Wednesday, September 07, 2011

Our First Fat Lip

This morning, as Asher was jumping on the bed and Mike was pretending he was still sleeping we had an accident.  Well, Asher had an accident. He landed mouth first into Mikes knee.  He started screaming and Mike started hyperventilating. Well, not really hyperventilating, but definitely freaking out.  He ran Asher into the bathroom and started wiping up the blood.  Then started looking in his mouth and talking about a huge gash. (can you tell I thought Mike was overreacting a bit.) I for some reason was more concerned with the swelling so I offered a popsicle. This is where Mike and I's parenting ideas differ.  He, I think, was ready to call life flight.  I, on the other hand, was offering treats. Perhaps we should work together to meet more in the middle. :)

Novice parenting aside, Asher stopped crying less then 2 minutes after it happened. (really once he saw land before time on TV he forgot he even was gushing blood).  And he was fine.  I mentioned it to his teachers and he was very proud of his fat lip.  When I picked him up I couldn't see it and thought it had gone away, then I realized he was just sucking on it. 

He is quite proud of the fat lip.  Pretty exciting rite of passage for the lad.  I'm not looking forward to the broken bones I'm foreseeing in his future.

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