Monday, May 07, 2012

The New House - Hopefully

So let's see, where to start. The potentially new house.
So Mike and I have been casually looking for a new home for the past ... I don't know, 6 months? After Milo joined our family, we new we couldn't stay in our little 900 sq ft, 2 bedroom home forever. Though we love it, and continue to love it, it sadly will not grow with our growing family. So we've been on the hunt. We sort of looked allover, making sure to keep our options open. We looked around in Park City a bit, looked at some neighborhoods down towards the Cottonwood Canyons, but we decided we really enjoyed Salt Lake City.

We accidentally started looking at homes that were a bit higher then we were planning to pay, but the amenities they offered we fell in love with.  Things that everyday people take for granted, like an attached 2-car garage, or an electrical system that wasn't retrofitted for the 100 year old home.  You know, the little things.  :)   But after looking at those nicer homes, our pallets were ruined. 

We especially fell in love with this neighborhood where a favorite aunt of mine lives up on the East Bench of Salt Lake City.  It offers the luxury of amazingly conveninent access to the freeways, but also very spectacular views of the city.    So our realtor called us one day and said we should check out a house, when I looked at it online I wasn't sold.  But after we walked through it, it felt like us.  It had a flow that worked for our family and just everything sort of fit with us.   I wasn't 100% sold, so we continued to look at others, but every other house we looked at I was comparing to this house (which will now be referred to as the Pool House because it has a pool).  So after about the 8th house, we told the realtor 'Let's setup a time for the pool house walkthrough, and then let's put in an offer'.   The next day, literally, we got a call saying someone had made an offer on the pool house.  OH NOOOO, so we quickly scrambled some calls together and put together a number we felt comfortable with and sent off our offer.  (and remember, we hadn't seen this house in about a we're going off really old memories here).  Then after a few back and forths we signed the final offer form and held our breath.  The seller had to make a decision that day and we didn't know who she was going to pick.  Then on a Sunday afternoon Rob the realtor called and said it was ours!! Hooray!!! 
Then the new stress and anxiety started.  What if we couldn't get financing?  This all happened so fast and we never were officially pre-approved, and what if the inspection fails, and it has a pool! How do you inspect a pool?  How do you take care of a pool?  What are we doing!?! This is insane.

But I've had some good experiences over the past week that make me a lot more comfortable with this decision, and everything that happens seems to keep pushing us in the direction of 'this is the right choice'.   

So without further ado, here is the new house.

We really like all the trees surrounding the property.  It's a corner lot, but in a nice established quiet subdivision (which is a change from our pretty urban living.  No vagrants around to watch walk down the street....)

The interior is pretty 90's, which isn't so much our style.  But we're planning to live here for forever, so we have plenty of time to update it.  (that's what i have to keep telling myself so I don't feel like i need to drop $20k and fix everything before move-in)

 One of the main things we love is this huge deck/balcony.  It runs all along the back of the house and gives incredible views of the city below.  And at the end of the balcony is a large deck area for dining tables and benches, etc.  It even has a ceiling fan installed so we should start referring to it as an outdoor living room.
 In the living room upstairs are these huge double sliding doors which showoff the sells me everytime I walk in the door.
 The kitchen is a little outdated, but has a good layout.  Almost exactly the same as our current kitchen, so I couldn't have planned it better if i picked it myself.  :)
 And the master bedroom is where our lives will really change.  Right now Mike and I both share a very small old house closet.  We modified it with two rods, so he has one and I have one, but with shoes and clothes and stuff it is super crammed and we give a lot of stuff away becuase we really don't have space for it.  But in the picture above there are two doors on either side of the bathroom.  Those are two closets, a his and a hers.  And as Mike explains it 'They're not closets like our closets, they are walk in closets.  Like you literally have to walk in them to get your stuff'.  So, I have a feeling we are going to feel like we don't have much when we move into this house.
Oh yeah, and the pool.  I was really hesitant when I learned it had a pool.  We have very small kids (3 & 1) and the stress of having a pool in the backyard didn't seem worth it.  But when we saw that it was in it's own seperate fenced off section of the yard, I felt much better about it.  That way the kids can still go play in the yard, but i don't have to worry about them falling into the pool.  And apparently the pool cover is one of those that you can walk on and not sink in, so just in case they get through the gate, we have a second safety measure.  (and hopefully we can focus a lot of time on pool safety since we will probably be spending a lot of time in it...)

So anywho, keep your fingers crossed for us that it all works out.  Then hopefully we'll have a little housewarming/pool party in July.


Heidi Lewis said...

I hope it all works out for you guys. What a nice place!
I'm curious how long it will take until Mike is skating in the pool instead of swimming!

sophia blue said...

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Aimee and Craig said...

Wow that place is massive! I love the deck.. or Lanai as it would be called here. Fabulous hope it works out we will visit sometime in the next 5 years when we can afford more than gas and groceries on this island:)

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