Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Milo - 1 Year

In an effort to not make Milo think that I don't love him, I should probably do a little blog post about the dude.
Number 1. He is super cute. He is. I don't know what he does that is so cute, but he just is cute.

He is also a great actor. He has learned, very well I might add, that if he screams at the top of his lungs he will pretty much get whatever he wants. This especially works because if I'm not paying attention and he starts screaming I immediately say 'Asher! What are you doing to Milo?'. I've realized this pattern of Milo's and I'm trying to wisen up to it a bit. For instance yesterday he started screaming and I noticed he and Asher were having a tug-o-war over a toy. Instead of instantly blaming Asher I asked who had the toy first. Asher said he did, so I picked up Milo and moved him to a new location. The only hard part is it will only take about 3 times of that happening before Asher learns the trick and just always says he had it first.....but for now we have plan.

Milo is now 14 months old, so for those that don't calculate by month that means he's a little over a year. He's walking around, but not quite talking. He says a few words like Mama, Da-Da and Hot, oh and 'Dat'...but other then that he's still speaking a different language.

He get's into just about everything still, like the dog's water bowl or the vasoline under the bathroom sink. And just like Asher he has a weird obsession with the hair dryer, although he does seem to equally enjoy the hair straightener as well.

He eats like a maniac. He eats anything and everything. And he eats a LOT. I think he eats more then Mike on most occasions. I chalk it up to the growing boy that he is, and I just keep trying to give him a lot of fruits and veggies in hopes that he never stops loving those. His favorite foods are bananas, clementine oranges, and animal crackers. The other day I gave him a clementine to hold onto in the car, and when i went to pull him out of the car 10 minutes later he had bitten off a section of the skin and was sucking the juice out of it. I couldn't believe it.

The last little tidbit is the dude is not a cuddler. Well, not when you would like him to be cuddly. If he is upset and crying and freaking out, he will not hug you. He arches his back, pulls away and throws his arms and legs around. (again, back to the drama). The times he is a good cuddler is when he doesn't want to go into the crib or the car seat. So sometimes I stand next to the car for 5 minutes and relish in the squeeze he is giving me, because he doesn't seem to give it often.

And one last story about the drama. The other day I took Asher to swimming lessons. In order to appease Mister Milo I gave him a little sucker. When the sucker was gone he continued to suck on the stick and was trying to put the whole thing in his mouth, so I took it away and threw it in the garbage. He was not super excited about this and continued to scream and arch his back and thrash around. So I gently put him down on the ground to chill out for a second. He continued to cry, and then I would look down at him and he would fall back and thrash around and kick his legs. Then I would look away and the yell would get softer, then I would look back at him and he would fall back again and scream and yell and kick. I did this back a forth a few times just to make sure it was really happening. He is so teeeeeny weeny, I couldn't believe he was throwing a tantrum. But he was. A cute one I might add. So after about 15 minutes I picked him up and we walked back to the bench and he was totally fine. It's like an on/off switch, seriously. This kid is good.


Heidi Lewis said...

This is so cute.
I yell at Gretta the same way when Juliet cries thinking G did something. Most of the time she's just mad about something :)

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