Friday, May 18, 2012

The Haircut

As you can see from the picture, Asher has always had quite a mop of hair.  In a way, I thought it sort of defined his personality....but I think that could have been more me.

Well lately, it has been growing into his eyes, and he's started to tilt his head back to see things under his hair.  I would feel better about growing his hair out if he would push it to the side like a little Bieber....but he just lets it block his view without really caring too much.

So lately we have been talking about getting it cut, and I've been wondering what he would look like with super short hair.  So then I started talking about just shaving it all off.  It is summer after all, and his hair grows wicked fast.  So if it is a terrible idea, at least it would be long again by the end of the summer.

So yesterday I talked to Asher all day about cutting his hair, to make sure he was really on board with it.  And he was.  Ever time I brought it up he was really excited to use 'Daddy's hair cutters that are really loud'.  So this morning I decided we should take action.  (Weird decision because we were running late already...)
So out came the clippers and off we went.  He was so good the whole time we were cutting and cutting and cutting.  The pile of hair on the floor kept growing and growing and growing.  Then, when he lifted up his little head and looked at me, it was like all of the sudden he was a boy and no longer a little toddler.  I shed an internal tear.

It was funny when I lifted him up to the mirror to see himself, and he froze for a few seconds, totally confused by the reflection he was seeing.   But then he smiled and was so excited.  The whole drive to school it was all he could talk about, and he walked in to school and was so excited to show everyone and continue to talk about. 

I'm happy he's happy.  But I think we'll grow it out again.  (I could be saying that because it's only been 3 hours and I haven't given it time to grow on me...but i think i like him a little shaggy)


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