass this year, so when I left work a little early I thought 'what should we do on this beautiful day?'. So we came to the zoo.  Asher is totally afraid of the pretend dinosaurs roaring everywhere, so we've decided on ice cream and turkey watching instead.  The joy of having a zoo pass is we don't feel the need to get our $8 worth. Which is pretty great on days like today...

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Sunday, June 19, 2011

Fathers Day Gift

For fathers day this year I was either going to get mike a $200 wireless router, or a homemade craft. I opted for the craft (hope he's not too bummed) and bought all the stuff last week. For some reason I didn't think to actually make the craft with the kids, and Saturday night I found myself wondering when we were going to do this.
So Sunday morning Asher got up quite early which was perfect for crafting while dad slept.

Well we got the base part of the project done (and Asher decided to wipe paint in his hair on the first panel). Then we set it out to dry. Mike eventually woke up and asked what the art project was all about so I had to tell him it was his gift. VERY uneventful. He is very kind and said 'Oh sweety, I told you I don't need a gift'.

He just headed off to school again so me and the boys put the final touches on the project.
Now we just need Mike to come home and complete the family. :)

Happy Fathers Day!!!

Mike is going to kill me for posting this photo....but it was too cute to not post.

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Craft Days

During my glorious days on maternity leave I was fortunate to spend a few days making crafts with the Parry clan.
One of my favorite outcomes has been the yarn wreath. Though tedious in its creation (I think Jenn was wrapping hers for hours and still wasn't done when she left) I do think it turned out quite lovely. I realize I have some very non-beautiful felt flowers on there, but I haven't had time lately to try and make cuter ones to replace them.

So next up on the craft list.....the fourth of July flag wreath. Who's in? I'll have to play hookey one day....

Asher Bieber

We've been letting Ashers hair grow long for quite a while now. We go in for the occasional trim, but he hates it so much it's hard to motivate to do that again. Well, over the past few weeks we've had multiple people refer to him has 'she' and 'her' and it was starting to wear on me. So the other night my sister Amy was over and I was just pulling Asher out of the bath. As I was getting him dressed I noticed his lovely golden locks were wet and laying half-way down his back (i might be slightly exaggerating). I saw that and lost a very calm and patient way. I said 'Asher, let's go sit on the porch. Mommies going to trim your hair'. That's when I should've stopped myself. Mommy and trim hair should never be in the same sentence. But I was too blinded by own pride and I went for it. Amy was sitting on the porch swing watching this go down...and her face got more and more distorted the more I said 'hmmm, that's not gonna look right'. But I kept cutting and cutting. Finally I stopped and backed away. The final product was well.....awful. Horrible really. The left side was still long over his ears, but the right side was all trimmed up. The back was just all over the place. Seriously, how could I think I knew what I was foolish.
So Amy took control of the situation and called her friend Heather who is a hair stylist. She told her it was an emergency and we needed to get in next day.
(Side note: I told mike the next morning that I was taking Asher for a hair cut, mike's response was 'Why?' and I told him how I butchered his hair and it looked awful and Mike said 'hmm, I think it looks fine'. I guess guys are programmed not to look as closely....)
So on to the next day. We take Asher in, Heather was amazing and kept feeding him starburst so he wouldn't cry. It also helped that Amy was getting her hair done in the chair right next to his. Heather was kind and said it wasn't the worst thing she's seen, and she was greatful I didn't ruin the front...that's the hardest to fix.
So after a little bit in the chair, we were presented with the new and improved Asher. Who we now lovingly refer to as Asher Bieber as his hair reflects the young pop star so much.

Say hello to our stlyish young tot. What a looker he is. Watch out ladies!

Monday, June 13, 2011

He smiles

Oh yes, he smiles. All. The. Time.

And laughs, and coos, and chats. All. Day. Long.

Saturday, June 04, 2011

All Grown Up

Mister Milo is so grown up he now spends his time chillin in the bumbo chair.
He sure does get cuter every day. I need to get a picture of him smiling though. It makes him that much more adorable.

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