Monday, April 30, 2012

So proud

On Saturday we took a family fun drive to kennecott copper mine (kind of a random stop) and saw the ginormous trucks and the really huge while.

Afterwards, we headed to some really remote rodeo grounds in Alpine, UT for a little bike race. Our cousins put on a Stryder class at a lot of biking events for the really little kids to compete. So we like to let Asher race every once in a while.

While he was doing some practice runs he went a little of course and ends up on the actual adult race course. The announcer lovingly let the crowd know that someone had misplaced their kid and I had to run up there and grab him. I know my parenting skills probably amaze you.

Well, after we got that all sorted out Asher got some good practice runs in with cousins Layla and Georgia. Then he couldn't wait for the race to start. It was pretty cute he was so excited.

The race final started and off they all went for their two tiny laps. They all made it around without crying. Well, everyone except Georgia, but that was because of family pressures. Those Bradley's are hardcore competitors.

After the race was over and Asher came riding by I asked him if he wanted to stop or keep going. He looked really relieved to be able to stop. It was kinda funny, not what I was expecting.

All in all a great Saturday.


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