Wednesday, May 02, 2012

Ashers first Dentist Trip

Asher had his 3 year doctor appt a few weeks ago, and she mentioned that we should be taking him to the dentist (since he has teeth and all, probably a good idea).  So I made an appointment at a pediatric dentist up in Park City. 
I was nervous because I had no idea what to expect, or what I should know/ask/show concern for, etc.  It was all a mystery to me.  But I was feeling pretty good because it's a pediatric dentist, so they must know what they're doing.

We showed up (after Asher had completely ripped the skin off the top of his tow on the door which created and screaming disaster "It's BROOOOKKKKKEEEEEENNNN!!!!!!", but we made it through that) and we walked into the fun center, aka the lobby.  We got him all signed up, and headed back.  The hygenist was super friendly, and showed Asher the TV on the ceiling.  Once he saw that he laid right down and opened his mouth wide. 

I was nervous I was going to have to coach him through the whole process, but he just did everything she said.  Everytime she was using a new device or tool she would explain it to him and let him touch it and giggle, then she'd go in for the cleaning.  She sprayed the water in his mouth and used the sucker.  All these things I thought would never work on a fresh 3 year old, but it was amazing. 

It took about 7 seconds to clean his teeth, probably because he only has 10 and then we just waited for the dentist.  He came in, looked around, said they looked great, and we were done.  Oh, well except the flouride.  When she asked if we wanted flouride I said 'can he have it? he'll probably swallow it' and she said it was fine.  They just paint it on and he can eat and drink right after.  No biggie.  So flouride it was.

Asher was super proud of himself, and the fact the doctor didn't pull out any of his teeth.  (apparently someone at school had tooth pulled at the dentist, so they all think that's what you do at the dentist now).  But we do use that to our advantage when asking him to brush his teeth. 

Anywho - that was a super long story that probably just needed to be a picture and a sentence, but I was pretty proud of the little man.


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