Monday, May 07, 2012

The Home Rental

So, as we are in the process of buying a new home...we decided to try and rent out our little bungalow in hopes of holding on to it for a few more years until the market comes back a bit.
We were both a bit nervous that we were going to be able to rent it, and we would always say things like 'Well, if we get the house rented' or 'If we find good tenants' etc.

So on Friday at work I was looking through Craigslist to try and find a good reasonable price to rent the house for.  I always like to price it high, I feel like it brings in a higher level of renter who tends to be more responsible and takes better care of the house, etc. 

So I found a good price and posted a little description of the house.  I didn't have any photos, but decided I would just add photos on Saturday when I got home.  Well, about an hour after I posted the ad, I got an email from someone saying they were interested.  When I got home to Mike I said 'I got an email from someone about the house already, but it's probably one of those "I'm going to mail you a check for $5000 and you can deposit and give me the difference" scam artists.   But I emailed him back some photos and in the process I received a few more emails from other people.

So we setup Sunday afternoon as the walk through time, so we spent all day Saturday cleaning and organizing, and Mike spent Sunday morning mowing the lawn and cleaning up the yard.  I kept thinking to myself  'Man, it's going to be hard keeping the house in such good condition for the next month while we're showing it'. 

Well, the first couple to arrive at 1pm was an engaged couple from NYC, but they are moving out here this summer.   They walked through the house, fell in love, filled out the application and then called and said they wanted to come back at 4:30 and sign the lease and write us a check. 

Wow!  So, Mike called the other people and told them it was already rented.  They were a bit a bummed and one other girl said she was ready to write a check that day as well.  It made me wonder, maybe we should have listed it for more money.....?  But we really like the tenants we have, and barring any unforeseen events, they will be calling our house their home in July.

Yay for the Internet!!


Melissa said...

You have great luck! YEA!

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