Saturday, July 21, 2012

The last 3 months in pictures

Friday, May 18, 2012

The Haircut

As you can see from the picture, Asher has always had quite a mop of hair.  In a way, I thought it sort of defined his personality....but I think that could have been more me.

Well lately, it has been growing into his eyes, and he's started to tilt his head back to see things under his hair.  I would feel better about growing his hair out if he would push it to the side like a little Bieber....but he just lets it block his view without really caring too much.

So lately we have been talking about getting it cut, and I've been wondering what he would look like with super short hair.  So then I started talking about just shaving it all off.  It is summer after all, and his hair grows wicked fast.  So if it is a terrible idea, at least it would be long again by the end of the summer.

So yesterday I talked to Asher all day about cutting his hair, to make sure he was really on board with it.  And he was.  Ever time I brought it up he was really excited to use 'Daddy's hair cutters that are really loud'.  So this morning I decided we should take action.  (Weird decision because we were running late already...)
So out came the clippers and off we went.  He was so good the whole time we were cutting and cutting and cutting.  The pile of hair on the floor kept growing and growing and growing.  Then, when he lifted up his little head and looked at me, it was like all of the sudden he was a boy and no longer a little toddler.  I shed an internal tear.

It was funny when I lifted him up to the mirror to see himself, and he froze for a few seconds, totally confused by the reflection he was seeing.   But then he smiled and was so excited.  The whole drive to school it was all he could talk about, and he walked in to school and was so excited to show everyone and continue to talk about. 

I'm happy he's happy.  But I think we'll grow it out again.  (I could be saying that because it's only been 3 hours and I haven't given it time to grow on me...but i think i like him a little shaggy)

Monday, May 07, 2012

The New House - Hopefully

So let's see, where to start. The potentially new house.
So Mike and I have been casually looking for a new home for the past ... I don't know, 6 months? After Milo joined our family, we new we couldn't stay in our little 900 sq ft, 2 bedroom home forever. Though we love it, and continue to love it, it sadly will not grow with our growing family. So we've been on the hunt. We sort of looked allover, making sure to keep our options open. We looked around in Park City a bit, looked at some neighborhoods down towards the Cottonwood Canyons, but we decided we really enjoyed Salt Lake City.

We accidentally started looking at homes that were a bit higher then we were planning to pay, but the amenities they offered we fell in love with.  Things that everyday people take for granted, like an attached 2-car garage, or an electrical system that wasn't retrofitted for the 100 year old home.  You know, the little things.  :)   But after looking at those nicer homes, our pallets were ruined. 

We especially fell in love with this neighborhood where a favorite aunt of mine lives up on the East Bench of Salt Lake City.  It offers the luxury of amazingly conveninent access to the freeways, but also very spectacular views of the city.    So our realtor called us one day and said we should check out a house, when I looked at it online I wasn't sold.  But after we walked through it, it felt like us.  It had a flow that worked for our family and just everything sort of fit with us.   I wasn't 100% sold, so we continued to look at others, but every other house we looked at I was comparing to this house (which will now be referred to as the Pool House because it has a pool).  So after about the 8th house, we told the realtor 'Let's setup a time for the pool house walkthrough, and then let's put in an offer'.   The next day, literally, we got a call saying someone had made an offer on the pool house.  OH NOOOO, so we quickly scrambled some calls together and put together a number we felt comfortable with and sent off our offer.  (and remember, we hadn't seen this house in about a we're going off really old memories here).  Then after a few back and forths we signed the final offer form and held our breath.  The seller had to make a decision that day and we didn't know who she was going to pick.  Then on a Sunday afternoon Rob the realtor called and said it was ours!! Hooray!!! 
Then the new stress and anxiety started.  What if we couldn't get financing?  This all happened so fast and we never were officially pre-approved, and what if the inspection fails, and it has a pool! How do you inspect a pool?  How do you take care of a pool?  What are we doing!?! This is insane.

But I've had some good experiences over the past week that make me a lot more comfortable with this decision, and everything that happens seems to keep pushing us in the direction of 'this is the right choice'.   

So without further ado, here is the new house.

We really like all the trees surrounding the property.  It's a corner lot, but in a nice established quiet subdivision (which is a change from our pretty urban living.  No vagrants around to watch walk down the street....)

The interior is pretty 90's, which isn't so much our style.  But we're planning to live here for forever, so we have plenty of time to update it.  (that's what i have to keep telling myself so I don't feel like i need to drop $20k and fix everything before move-in)

 One of the main things we love is this huge deck/balcony.  It runs all along the back of the house and gives incredible views of the city below.  And at the end of the balcony is a large deck area for dining tables and benches, etc.  It even has a ceiling fan installed so we should start referring to it as an outdoor living room.
 In the living room upstairs are these huge double sliding doors which showoff the sells me everytime I walk in the door.
 The kitchen is a little outdated, but has a good layout.  Almost exactly the same as our current kitchen, so I couldn't have planned it better if i picked it myself.  :)
 And the master bedroom is where our lives will really change.  Right now Mike and I both share a very small old house closet.  We modified it with two rods, so he has one and I have one, but with shoes and clothes and stuff it is super crammed and we give a lot of stuff away becuase we really don't have space for it.  But in the picture above there are two doors on either side of the bathroom.  Those are two closets, a his and a hers.  And as Mike explains it 'They're not closets like our closets, they are walk in closets.  Like you literally have to walk in them to get your stuff'.  So, I have a feeling we are going to feel like we don't have much when we move into this house.
Oh yeah, and the pool.  I was really hesitant when I learned it had a pool.  We have very small kids (3 & 1) and the stress of having a pool in the backyard didn't seem worth it.  But when we saw that it was in it's own seperate fenced off section of the yard, I felt much better about it.  That way the kids can still go play in the yard, but i don't have to worry about them falling into the pool.  And apparently the pool cover is one of those that you can walk on and not sink in, so just in case they get through the gate, we have a second safety measure.  (and hopefully we can focus a lot of time on pool safety since we will probably be spending a lot of time in it...)

So anywho, keep your fingers crossed for us that it all works out.  Then hopefully we'll have a little housewarming/pool party in July.

The Home Rental

So, as we are in the process of buying a new home...we decided to try and rent out our little bungalow in hopes of holding on to it for a few more years until the market comes back a bit.
We were both a bit nervous that we were going to be able to rent it, and we would always say things like 'Well, if we get the house rented' or 'If we find good tenants' etc.

So on Friday at work I was looking through Craigslist to try and find a good reasonable price to rent the house for.  I always like to price it high, I feel like it brings in a higher level of renter who tends to be more responsible and takes better care of the house, etc. 

So I found a good price and posted a little description of the house.  I didn't have any photos, but decided I would just add photos on Saturday when I got home.  Well, about an hour after I posted the ad, I got an email from someone saying they were interested.  When I got home to Mike I said 'I got an email from someone about the house already, but it's probably one of those "I'm going to mail you a check for $5000 and you can deposit and give me the difference" scam artists.   But I emailed him back some photos and in the process I received a few more emails from other people.

So we setup Sunday afternoon as the walk through time, so we spent all day Saturday cleaning and organizing, and Mike spent Sunday morning mowing the lawn and cleaning up the yard.  I kept thinking to myself  'Man, it's going to be hard keeping the house in such good condition for the next month while we're showing it'. 

Well, the first couple to arrive at 1pm was an engaged couple from NYC, but they are moving out here this summer.   They walked through the house, fell in love, filled out the application and then called and said they wanted to come back at 4:30 and sign the lease and write us a check. 

Wow!  So, Mike called the other people and told them it was already rented.  They were a bit a bummed and one other girl said she was ready to write a check that day as well.  It made me wonder, maybe we should have listed it for more money.....?  But we really like the tenants we have, and barring any unforeseen events, they will be calling our house their home in July.

Yay for the Internet!!

Sunday at the Park

Wednesday, May 02, 2012

Ashers first Dentist Trip

Asher had his 3 year doctor appt a few weeks ago, and she mentioned that we should be taking him to the dentist (since he has teeth and all, probably a good idea).  So I made an appointment at a pediatric dentist up in Park City. 
I was nervous because I had no idea what to expect, or what I should know/ask/show concern for, etc.  It was all a mystery to me.  But I was feeling pretty good because it's a pediatric dentist, so they must know what they're doing.

We showed up (after Asher had completely ripped the skin off the top of his tow on the door which created and screaming disaster "It's BROOOOKKKKKEEEEEENNNN!!!!!!", but we made it through that) and we walked into the fun center, aka the lobby.  We got him all signed up, and headed back.  The hygenist was super friendly, and showed Asher the TV on the ceiling.  Once he saw that he laid right down and opened his mouth wide. 

I was nervous I was going to have to coach him through the whole process, but he just did everything she said.  Everytime she was using a new device or tool she would explain it to him and let him touch it and giggle, then she'd go in for the cleaning.  She sprayed the water in his mouth and used the sucker.  All these things I thought would never work on a fresh 3 year old, but it was amazing. 

It took about 7 seconds to clean his teeth, probably because he only has 10 and then we just waited for the dentist.  He came in, looked around, said they looked great, and we were done.  Oh, well except the flouride.  When she asked if we wanted flouride I said 'can he have it? he'll probably swallow it' and she said it was fine.  They just paint it on and he can eat and drink right after.  No biggie.  So flouride it was.

Asher was super proud of himself, and the fact the doctor didn't pull out any of his teeth.  (apparently someone at school had tooth pulled at the dentist, so they all think that's what you do at the dentist now).  But we do use that to our advantage when asking him to brush his teeth. 

Anywho - that was a super long story that probably just needed to be a picture and a sentence, but I was pretty proud of the little man.

Tuesday, May 01, 2012

Cutest Little Dude ever!!

I find him quite adorable. 14-months.

Monday, April 30, 2012

So proud

On Saturday we took a family fun drive to kennecott copper mine (kind of a random stop) and saw the ginormous trucks and the really huge while.

Afterwards, we headed to some really remote rodeo grounds in Alpine, UT for a little bike race. Our cousins put on a Stryder class at a lot of biking events for the really little kids to compete. So we like to let Asher race every once in a while.

While he was doing some practice runs he went a little of course and ends up on the actual adult race course. The announcer lovingly let the crowd know that someone had misplaced their kid and I had to run up there and grab him. I know my parenting skills probably amaze you.

Well, after we got that all sorted out Asher got some good practice runs in with cousins Layla and Georgia. Then he couldn't wait for the race to start. It was pretty cute he was so excited.

The race final started and off they all went for their two tiny laps. They all made it around without crying. Well, everyone except Georgia, but that was because of family pressures. Those Bradley's are hardcore competitors.

After the race was over and Asher came riding by I asked him if he wanted to stop or keep going. He looked really relieved to be able to stop. It was kinda funny, not what I was expecting.

All in all a great Saturday.

Sunday, April 29, 2012

What a weekend....

What a productive weekend!! Bike races, laundry, and home purchases.

Well, not quite a 'purchase' yet, we put in an offer and after a few back and forths we finally have an accepted offer.  So, pending everything works out in the inspection, financing, etc., we could be living in this new little house in June.  Wish us luck!!

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